Friday, March 31, 2023

Friday Smiles 506: old news


It's once again time to join Friday Smiles, hosted by Annie (at A Stitch in Time). Let's visit Annie and the other wonderful ladies who also share their smiles each Friday.  But first, let me remind you that I will not be playing in April. I take the month off, as I always do, to recycle, reuse, repurpose items to keep them out of the recycle bin or landfill.  I invite you to stop by daily to see what I will be working on.

 This is old news for those of you who saw my T Tuesday post, but it's all I have to offer this week.  Here I have just finished setting up the tables and room for a play date with my dear friend, Sharon.  It's obvious she is going to show me how to use my gifted and very old Big Kick.

I was still in the process of setting up this room.  I had just rotated the red rosin paper I use to cover my craft table, so it would have a cleaner side.  I'm sure many of you have seen WOYWWendy.  That is where she lives on a daily basis.  I DID remove a lot of the unneeded materials, but decided to leave the caddie where she lives.


I served tea and cookies to my friend Sharon.  I showed her how I make my staz-on backgrounds and she showed me her Distress Oxides.  After we made a few backgrounds, she showed me how to use my die cutter and dies.  It was a fun day, but I think Sharon got the worst of it.  I think she did most of the work, while I sat and supervised.

As a "thank you," which I probably didn't deserve,

  Sharon sent me this card.  She explained she deconstructed the gifted teapot and cup because she didn't like the background it had been on.  Instead, she used one of the backgrounds we made for our play date.  I agree it looks much better using the pink, yellow, and teal background.   Thank you again, Sharon.  It was a joy having you here.

For those of you who visit CJ, you read how she and Mr. Spock were debating glue.  She said her instructor said Crafter's Pick was the best and I agree.  CJ sent me this: I found the Crafter's Pick at Amazon. Crafter's Pick Glue I checked it out and, at the time she sent the link it was over $13.00 (USD) for one 8 oz bottle.  
I bought every bottle they had at the Hobby Lobby I visited.  Now I can use this in place of tacky glue AND glue sticks.  I am one very happy camper and paid about $10.00 more for FOUR of these than I would have for ONE at Amazon.  It's a great multi-purpose adhesive that I love!!  There goes most of my craft budget for 2023, but it's worth it to me.

Now for a few funnies.

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Happy National Grammar Day! Mind your split infinitives and misplaced ...*


Today on The Bent Pinky - Comics by Scott Metzger in 2020 | Cartoon ...

Pin on Dogs  And a happy Easter to one and all!  Yippy ki yea!

Thanks for dropping by today.  Enjoy your weekend. PLEASE visit Annie and don't forget to start your weekend with a smile. I will see everyone again in May.


Thursday, March 30, 2023

It's definitely black and white


Today I have my final page for Valerie's theme Anything Goes at Art Journal Journey.   I've had such a wonderful time with her theme and I wish we had another week or two because I feel like I have finally hit my stride, just as the month is winding down.

Bleubeard and I want to thank Valerie for being such a good host.  She is often the first to visit and leave a kind comment.  She has also given us many wonderful and inspiring art journal pages, too.  Thank you Valerie for not only being such a great host, but also an integral part of Art Journal Journey.

It is definitely Black and White.  Since there are faces on the journal page, tonight I'll also be joining Nicole and her Friday Face Off.  I even have a few detail shots.

I started with a sheet of black 140 lb. cardstock.  I looked through my large stash and found a few black and white items to add to the page.  I used my white Posca pen to write the words and draw the white line around the outside of the page.  I kept forgetting to shake the pen, which showed that it wrote better in some areas and not in others.  I started to write over the areas that were faint, but realized I would make a bigger mess if I did.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Bleubeard and I hope you enjoy your weekend.  While you're here, please drop by both Art Journal Journey and Friday Face Off.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Sixth and Final Square


Today I have a final square for Valerie's theme Anything Goes at Art Journal Journey.  It's also my penultimate entry this month at AJJ.  Finally, I am still getting a few "Failed to Publish" blog comments, but far less than before.

This is my sixth and final square.  Now I'm ready to paint a few more papers because this was SO much fun.
  I'm sure you remember this set of papers I created during November 2022's Second Thursday Tutorial.  Below are the six squares I got out of these papers.

I know the lighting is abysmal in my kitchen, but it has the most light this time of day.
This doesn't help much either, but at least you know I made six different, yet similar squares.

Thanks for dropping by today to share a bit of time with Bleubeard and me.  We are eternally grateful.  We also hope to see you at Art Journal Journey.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Play Date Tea for T Tuesday


It's time to share my play date on Thursday.  Ironically, it was also the same morning a breaker blew in my neighborhood.  Thankfully, my electric company had the breaker fixed before it was time to brew the tea.

While the lights were out in my neighborhood, I used my portable OTT (full spectrum) light to set out the contents of this table for a play date I was having with my friend Sharon, who is also a T Tuesday participant.

I drug out all the dies I have been given.

I also found a sheet on the internet about how to use different embossing folders.  I thought that might come in handy. 

The other table is where we will use our die cutters.  Sharon is bringing hers, too.  I had to bring my guillotine cutter to this table to make room for the coffee pot I would turn into a tea pot for Sharon.  The hat sitting on the cutter is a gift for Sharon.  My dear foodie friend Sally gave it to me.  I loved it, but it was too big for my head.  It fit Sharon perfectly, so I am glad I thought of her, since she likes to walk that path each day.  Note the cat condo.  My cats don't climb, so they have never used it.  Just the scratching post at the bottom.

I have just brought out the Staz-on reinkers I will show Sharon how to use.

While I was putting the final touches on everything, the sun peeked over the horizon and it was now light outside.

Too early to start the water, but not too early to set up the tea.  Sharon requested any black tea, so I went through my numerous bags and found a few choices for her.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

 One last look

as daylight appears.

One more check.  I hope the day isn't as dismal as it is in this photo.

The first thing I did after Sharon arrived and chose her first cup of tea was to show her how to use the reinkers and the alcohol.

She used a lot more of the ink than I usually use, which made her page more vibrant.

Because the ink was leaking all over the red rosin paper, I gave Sharon more paper to place underneath to catch the excess ink. These were Sharon's colors.  Mine were different, but I didn't play as much as I supervised Sharon.

Before we left the "wet" room, Sharon brought out her watercolor paper, Distress Oxides, a mat, and water.  I supplied the handmade stencil she used. 

She showed me how to create something like this.  These were her colors.  Mine were different.  BTW, she gifted me with this silicone mat.

The final thing Sharon showed me that I took pictures of, was how to use a Misti.  Most of my red rubber was wood mounted and I didn't want to remove the rubber from the wood.  My other red rubber didn't have a backing, so was too thin to be used in the Misti.  Even some of my acrylic wasn't thick enough.  That convinces me I definitely don't need one of these tools!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we accomplished in the wet room.  I forgot to get any photos when we were die cutting and embossing.  Seems I am MUCH BETTER at embossing than die cutting.

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