Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summertime Photography Photo Hunt: Part 1, the easy ones!

Today I'm joining Rinda Ontiveros at Gallo Origanico during her annual summer scavenger hunt.   Last year was my first, because I'd never had a camera good enough to take photos before.  But I simply love this challenge, especially now that I have a camera where the images are actually visible and legible. 

For my first entry, I have the easy ones: the ones I could get without too much trouble.

1.  A bouquet of flowers:

I found these while grocery shopping.

3.  Person walking a dog (or other animal):

I watched this guy walk past my house, then had forethought to grab my camera and get a picture of him and his little dog.

5.  Architectural columns:

I took this photo from the side of the building because the street in front was very, very busy.  The columns are even more impressive from the front, but I wasn't about to risk life and limb for a photo.  After all, I thought this view was pretty spectacular.

6.  A metal bridge:

My friend and I drove by our new airport and I shot this thinking it looked like a bridge that went nowhere.

Then I found this metal bridge, which actually DID go somewhere.

 7.  A turtle:

Originally I turned these three photos into a mosaic, but the mosaic was so low-res, I decided to show all three photos of the turtle as s/he began to hide right in front of my camera.

11. A cell tower or a TV satellite dish:

At one of the local TV stations, I got both satellite dishes and towers.

12.  A public restroom, bath room, or toilet:

While at a restaurant, I took this photo.  Not the prettiest restroom in town, but convenient.

14. A traffic signal:

This was probably the easiest of all the photos.  Note I got not ONE set of traffic lights, but an entire bank of them down a busy street.

15. A flag pole with at least three flags on it:

I completely misread this prompt.  I thought it was to find at least three flag poles, which is what I found.  I even looked far and wide for this one, too.

16. A panoramic view while taken someplace high in the air.

First of all, I live in Kansas, where you can actually see the declination of the earth if standing on a mound.  So to say Kansas is flat is like saying a bear hibernates.  Second, I'm deathly afraid of heights, and don't like to be anywhere high.  This was as high as I was willing to get, which is on a bridge overlooking this koi pond.  And it looks rather panoramic to me, at least when I use my imagination and hold onto the rail.

17. At least two people wearing matching uniforms: 

While at a local restaurant, I noticed all the wait staff were dressed alike.  So I took a photo where two were dressed the same.

19. A ticket booth:
While at the zoo, I took two photos of the ticket booths.  However, when I put them together,

the photos were cut off and were quite low-res.

I decided to show them as I thought they should be shown.

20. A natural body of water:

One of the rivers near my house was high when I visited and took these two photos.

I headed toward the bank and shot photos of the wildlife around the river.   I was quite pleased and decided to use two photos for this prompt.

These were the easy photos.  Now for the ones I may or may not be able to find!  Thanks for joining me on this summertime photographic adventure.

Monday, July 27, 2015

T Stands for Winner (after the party's over)

Now that the party is over and the winner has been drawn, it is my pleasure to announce the winner.  However, before we get to that, I'll keep you in suspense for a bit longer and show you how I spent last Tuesday evening.  And I didn't pay a cent, either, so it was all free for the Queen of Free.

Unfortunately it started out rather badly, with tons of rain and flooding.
Of course, that didn't deter me, because I had been to Sally's all day, helping her clean out her garage.  When the rain started coming down in buckets, I ran home like a drowned rat, but a quick shower helped and a big fluffy towel dried me off nicely.   And here we were

at our first destination.

I had seen an ad on TV that Applebees was giving away two free appetizers at participating restaurants.  I called the one closest to us and off we went.

On the phone, I was told each of us would receive two free appetizers, but the person didn't tell us

we had to share them.  Since Sally was hungry and neither of us had eaten all day, which didn't bother me, since I only eat once a day, anyway,

she ordered three more appetizers and a Thai shrimp salad.  I was content with my free portion of the appetizers, but Sally insisted on sharing her salad and the other appetizers, which came at various times, rather than all at once.

By the time we had finished our meal, I waddled out of the restaurant and we were off to our next destination.

Both Sally and I had gotten two free tickets

to the ZOO!! 

It had been years since I'd been, and I was thrilled to see it was all new to me.  I took over 300 photos, and, after I cull through them, will share them over the next few weeks.

Now that you've seen my freebie day, I'm proud to announce that Patty of Magpie's Nest is the winner of my ATC.

It's pretty obvious how I made it, but I'll still walk you through the steps, anyway, even though this post is long already.

I began by spritzing two colors of my handmade mists on a dictionary page I chose for my background.   I then colored two pages of card stock with Staz-on reinkers and 91% alcohol.  I like this technique because the card stock never buckles, but stays completely flat.

Next, I printed my tea cups on the dried card stock and cut them out.  I also printed the words on printer paper, then colored the words using dye ink.

Once the dictionary page was dry, I sewed around the page.  This was for decoration only, and was not used in place of glue.   I then adhered the sewn dictionary page to my ATC back.  I used a glue stick because the dictionary page is quite fragile.

For the assembly, I used a piece of foam tape to lift the green cup off the page. 

Patty, your ATC will be in the mail tomorrow.

Now it's time to share your T Stands for Tuesday post.  Be as brief or as lengthy as you like, share your ATC, or wait until you hear from your PIF partner.  It makes no difference, but be aware, we are using Mr. Linky again, so I can't remove your post in the event you get it wrong the first time.  Please observe the rule that you must share a drink or drinking vessel, whether it's through art, photography, or an actual glass, cup, mug, or pot.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hot and Wild in Africa

I saw this Hot and Wild challenge on Try it on Tuesday, a challenge blog I've seen, but never considered joining before.   However, two of my good internet friends, Susi and Chris, are both design team members, so I thought it would be fun to make a Hot and Wild page in my 7 Continents AB.  Even though this is my first time creating something for TioT, it probably won't be the last, especially since we have two weeks, or a fortnight as my European friends call it, to create something for the challenge.  I give you my take on Hot and Wild.

Please join me in Africa for a hot and wild time.  As always, I started with a used manila file folder, over which I painted burgundy and yellow acrylics.

I used a genuine earring that was made in Africa, and some of my handmade paper for the wording. 

The wire embellishments were also hand made in Africa by, according to the package, "communities in the African Republic of Zimbabwe."  Also, according to the package marketed and sold by Provo Craft
(they use) skills that contribute to enhancing the lives of the artisans, mainly underprivileged women and their families.
I hope you like my take on Hot and Wild out of Africa in my 7 Continents AB.

Of course, I couldn't stop there,

not when I had genuine African glass Krobo trade beads and leftover embellishments (one metal, one an embroidered iron on) that fit perfectly on tags I cut and decorated on both sides (sorry, I really DID clean my scanner, but apparently not good enough).   These trade beads are made of decorative glass and were used between the 16th and 20th centuries as currency in exchange for goods, services, and slaves.  There are even a couple of Millefiori trade beads I added to the mix, too.  Krobos were made in Ghana and Nigeria in the 20th Century and the Millefiori in Venice in the 19th Century.

Thanks, as always for looking, thanks for joining me with my first entry for Try it on Tuesday, and I hope you learned a bit about Africa like I always do when I work in my 7 Continents AB.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Her lips were sealed!

Today I'm joining Art Journal Journey once again where this month's theme is Post and Postage.  I feel like a slacker, since I've only offered one other entry this month, which is # 78, while several have given us many, many more entries. 

But let's talk about this entry.  Most remember I either create these entries in my altered book that is marginally too large for my scanner, or I use my used file folders I add to a 3-ring binder.  You can see, however, this fits quite well, for the most part, on my scanner.  Nope, I didn't shrink my AB, but found one that was a bit smaller that I had worked in several years ago.  It had/has a vintage theme, so I thought I would keep with the vintage theme and add this. 

I started with a used security envelope that has two see thru areas.  After I laid down the envelope on the other side of the page, I determined where the postage should show through, and adhered it.  Then I added the security envelope over the postage stamps.  I didn't want to hide the words on the page, but make them unreadable only, so the background was left intact.

This is the sentiment I used as well as the post title.  I cut up another security envelope for this and wrote the words by hand.  Have I not mentioned I hate my handwriting?

I found the girl while sorting and purging last week, and knew I would use her at some point.  I'm so glad I saved her, because there's even a postage stamp on the image.

I was lucky enough to find a postage stamp that would fit in the "N" numbers.  And the carriage looked quite old vintage, too.

Since I'm driven by color, I chose these postage stamps based on color, as well as content.  After I had sorted for color, I looked for anything that might be considered vintage, thus keeping with the theme of this AB, while staying true to the Art Journal Journey challenge.  I hope you like it.

Thanks for looking and thanks to Art Journal Journey for their continued support and monthly challenges.

I'd also like to point out that my "participant" buttons on my right sidebar aren't as full as they were at the beginning of the week.  Now that both SOC and Where Bloggers Create are officially over, I've moved the badges (and their corresponding posts) to my Previous Collaborations page.

Journal 52, Week 30: The road less traveled

Today I'm joining Chelle at Journal 52 where Week 30's prompt is The Road Less Traveled.  According to Chelle,
The “road less traveled” is a saying that we often associate with the famous Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken.   It’s a great poem to remind us that we don’t have to go where everyone else goes or do what everyone else does – it’s okay to take the offbeat path and see where it leads you. This is especially true for art journaling, because so often we see all these pages and we think, oh I need to draw faces, or I need to make pages using these supplies, or creating with these techniques – and while inspiration and learning new things are great – it’s important to know that within your journal pages you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing – and by doing that it stretches your creativity and helps you to grow creatively.
Actually, I have NEVER wanted to draw faces, or spend money on supplies I don't own and will probably never use once a certain challenge is over.  I know how difficult that can be at times, especially when someone is trying to get you to use new products you don't own. 

So, I willingly accept this challenge of the road less traveled which showcases process over product.

As you can tell, my road starts with my choice of media, most of which is found in my friends' recycle bins or my scrap basket.

Long time readers and followers know I'm known as Dr. E., Queen of Free!

I often choose and follow my own path.

When things are going wrong, or I don't have required products, I sometimes feel I'm swimming upstream.

But oftentimes I compensate because I can find what I need in magazines, calendars, and books.

At that point, when things finally come together, I  can relax and spend time with friends, including those on the internet.  Thirty signifies the week number!

Now that you've seen all the details, here is one final look at my road less traveled.

Materials used were (obviously) paint, magazine images, calendar images, a colored dictionary page from my scrap basket, and computer generated text.

Thanks for looking.  As always, I appreciate your visit, and I hope you'll find time to sit with me for a few minutes, too.