Monday, October 27, 2014

T Stands For Botanical Gardens

Before we begin, I apologize for NOT visiting you, my dear friends who I owe comments to, or who I visit on a daily basis.  I'll be around as soon as possible.
Today, as promised, I'm finishing the Senior Expo Day, with the afternoon portion.  Sally and I went to the Botanical Gardens in my town, where I was able to attend as her caregiver.

I apologize that I can't turn these into collages, but I can't get on the internet at my house.  My IS Provider believes it's my router.  So, I'll let you peruse these photos of the botanical gardens at your own speed without my comments.  Note the water?  That's the waterlilies' drink of choice today.

These sculpted birds

have plenty of water to drink and play in, too.

Inside, I couldn't help but take a photo of a carousel horse, part of a display that would soon be part of a new exhibit.

These four waterlilies photos, all taken at the Botanical Gardens were the top winners for 2014.  Every year the Gardens holds a contest, with a specific subject chosen.  This year was waterlilies, which is fortuitous, since I'm using waterlily water instead of a drink this week.

A fountain also contributed to the concept of water.

I continued taking photos while Sally waited for me on a bench at the main entrance of the Gardens.

Tuesday, October 28, is Bleubeard's birthday.  I had actually planned a birthday celebration, but since I have no way to upload photos to my blog, I was lucky to transfer my Botanical Garden images to a CD, then my friend Sally let me use her computer to upload the images.  You have NO idea how hard it was to use her laptop computer (WITHOUT A MOUSE, even) to upload these photos.  Luckily, I had the photos off my SD card and had chosen and named the ones I wanted to use.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time to put together a birthday celebration I planned for Bleubeard.

Thanks for joining the fun today.  I realize that waterlilies (and a fountain) are a bit of a stretch for the drink of the week, but I DID say any photos and any story that you could relate to a drink was acceptable.  After all, waterlilies have to drink, too!  So share your story, your tale of T this Tuesday, and be sure to wish Bleubeard a happy birthday, too.  He's the one who will ask you to leave your link to your T post that does NOT have to be taken on Tuesday (or even this week, as you can tell from these photos).  I will be around three times to visit, so if you don't hear from me immediately, you know it's because my ISP is still not fixed and I've got to impose on my friend Sally.

One final thought. Since Art Every Day Month begins next week, I'll still post at the same time each Tuesday, but the AEDM number will show the number for the following day.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random photos, random talk

My friend Sally, after marginally recovering from her surgery, took a trip to Massachusetts, where she was met by a friend and treated like a queen.  She told me her friend waited on her hand and foot, something I would never do.

In fact, after taking her home from the hospital, we had to fill a prescription. We were going about 8 blocks and she couldn't get her seat belt fastened.  Those who know me, know I don't wear them, so I struggled (for what seemed like forever) to get hers in the proper hole.  On our way back from filling the prescription, I told her it was her responsibility to buckle up.  I did it once, and she was now on her own.  It took her no time at all to buckle her seat belt when she knew I wasn't going to do it for her.  So, I was thrilled she got to be pampered for 8 days and not at my expense.  I love her, but I can't live at her place, or live like she does.
On my way back to the airport to pick her up, I decided to take a few photos.  This is the second photo I took, 

because I didn't want this truly out of focus one showing up on people's readers or on bloglovin'.  It's no secret this is NOT a point and shoot camera, and must be adjusted to get optimum shots.  This photo reminds me of my old camera, except this one is truly out of focus due to the fact I was driving.

There were lots of cars behind me as I tried to go from close-up to wide angle.

At this point, I nearly ran into one of the guard rail fences, while the single lane of cars behind me watched in horror (I suspect).

Whew, I finally got the camera adjusted, but missed most of the new area.  Here you can see the single lane I was on, as well as a small portion of our "old" (current) airport.

Oh good.  The cars finally went around me and I found a place to park my car long enough to stick my head out the window for this shot.

Apparently, this is what the new airport ticket counters will look like.

I'm not sure, but I suspect this a new parking garage or airport offices.  Only time and more trips to the airport will tell.

On another day, I was downtown, and found this gorgeous stature.  I had no idea it had been installed, and it was a joy to see new art in the downtown area.

Yes, these are random, but they show what my city looks like to outsiders. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Journal 52, Week 43: Stencils

For week 43 at Journal 52 Chelle's prompt is stencils.  Most of you know I don't buy stencils because they are SO expensive.  However, I did like the styrofoam example she showed.  That is, until Pinterest blacked it out wanting me to join their club.

What little I saw prompted me to find some styrofoam in order to make my own.

I can tell I need to leave the stencil making to REAL artists!

My cut-outs that were supposed to be random, began to take on the shape of both birds and fish.  I thought of M. C. Escher, the incredible mathematical graphic artist, and realized how similar bird and fish silhouettes are.

I used a few of my handmade shimmering mists

to create this mess.

I decided to draw a few outlines around the open spots, at least the ones that I remembered.

You obviously can't see, but the rubber stamp fish is from River City Rubber and is a perch.  I don't think you can buy it anymore, because I got it when I visited their facility/factory before they moved.

A quick scan shows I actually wrote on the page, something I don't really like to do.  I'm sure you can tell the ones that got away.

I noticed Chelle has info about continuing this project in 2015.  She has a survey that I filled out, in which I requested she provide links for those of us who are NOT on Facebook and Flickr, like myself.  I encourage you to do the same, if like me, you are a blogger only and don't subscribe to, or participate in, those other social networks, but would like to share your art with others. 

Thanks again for your continued support of my efforts and my art, since this is the only place you will see this stenciled mess page.

Friday Smiles # 90

I'm once again visiting my friend Annie at A Stitch in Time, our wonderful host for Friday Smiles.

Last week I shared words given me by a friend who pointed out they could be used when a fresh description of a few common words was needed.  This is the second half of the list.

11. MISTY: How golfers create divots

12. PARADOX:  Two physicians

13. PARASITES: What you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower

14. PHARMACIST: A helper on the farm

15. POLARIZE: What penguins see with

16. PRIMATE: Removing your spouse from in front of the TV

17. RELIEF: What trees do in the spring

18. RUBBERNECK: What you do to relax your wife

19. SELFISH: What the owner of a seafood store does

20. SUDAFED: Brought litigation against a government official

Please don't forget to visit Annie at A Stitch in Time for links from like minded folk that will help you start the weekend off with even more smiles. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Altered Playing Cards, Week 8

I'm joining Claudine for Week 8 at Claudine's Art Corner with my latest altered playing cards.  But first,

Here is the package I received from Claudine.  Bleubeard got a laugh at his name (Bleu as in roquefort cheese, beard as in not a mustache). 

Inside were all these goodies, and an envelope containing die cuts like the pink one I show at the bottom right in the photo.  And my first EVER white pen.  Can't wait to try it out.  Thanks beyond belief for these goodies, Claudine.  I hope your surgery goes well today.

Here I was without gelatos, but took Claudine's advice and used some of my spray mists.  Since I love hearts, I knew I had an abundance of stamps I could use.

For my first card, I considered dripping paint, since I have no watercolors in tubes, but the sprays won out instead.   While that card was drying,

I did the same on my second card.  But the gesso was so thick on this one, the sprays didn't want to stick, even after I sprayed the card three times, allowing it to dry in between times.

When the first card was dry, I randomly stamped using a heart button stamp.   I try to be random, but I often forget to rotate the card or the stamp each time.

Next, I got out my 1" punch and colored the circle using one of my handmade mists I had used on my other card.

I should have cut and spritzed two of these circles while I was at it, because you can see I messed up on the first one, after I had already put everything except the stamp away.  Yep, I'm anal!

For my second card, I used my three hearts I earlier attached to the back of another stamp  When they didn't look good, I added the music heart and came up with a new sentiment.

Now all that was left was to create the sentiments on my computer and print them out to affix to the cards.

This one was spritzed with my handmade mist and reads "Love is in the air."

This one was spritzed with one of the colors I used on the card and reads "Love: music to my ears."  I contemplated using my black oil pastel around the barely visible hearts, then realized a Sharpie would actually be a wiser choice, since it was the last thing I did.

Thanks for the visit, since I'm not on Facebook, Flickr, or Pinterest.  I appreciate when you drop by and take time to share a comment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WOYWW 281: The one where she returns to the fold

I'm back and joining Julia, my dear internet friend at Stamping Ground

with my latest new storage unit.

But first, it's time to get the obligatory rocking horse(s) out of the way.  I may have shown one of these before, but never both and never together.

I came up with the bright idea to create a legend, so I would know what was in each tray.  Not so bright when I realized I could remove the trays and take them with me to various areas of my craft room or basement studio.

That's when I decided to figure out a way to adhere removable labels to the trays.  (As an aside, the plastic tubes will be cut to hold the bobbin thread from wandering and getting tangled)  

But for now, I'm sticking with the legend as it stands, since most of what I have in these drawers so far is thread and a few rubber stamps I've segregated for easy access.

The two rockers I showed before were for "show."  These three will now live on top of this rolling cart.

Our beloved Julia likes us to keep things short, so I hope this hasn't been too boring and long.  I might have gotten a bit carried away since I'm so happy to be back among my friends and WOYWW family.  I ask that you please leave your number, since it's so much easier to find you that way.