Tuesday, May 30, 2023



It's time to join our head desker and all around understanding and caring host, Julia at Stamping Ground for the latest edition of What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  

But first, I must tell you, I have been trying to find a new refrigerator/freezer today (Tuesday) because mine quit working this morning sometime after my first coffee of the day and my eggs I was cooking for a very late lunch.  I think I found one, but they can't deliver it until next Wednesday or Thursday.  Seems all the big box stores are booked on delivery because of all the sales made over the Memorial Day weekend, which I completely forgot about!  It may be the weekend before I visit, but I will try to reach as many as I can Wednesday morning until my right hand gives out.  Then I must do something about the food that is in my fridge and freezer and put my computer time aside.  I hope you understand.

I always love when people give me things I can use as storage.  That is the case of my foodie friend Sally who gave me this 6 tier bath container.  The index card on my table is hiding a project I'm currently working on.  That's why the storage unit is on my table today.
Each container is marked telling what is inside.  Inside this tier you'll find colored flower petals.

This tier holds pen nibs.  Not the desirable pointy kind, but calligraphy nibs.  You can see the silicone mat my friend gifted me that I ruined when I heat set embossing powder.  I misunderstood thinking it was the same as the mats Tim Holtz sells.  I guess you see the rocking horse of the week, too.

Certainly not my smallest, but I like that it is on rollers, which qualifies in my world as a rocking horse.

Now let's head over to Julia's and snoop, enable, exchange storage tips, and share in the friendship that only WOYWW can provide.

BTW, is anyone creating ICADs this year?  It will be my 11th year, but because I am not on Facebook or Instagram, this is the only place you will find mine.

23 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

I hopeyou can get a new fridge/freezer soon, it is such a nuisance when they pack up, mine did it when it was really hot weather! Happy WOYWW Helen #?

Iris Flavia said...

Shoot on that fridge! Glad we have two Eskies and you can get party-ice at gas stations...
Nice container!
LOL. You made me search real hard for the rocking horse in the pic above it!
It´s a cute one.

BJ said...

Super storage, cool how the containers rotate out. Hope the fridge/freezer comes soon and you don't loose too much food from the old one. Hugs BJ#7

Elephant's Child said...

Sigh on the fridge. I hope the replacement arrives sooner than expected.
Love that storage container.
Please look after you - and your hand. We will wait.

Crafting With Jack said...

How aggravating about the freezer! Hope the neighbours have some extra room while you wait for a new one! Your new rocking horse is cute, how many does that make? Great storage container. Angela #11

Christine said...

Panic stations here when my fridge bust! Hope yours comes soon and calm is restored . . . as well as cold food!!
Love that little rocking horse, how cute.
love your recycling, will look 'proper posh' when it is finished
Have a creative week
Christine #12

Julia Dunnit said...

It is just plain inconvenient when stuff that you don’t give a second thought to on a daily basis suddenly needs attention and replacement. Shoot, indeed. We had to replace a washing machine about five years ago and it was a lesson in how far washing machine technology has evolved…my old one would fill with water and then start agitating, this (now not new) one agitates immediately and uses a fraction of the water, although it still takes a ridiculous amount of time to run a programme. I hiopenyour new fridge is frost free and perfect! It’s a lesson for me about the silicone mat too, I thought they were all made of the same stuff, and that the Holtz version just had his name and therefore ££ attached. I don’t use one at all as you’ll have seen over the years, my desk can’t stand any more permanent layers!

Lynnecrafts said...

Oh that’s a nuisance, I hope it comes soon and you don’t lose too much food.
I love your new storage container though. Very swish. Your spotty wheelie horse is cute too.
Take care and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 16 xxx

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. How annoying that you can't get a replacement fridge freezer delivered immediately. I hope you can rescue the food. No ICAD here. I stopped doing challenges and trades a few years ago, as I had to admit that I always struggle to keep up with them. Simplifying my life isn't just about decluttering, but reducing the amount of commitments and deadlines too. Ali x #17

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Loving the new storage tower, very useful and the little rocking horse too. Hope you get you fridge freezer sorted quickly. Wishing you a successful WOYWW. Hugs, Angela x8x

Sarah Brennan said...

Hope you manage to sort all that food out Elizabeth. SUch a difficulty when these things break down. Love the storage stack - it loooks so useful. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #15 (you can tell it's the holidays lol).

Tom said...

...you sure are more organized than I am!

Rita said...

I hope your new frig/freezer comes as expected.
That organizer works well for you. :)

Jenn Jilks said...

Good luck with all that.
It's a tough time of year not to have a fridge.

Valerie-Jael said...

Sorry your fridge/ freezer gave up and hope you get a new one sooner rather than later! Hugs,Valerie

Annie said...

I'm only just taking a break from having a really manic day today but I wanted to call by at my favourite blogs before my tea.....I've had 8 customers today!!!
Fab new storage.
Annie x #10

Christine said...

I love tiered containers.

Sandra Cox said...

Oh my gosh. As if you didn't have enough in your life to stress you out. Hope you enjoy the new fridge once you get it.
Love that little rocking horse:)

Sandra Cox said...

PS The birthday cake that you got with your meal looks delish.

My name is Erika. said...

Oh no about the frig. That stinks. And you need a frig for certain. I always worry that is the one appliance I will
Lose and of course. The one its hard to live without. Good luck with getting g your new
One. Hugs from Iceland- Erika

Jeanie said...

I love seeing your work space! Oh, I wish you lived closer -- I'm getting rid of all my rubber stamps (well, most) on my yard sale and tons of paper and powders and stamp pads. I think of you and Valerie and Erika all the time as I'm sorting!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

We need a new washer and dryer, although the old ones are still limping along. The price of appliances staggers me!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your work desk looks great.