Friday, September 29, 2023

Friday Smiles 532: Mostly Autumn Art


Before we begin, if you are a blogspot blogger, I am getting a TON of "Failed to Publish" notices.  If you don't hear from me, it's because blogger refuses to publish my comments to you.  It's all so random, too.  No explanation for why some publish right away and others force me to wait at least half a day.  

This is my penultimate entry for Elle's theme at Art Journal Journey. As most of you probably know by now, her theme is Books, Cats, Tea.  I have two of the three since this was created in my Cats altered book.

This is a quickie in my Cats altered book.  I decided there would be no detail shots.

Bleubeard and I call it Stop and smell the flowers.  I hope these kittens put a smile on your face.  They did mine!

Now for some photos from the Autumn and Art juried show.

This is a free event to visitors, but I suspect the participating artists pay a hefty price to show their wares at this three day event.

This is at the beginning of the event.  It always looks so pretty here.

I was surprised when I looked at this first booth.  Some of the art was incredibly realistic, while other was almost graffiti like. 

In a way, it reminded me of something Seth Apter would create.
I was really intrigued by this painting (or maybe photograph).  This looks like something I would find on a country road in my state.  And look at how flat the land is, too.  That's Kansas.
This was some beautiful pottery. 
It reminded me of something I might share for T Tuesday.
I was drawn to this booth because of the amazing colors.  I loved this awesome glass and the colors are stunning.  Not so much the colors on the back wall.

I bet my play date friend Sharon would love these colors, too.

The man who creates these beauties was here last year, too.

Looks like I got the backside of these elephants.

They are “Shona Art” stone sculptures which are named after the “Shona” tribe of Zimbabwe.  The owner told me they are hand carved from stone, then polished.  He said the stone told him what to create.  I found it fascinating.  His sculptures range from $6500.00 to $65,000.00.  All prices are USD.

I think I only stopped here because of the beautiful blue on the right.  Both booths were really crowded!

That orange is an eye catcher.  Again, there were several people in the booth, so I showed the one photo with the least people in it.  Yes, that is a lake in the background,

More images in which the colors caught my eye more than anything.

I thought of Sally (my foodie friend) when I saw these flowers.  She would LOVE them.

I thought of my friend Valerie when I saw the hay bales in the field.  Those flowers were definitely a riot of color.  The gallery owner is from Mission, Kansas, part of the Kansas City, Kansas area.  His paintings sell anywhere from $295.00 to $795.00.

I loved this shop, but there was never a person not there checking out the furniture.

I'm a big fan of sci fi, so the rocket impressed me.

I loved the robot and finally fought the crowds to see the one on the wall.  The artist is from Eureka Springs, Arkansas and, although she paints more than rockets, this was mainly what she brought to the show.  The large rocket is a print and cost $58.00.  The large robot was also a print and cost $83.00.  It was called "The Bird Whisperer Joybot."  The small robot shown above cost $35.00.

I think I'll stop here so you don't get too overwhelmed.  I have quite a few more to share, but I think that's enough for now.

Thanks beyond belief for joining Bleubeard and me today.  We hope you will join us at Art Journal Journey with your take on Books, Cats, and/or Tea.  Bleubeard and I would love to see you at Friday Smiles, too
Now for a few funnies:,700,700
Now smile and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cats in Art, part 2


Once again, if you are a blogspot blogger, I am getting quite a few "Failed to Publish" notices.  If you don't hear from me, it's because blogger refuses to publish my comments to you.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, either. 

However, today I will be gone the entire day to attend seminars.  I will not be home until later this evening and will be unavailable, since I don't have a way to leave comments except on my home computer.

I have another entry for Elle from Empire of the Cat, our host this month at Art Journal Journey.  Her theme is Books, Cats, and Tea. This is part 2 of Cats in Art, as promised last week. 

This is Cats in Art, part 2.  These are the final 8.  If you missed part 1, it is here.  There are cats and human faces in these entries.  That means I will also be joining Nicole and her Friday Face Off later tonight.  Now for each individual entry.  BTW, I have NO idea what the German text is.  I just love the font, so I hope it isn't offensive to anyone.  
We met Theophile Steinlen last week and he is back today with another great poster.  He was a Swiss born artist who painted and created posters in the style of Art Nouveau. 

Ammi Phillips was an American portrait painter.  He was a prolific artist for over 50 years who painted mostly portraits, like the one above.  He was active during the 1800s and changed styles several times.

The artist who painted these cats is unknown.

One of my favorite artists is Edouard Manet, a French modernistic painter.  Perhaps one of his most famous works was Luncheon on the Grass, which depicted two men lavishly dressed and one woman who was nude, while another was partially unclothed in the background.

I had not heard of Robert Braithwaite Martineau before.  He was an English Victorian painter.  This was painted in 1860.

I'm sure most have heard of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French painter.  He was a leading advocate of impressionism, but later broke with the group and chose to paint a bit more realistically.

Utagawa Hiroshige, a Japanese woodcarver, was considered a genius with landscape compositions.  Impressionists and post-impressionists were impressed with his work.  This woodblock print may have generated up to 10,000 copies.

Robert Bereny was a Hungarian avant-garde painter.   He is famous for his nudes and his still life art.  His black cat with the white tummy is featured in several of his paintings and posters.

Bleubeard and I are delighted you joined us today and hope to see you at Art Journal Journey as you share your own interpretation of Books, Cats, and Tea.  We also hope to see you at Friday Face Off with a face, any face.