Monday, July 28, 2014

T Stands For Legend-ary

Last week, Bridget asked someone named "Beth," and I quote
So Beth what are you planning for next years anniversary?
When I saw that, I laughed until my sides hurt.  I hate to tell you Bridget, but there is no BETH here.  To me, Beth implies a demure, mostly shy, very proper lady.  I'm no Beth.  Never have been, never will be.  Just like I'll never be Bleubeard's "mother," or use "google" to search the internet.

If "Elizabeth" or "Dr. E, Queen of Free" are too long to write, then a simple "E" will suffice.  And if you must shorten my name, it has to be "Liz," because there is nothing shy or demure about a Liz.

But back to Bridget's question.  How should we celebrate year 2 of T Stands for Tuesday? What do you think about having an ATC PIF?  Those who wish to participate would designate it by a star (asterisk) next to their name when they link up, and those who don't wish to participate wouldn't have to, but could celebrate by posting their designated link, anyway.  Just a thought.  I'd like to hear yours, too.

I apologize that this is an old photo, but I failed to get yet another photo of the restaurant my friend Sally and I went to last week.

This time we were seated in a back part of the restaurant, possibly because there were lots of people there that day.  The waitress didn't even bring us a menu, but told us to head to the buffet.  Usually, we look at the menu, because many people order from it, rather than eating from the buffet.

One thing I remembered from previous visits was the desserts were always gone by the time I got around to them.  This time, I headed for the desserts first.  I was glad I did, because the "good" ones were gone by the time Sally visited the dessert bar.

Sally's and my drink of choice was coffee.  Of course, I had to pig out on the Mediterranean salads

which were yummy as yummy could be.

Although I took a photo of the entrees, I found only the cabbage rolls and coconut rice to be items I wanted to eat.  So, of course, I had another heaping helping of hummus and tabbouleh. I admit I spent a LONG time setting up this shot, so I would not be in the photo.  The woman at the right (seen only in the reflection of the domed steam trays) was extremely patient and waited for me to finish taking the photo.

This was the lovely view I had as we ate.

After we ate and paid our bill, I took a few shots of the art. 

As I was taking these photos,

my camera batteries died.  I thought I had a spare set, but alas, that was not the case.  So, that was the end of my Legend-ary T day.  I noticed Divers and Sundry always tells how much she and her daughter spend on lunch, so I thought I would tell you that Sally and I spent $8.95 plus tax and $2.00 each on the tip.  Well worth the price, I might add.

Now it's your turn to share your T post this week.  The photos don't need to be taken on Tuesday, and they can be about anything, as long as you can relate them in some way, back to a drink of choice.

And please don't forget to weigh in on how you would like to celebrate the 2nd T Stands for Tuesday anniversary.

Just to update everyone, in her comment, Deb asked what PIF stood for.  My apologies for not explaining before.  PIF stands for Pay It Forward.  In other words, the person next on the list (who wishes to play) gets an ATC from you and you get one from the person whose name is listed before yours.  Hope that explains it since I guess I thought everyone could read my mind!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Craft Barn's 15th Quotes and Lyrics Challenge

I want to thank Helen, because I couldn't access the Craft Barn's latest challenge (which is Mind and/or Ignorance) on my computer.  I got to their link through Helen's blog, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

As soon as I saw the words, I knew the quote I wanted to use.  I began with a concept, a mannequin mask sent to me by Annette, aka Voodoo Vixen, a used file folder, and a few Twinkling H2Os.

After the colors were sufficiently saturated, I began applying them

to the substrate with a brush.  Next, I played the waiting game, where I was forced to allow the inks to dry.

Then it was a bit of a task finding enough letters stickers to create 

the "MIND" quote.  I wasn't sure I could scan this piece, but decided to try, since the colors were so dull in my evening craft room.

The quote is originally attributed to Terry Forster, an obese American major league baseball pitcher, who first cited it in response to a comment about his diet.  Others, mainly comedians, have cited it, also.

A couple of detail shots,

and the entire quote: A waist is a terrible thing to MIND.

Thanks to everyone who visited during the previous challenge.  And thanks go to Fiona, who always leaves a nice comment, even though I can't reciprocate.  And, yes, I visited everyone again last time, and plan to again this fortnight.  Just had to get that fun word in somewhere!

Kathy's visual journal: the big reveal

Every other Sunday I play in the Craft Barn Quotes and Lyrics challenge.  I like to finish and post my piece before I go to bed Sunday morning.  It makes my days and nights more similar to most of my International readers and followers, and less like my real time.  But this week, it's after 4:00 pm at the Craft Barn (and after 10:00 am my time) and there is no new challenge.  It's fairly obvious I won't be making the Craft Barn challenge today, so I quickly finished uploading scans of my friend's scrappy visual journal to my blog.  At least I have something to show this Sunday.

As promised, here are the pages I sewed for my friend Kathy's visual journal.  You can see the cover here and how I made it here.

Be warned!  This is a very, very, very, very long post.  It took forever to scan the book and even longer (or so it seemed) to upload the scans.

For those who missed it before, here is the outside front cover, 

and the inside front cover.  The front has a place to hold writing instruments.  It is backed with some baby wipes Kathy and I used when I spent several days at her place last year.  I even sewed all the wipes together while I was at her home.

It's amazing how different the colors look when photographed than when scanned.

Page 1 of Signature 1.

Pages 2 and 3.  The menu on Page 3 lifts so you can write hidden messages.

Pages 4 and 5.  Page 5 postcard can be lifted to write on the back.

Pages 6 and 7.

Pages 8 and 9.

Pages 10 and 11.

Pages 12 and 13.  There's a pocket on page 13 and I've included a tag in it.

Pages 14 and 15.

I seem to have cut off the bottom of page 16.  Page 17 has an envelope pocket.

Pages 18 and 19.

Page 19 detail.

Pages 20 and 21.

Pages 22 and 23.

Pages 24 and 25.

Pages 26 and 27.

Pages 28 and 29.

Pages 30 and 31.

Pages 32 and 33.

Pages 34 and 35.

Pages 36 (lopsided) and 37. 

Pages 38 and 39.
Pages 40 and 41.

Pages 42 and 43.  Die cuts were all made last year at Kathy's using her machine.

Pages 44 and 45.

Pages 46 and 47.

Pages 48 and 49.

Pages 50 and 51.

Page 52, the last page of the first section, and Page 53, or Page 1 of the second section, or signature.  I had actually intended these signatures be turned around, but I got them aligned wrong when I was adding the signatures to the book.

Pages 54 and 55.

Pages 56 and 57.

Pages 58 and 59.

Pages 60 and 61.

Pages 62 and 63.

Pages 64 and 65.

Pages 66 and 67.

Pages 68 and 69.

Pages 70 and 71.

Pages 72 and 73.

Pages74 and 75.

Pages 76 and 77, which is the center spread for the second set of signatures.

Pages 78 and 79.

Pages 80 and 81.

Pages 82 and 83.  Don't you just love Bleubeard's personal touches?

Pages 84 and 85.

Pages 86 and 87.

 Pages 88 and 89.

Pages 90 and 91.

Pages 92 and 93.

Pages 94 and 95.

Pages 96 and 97.  Isn't that an adorable bunny picture?

Pages 98 and 99.

And because I messed up on the page numbers count early in the scanning process, here is Page 100 (not 98) and the inside back cover.  I only realized my mistake as I was uploading these pages.

Again, this shows the sewn baby wipes Kathy and I used at a get-together last year.  And the pocket, which will hold notes, ephemera, etc., is some of the oatmeal resist fabric I made last week.

And finally, a closer look at the inside back cover, 

as well as one last look at the outside back cover.

I tried to keep my words to a minimum this time.  If you have ANY QUESTIONS about any of the pages, please leave them in the comments.  I will get back to you on YOUR BLOG, because I don't expect you to have to return here to see the answer.

Thanks for visiting and looking over these pages.  I hope you found a few that you enjoyed.