Thursday, July 19, 2018


On my quest to find free and inexpensive things to do while the youngsters were visiting,

we ventured downtown.  If this is your first visit, or you haven't been here in awhile, I have three young people visiting from CA (a state in the U.S.) who I took care of last year after their mother died of breast cancer and before their aunt could arrive to take over their care.

I thought we might try to find more of the Keeper of the Plains replicas that had been painted by local artists and donated to the city.  They had already seen the Keeper at the river, but had not seen any of the statues. 

It's hard to tell what they look like with all the background distractions in the Pop-Up Urban Park in downtown Wichita.

Apparently I failed to get a view of the back of this one.


Again, a front view, but no back view.


This one was called Day Trip and it appears I remembered to get a decent photo of the back.

Here are the backs of the other two, although they don't show a great deal.

If you want to see a photo of the real Keeper and more of these replicas, please see this post I wrote in June, 2017.   Below are the ones I found on the internet after I wrote the post in 2017.

This one shows the night sky and glows in the dark.

This one contains about a gazillion bottle caps.  Personally, I liked seeing them in this environment, because there are so many distractions in the Pop-Up Urban Park.

While downtown, we checked out a few of the bronze statues

the city placed on this street.

Apparently, I got distracted, because we saw a LOT of these statues and sculptures that I didn't get photos of.  Somehow spending time with young inquisitive minds is about the only thing that keeps me from taking photos.

On our way to lunch, one of the few days we ate out or didn't pack a lunch or snacks, I decided to find a mural my foodie friend Sally told me was going to be painted over soon.

The story goes that the artist who painted the mural had died and the building's owner wants to cover it up, since it can no longer be repainted or touched up as needed. 

However, the son of the artist wanted it to remain and was trying to get a petition to keep it there.  It must have been a genuine beauty when it was first painted.

I kept fighting the sign that was in the way of taking a good photo, but the youngsters were just happy to see it.   It's amazing what art can do to a conversation as they explained how big the celebration was/is in CA.

On the way to the restaurant, I noticed that Jack's Drive-In was finally open again.  It has been an institution in Wichita for years.  Here you are looking west toward the river and the Minisa Bridge.

Some of you may remember this postcard of the large print I bought Sally at Christmas.  This is looking east over the bridge and you can see Jack's in the back right.

The restaurant was sold several years ago and the new owner spent a ton bringing this hamburger "joint" back to its former glory.

Thanks for heading downtown and around town with three young people who surprisingly didn't get bored with me today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trust rust

I had planned to play in WOYWW today, but it took me until late Sunday to visit every person last week.  Because I'm still not feeling well, I didn't want to get that far behind again.  Instead, I decided to join Chris of Pear Shaped Crafting, our host this month at Art Journal Journey.   Her theme is Art for art's sake.

Today I'm placing my trust in rust.

Although I hate my handwriting, I'm trying to use it more often in my art.

There are several techniques in this journal entry, the first of which is this beautifully rusted lid and slightly rusted pipe fitting that are paired with a rusty heart and a piece of rusted book page.

Note the background, though.  I started with a map of a room that I glued to my substrate, an 8.5 X 11" sheet of heavy card stock.

Then I added some fluid acrylics that look like or remind me of rust.   For my next step, which you can't see unless you look at the entire piece, I soaked the entire piece, minus the rusty assemblage of course, in dark coffee.

Finally, I ripped off part of the overlapping piece I had glued to the substrate.

Only a small portion of the map remained once I ripped it away.  Lastly, I added the rusty assemblage.

Materials used include fluid acrylics, liquid coffee, a metallic gel pen, a heart created from a Yahtzee score sheet, a room map, and a rusty assemblage described above.

I am once again grateful and deeply touched that you chose to visit.  I also hope to see you at Art Journal Journey 

Monday, July 16, 2018

T Stands For Year 5 Celebration

+ + Please read this before you add your link + +

Rules for playing at T Stands For Tuesday today.

Everyone who has been around my blog knows I hate rules.  But today there are rules.  Due to an overwhelming majority, we aren't using the Pay It Forward program this year to exchange ATCs.  Instead we will exchange within our country where we receive our mail.  Most of us will be from (USA) or (UK).  However, there will be some from other countries.  I'm not sure how to delineate Austria from Australia in two or three letters, but I know there are people having T with us from Germany (GER), Spain (SP), and possibly Greece (GR).  If in doubt, spell out the entire country, please.

When you add your link IF YOU ARE EXCHANGING an ATC, first add your name, then the country where you receive your mail in parentheses.  Example:

Bleubeard and Elizabeth (USA)

At 11:55 pm CDT on July 17, I will close the T posts and no one will be allowed to join the party after that.  That means you have 32 hours in which to leave your link. 

IF YOU ARE EXCHANGING an ATC, I will pair you with someone from the country where you receive your mail.  I will notify both recipients on YOUR BLOGS, then it is up to each of you to notify your ATC partner.

Today only, we will use Inlinkz because you will have the ability to remove your name in case you made a mistake.  Just click on the trashcan next to your name, then reenter the correct information.

IF YOU ARE NOT EXCHANGING an ATC, simply leave your name linked to your T post. 

I sincerely hope there are many T players who will join the ATC exchange.  I did this because this will keep the cost of postage to a minimum and encourage more of you to participate.

Now let's party.

I had planned to bring out the noise blowers and party hat, but I was lucky just to get this post together before T time.

I want to thank Darla for this guest check napkin she sent me late last year.   I was so glad I saved it and knew exactly where it was.  I'm not sure you can tell, but there's an ATC under the guest check.

I'm waiting on the water to boil so I can join everyone celebrating the T party.  Then I will switch to coffee that contains half and half (called single cream in the UK) to finish out the party and meal.

Now it's your turn to share your T party entry this week.  When you link, Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit.

365 Day Art Challenge: Week 28 and ICAD Week 7

Here are my collages for Week 28.  This 365 something project was created in part and hosted by Hanna at i Hanna.

Additionally, for the remainder of this month, I will be sharing my Index Cards or ICADs that are hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  The collage cards will always come first and the ICADs will be second. 

In case you missed them, here are Week 27's cards.  As I'm sure you know by now, I post every Monday morning for the previous week.  All my collages are 4" X 4" (10,16 cm X 10,16 cm) all my index cards are 3 x 5 inches (76.2 x 127 mm).

For this week I worked in a series, after I found several images I liked. No clever titles this week.

Courting 1

Courting 2

Courting 3

Courting 4

Courting 5

Courting 6

 Below are my ICADs for week 7.  Each card contains at least one heart.

Day 39

Day 40

Day 41

Day 42

Day 43

Day 44

Day 45
Thank you so much for spending time with me today.  If you are playing in Hanna's 365 Something project, or Tammy's ICAD project, please let me know and I will be by to see what you are making.  Please let me know if you like any of these.  As always, I am extremely grateful for your continued support of both projects.