Monday, June 27, 2016

T Stands For Spice Merchant, part 2

Today we're returning to The Spice Merchant as promised.

I wandered through the store while my friend Sally
shopped for spices.  This is where they are all kept.  Since I was interested in the teas, a lady told me she would take me to where they were now being kept.   As a result, she nearly pulled me away before I could get anymore photos, because this was just a small portion of the jars that were available.  When I looked for the rest of the spice photos, I realized this was the only one I had taken, so I should have asked the lady to wait while I took a few more photos in this area where Sally spent every bit of her time.

One thing I did manage to get was this tea towel with the blueprint of a wine glass.  I really like this and it reminds me of a certain "unnamed" stamper who creates stamps that look a bit like this.

Since this was all the spice photos, I decided to ask Sally to photograph the spices she purchased.  Granted, I didn't move the container to a "better" spot, because there are no better spots in her house.

You can see the ones the person weighed for Sally,

and the ones that were already weighed and packaged.  However, I couldn't get a good shot, so switched on the light in her kitchen
and although you can read the labels much better, no amount of adjusting the photos in PS took the ugly yellow tint away.

What was so sad was, I had just given Sally some fresh rosemary from my garden the day before.

She told me she spent about $40.00 and I believe it, because I didn't photograph everything in the basket.  At least it gives you an idea what spices they sell at The Spice Merchant.

Now it's time for you to share your T post, too.  It can be anything drink related as long as there is a drink involved in some way.  That means it could be a movie, a photo, a postcard, a painting, a page in a book, traditional, hybrid, or digital art, or simply a cup or mug of any drink, including wine like the tea towel shown above.  Please include your direct link only, not your entire blog, because some people don't always make it till late Tuesday in their world and get discouraged when they have to scroll down to find your tea post.

Since this is the last Tuesday in June (can it really be possible?), I want to remind everyone to look through your previous posts for one you want to bring back for a second look on the 2nd.  Any post is acceptable, no matter how long or how short.  I hope you'll want to join us for a second look, and your own second post, too.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

ICADs for week 4

Can you believe that June is nearly gone and those of us who have played, have completed 26 days of index cards?

"Fly a kite." (June 20, 2016)  I wanted to pay homage to Father's Day, but also wanted to pass the baton from spring into summer.

"Welcome Summer!" (June 21, 2016)  Last Tuesday was a very busy day, and I didn't get home till late in the evening.  So this was the most I could muster with what little time I had left to the day.

"I'm so cute, I'm an 11."  (June 22, 2016)  Bleubeard was NOT impressed with this one!

"Sunflowers follow the sun." (June 23, 2016)  I stamped this one, and tried to mask off the sunflowers in front.  I still don't have the concept of masking down.

"Untitled 1." (June 24, 2016)  I found a few bouquets of flowers and thought they would be a good size for ICADs.  I looked through my stash and found an addition that looked like it would go with this floral arrangement.

"Untitled 2." (June 25, 2016)  I used a piece of paper or kitchen towel as the background, and it was hard to write on.

"Birds." (June 26, 2016)  I tried a new technique, but I fear it didn't work.  I colored one of my acrylic blocks (the kind you adhere unmounted rubber stamps to) with watercolor pens.  Sadly, the pens were fairly dry, so they didn't color as well as I had hoped.  Then I spritzed the block and stuck "stamped" it on my index card.  When the card was dry, or nearly dry, I stamped the birds on the card.  What I hoped would be a fun look, turned out to be a rather dismal index card.

Thanks for joining me for this week's index cards.  I really appreciate your visit, because although my dear friend Cindy told me Tammy had Mr. Linky on her blog, I couldn't find it.  That means this is still (at least until I find Mr. Linky) the only place you will see my ICADs.

EDIT: Looks like Cindy found Mr. Linky for me 
at Tammy's Daisy Yellow.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Try it on Tuesday: I believe I can fly

I've not had time to join Try it on Tuesday for several weeks, so I was thrilled to see this latest theme, I believe I can fly.

I made this card for my dear friend Kathy, who just lost her youngest brother.  Kathy is the oldest of four siblings, and she has lost her younger sister and youngest brother.  Now she and her only surviving brother are left.

I'm not very good at making cards, and probably even worse making sympathy cards, so the message I hoped this card would convey is "Fly free."  I borrowed a bamboo stamp and used my own butterfly.  I created a circle from fun foam for the sun, but I'm not sure I got the masking right.  I still have trouble with that.  I used my multicolored stamp pad to create the butterfly and the sun and a lime green stamp pad for the bamboo and the edges of the card.   I found a use for one of my decorative scissors, too.

Thank you for visiting today because I always appreciate it when you stop by.  Now let's head over to Try it on Tuesday where there are some absolutely fantastic mixed media entries this fortnight.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A little A to Z fun for Friday Smiles #175

I'm joining my friend Annie at A Stitch in Time for Friday Smiles.  Can you believe there have been 174 of these up to now?   This week I thought I would share a fun little A to Z "quiz" that will have you smiling.  My answers are in RED.

A- Age: Only mother nature and the IRS know for sure.

B- Biggest fear: Losing Bleubeard or Squiggles (my "boys").

C- Current time: 11:52 pm CDT

D- Drink you last had:  Coffee! Is there anything else?

E- Every day starts with: Coffee, hugging the "boys," and checking my favorite blogs.

F- Favorite song:  Too many to pick just one.

G- Ghosts, are they real?:   I'm a scientist, so what do you think?  You'll have to show me they exist.

H- Hometown:  Wichita, KS USA

I- In love?:  With my two "boys."

J- Jealous of: No one, but envious of people who can draw.

K- Killed someone? NEVER!

L- Last time you cried?:  Last night when I was watching a video.

M- Middle name: Sue.

N- Number of siblings: None.

O- One wish:  As corny as it sounds, world peace in my lifetime.

P- Person you last called?:  My friend Kathy.

Q- Question you're always asked:  How are you doing?

R- Reason to smile:  When I talk to my friends, or visit Annie and the "gang" at  Friday Smiles.

S- Song last sang:  Back in the High Life by Steve Winwood.

T- Time you woke up: 12:18 pm CDT.

U- Underwear color: Don't wear undies (TMI?)

V- Vacation destination:  None planned this year.

W- Worst habit:  Staying up all night with my European friends and others across the pond, then sleeping during the day.

X-X-rays you've had:  Dental, every couple of years or so.

Y- Your favorite food:  Herb infused veggies.

Z-Zodiac:  Aries cusp.

I want to thank Stacie for posting this last November on: The Happy Hermit

I dare you to share your answers, too.  Now let's head over to Annie's and start this weekend with a smile.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Because I have nothing else to share today

I need to organize my craft room and turn my attention to making art for myself again, now that I've completed my share of the six person swap.  This final entry, Dianne's, nearly did me in.  I spent nearly a month working on these pages, and they truly were the hardest of all the pages I made.  But that's a story for a different day, so, as part of my organizing, I decided to get a ton of photos off my camera and turn them into blog "art."  OK, I realize that's a bit of a stretch, but still, it's all I have to share today.

I have photos from two different times I went to the airport.  This was from early March,

and this was in mid-April.
I was surprised at how different the grass and the landscapes looked in about six weeks' time.

I hope you enjoy these, photos, some of which are decent, others a bit out of focus.

This and the next photo are of the parking garage that the city built for long term parking.

Note the landscaping is from April, that's how I can tell the different photos apart.

Not many people standing outside in early March.

The airport is on the right in the photo, while the parking garage is on the left.  The beige building at the curve is the old airport.

Flowers and landscaping have turned this into a more enjoyable scene.

At least more people are willing to sit outside now.

Soon the building on the left in the photo will be razed by the city.

I wanted to get photos before that occurred.

This old building holds many memories for me. 

I not only flew out of here several times,

I also brought my friend Sally here to catch flights to various parts of the country

and I picked her up here many times, too.

I understand the tower will stay, though.

It looks so small for what is supposed to be such a busy airport.

I hope you enjoyed these photos of the airport and a look at history before it all changes forever.

And finally, here is a sneak peek at something I worked on, but is no longer on my work table.

Thanks for joining me.  I can't say it often enough, your visits mean the world to me.