Monday, October 26, 2020

T Stands For From The Archives

I want to begin today by explaining what is going on in my world right now.  First, I am NOT political.  This is an art and sewing blog, not a political one.  However, sometimes I can't sit quietly while others are speaking up.  Some of you who live in the states may have heard that the mayor in my city had death threats against him because he initiated a mandate that everyone over the age of five must wear a mask in public.  This threat was apparently as serious as the one taken to abduct and murder Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the democratic governor of Michigan.

A man who planned to kidnap and kill Wichita's mayor Brandon Whipple because he was upset with the city's mask ordinance was charged Tuesday with three counts of criminal threat.  Apparently this was a well thought out plan that now has Whipple's home under surveillance.  Whipple and his family have also been provided protection.

Although the city of Wichita requires masks, the county (which includes small towns outside Wichita) does not require masks.  The county officials voted to NOT require masks, but suggest they should be used.  I assure you, I live in the city and am glad I have Mayor Whipple looking out for my welfare. 

I never go outside, even to check my mail unless I'm wearing a mask and disposable gloves.  Call me paranoid if you will, but don't call me dead.  I plan to be here on November 4, because if I were to die before the 3rd, my vote wouldn't count.  And I certainly plan for my vote to count, even if we are not a swing state.  Now let's join the T Tuesday archives.

This archived post goes back so far, I don't even remember where we were.

Wherever it was, I was the designated driver, because Sally was drinking a beer.   Upon closer inspection, I believe we were at Merle's, a restaurant we frequent when Sally wants a beer. 

Sally had some kind of salad.  She normally gets either chicken or tuna salad and a pickle.  I'm not sure what I had, except everything 

was swimming in the dressing from the pasta salad I ordered.  I'm sure my poor memory and possibly soggy food is why these photos were archived.

Now it's your turn to share your T entry this week.  The rules are extremely simple.  Your drink related post may be anything from a photo of a glass, cup, or mug, to an actual drink.  You may choose to share a sketch or a digital, hybrid, or traditional page in your scrapbook, art journal, or altered book.  Maybe you'd prefer to share a tag, or wow us with your photography.  You might choose a postcard, decorated card, or magazine image.  You might even draw an image on a used tea bag.  Or perhaps you prefer to review a place you visited, a movie, or book.  It makes no difference as long as it's drink related.  And don't forget that the more unique and outside the box it is, the better we like it.  Please tie it back here, and please link only to your T post, not your entire blog.  When you link, Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit.   Bleubeard would also like to remind you that your photos may be taken any time, even months or years ago, if you choose.

Before I forget, I want to remind everyone to be digging up your Second on the 2nd posts.  Please remember, the only requirement is it must have been published previously on your blog.  Also don't forget that Art Every Day Month, or AEDM starts on the first, too.  Hope to see a few of you join me.

27 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Hi Elizabeth, I thought your internet was out again. I had to laugh that you plan to live long enough to vote to get rid of you-know-who, but I hope you manage it a big longer! Happy T Day, Valerie

Eileen Bergen said...

It's kind of amusing to see the misses in your lunches out with Sally from the archives. I can see why they were archived. You win some; you lose some.

I do hope that sometime in the future, next year, the year after, we'll be able to go out and enjoy such simple pleasures like lunch out with a friend. In the meantime, I'm hunkering down and wearing a mask when I go out. I wish others would be so considerate.

Happy T-Day. Stay safe and stay well. Hugs, Eileen

Sharon Madson said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Good to see you are not dead but alive and blogging! We wear masks in public, because we want to not be dead either!
Are you cold? I can’t get warm enough! Happy T day!

Susan Kane said...

Always good to see your name.

I am not as cautious as you are, but we live in a retirement community, and the streets are ghost towns. So, going outside on a venture, we are masked and sanitized, follow the social distancing.

My small rural hometown didn't have to wear masks, optional. Since then, they have had 10 cases (from 0 in March). I don't know what they have now.

My name is Erika. said...

I heard about your city's mayor. Since when has clothing become something you feel threatened and want kill people over? I don't claim to be a historian so maybe this has happened at other times. Being someone who wears a mask and tries to not catch Covid either, I don't understand this reaction. Your lunch looks good. I miss going out to eat, but it looks like it will still be a awhile before that happens. Hope you have a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

DVArtist said...

I am with you Elizabeth. You know when I do go for groceries it is at 6ish AM. I wear an N95 mask, a medical shield, gloves and something over my hair. When I come home everything goes into the wash and my shoes are sterilized. No one has been in my home since Jan. I do go even further than this butttt. The BS about people trying to kidnap and kill our elected leaders is WAY out of control. I live in OR. and we have been voting by mail for over 20 years. I checked today and my vote got in on Oct. 19th. It is a strange world and I pray to all the gods he is out. Now for you food. Yum yum I quit drinking beer a few months ago but it sure sounds good. Breath, relax and have a great day.

Linda Kunsman said...

Like you Elizabeth, I do not talk politics on my blog- or on Instagram. I do get your point though. Everyone has to make decisions based on their comfort levels. I'll be very curious to see how our son's wedding and reception goes amidst Covid. I do know (from those I know well that are attending)that although we will ALL have masks, sanitizers, and such it will be up to each individual as to how they want to deal with it all. Just hoping and praying for everyone to feel comfortable, AND safe!
Here's to the day we can all feel free to eat out comfortably and safely without Covid fears again!

Kate Yetter said...

Sorry that your meal wasn't that memorable. That is always disappointing.

So sad that people resort to death threats. That is never right no matter how mad someone makes us.

I am looking forward to voting in person this year.

Happy Tea Day,

Mae Travels said...

The political situation is more and more dire. How can we have a nice domestic blog when our domestic life is threatened by political nightmares? The death threats to your mayor and our governor, the outlandish and irrational hatred of other races and religious groups, the weaponizing of religion for political reasons... so many disasters, all instigated by an irresponsible demagogue. Can he really steal the election? Maybe the only hope is that he’s not sufficiently organized or mentally capable to do it.

stay safe! mae at

Darla said...

We are living through a strange and often terrifying time. We mask and glove up and only leave our own space for necessities. It seems harder and harder for me to find the passion to create. Internet friends, such as you, are so important.

kathyinozarks said...

we live very rural, and actually more isolated now since the friends we had at the wood house don't visit since we are an hour drive away now.
I wear a mask when I go grocery shopping, everything else we purchase online-it's easier buying online when so rural and keeps us out of stores too.
I do wash hands often, sanitize surfaces and our mail and we social distance when needed.
I like the way our Missouri governor is handling things in our state and we are doing fine here without being forced to wear masks-I still believe in choices-this is America I wear a mask mostly to protect myself from bringing anything home to my husband--but on the other hand masks have Not been proven to protect healthy people-many that work wear masks everyday and do the social distance, sanitize still get covid--so we just have to do what we hope will protect ourselves and our loved ones. Fauci has even said numerous times that masks do Not help healthy people, and even can harm them if you have asthma etc. so many pros and cons-we must do what we personally feel is safe for ourselves and our family
sorry the food was not as good as it should be-that is always a disappointment when you still have to pay for it-sigh Happy T wishes Hugs Kathy (sorry for the long post)

Iris Flavia said...

The world is going crazy for sure. A death threat?! How sick must that person be.
I go with Kathy, there are pros and cons and I have the feeling, reading, so much controversy things about this covid, no one really knows for sure. At least over here in Germany, they say the tests are not safe, or meaningless with persons over a fixed period of time being tested positive, negative, positive... People wear masks, just a bandana, nothing at all... and now with the regular flu at the doorstep, haha, crazy.

You made me laugh with your "voting-wish" (oh, and I bet you wanna see a lot more years, too!). Ewww, soggy food, sorry!

Lisca said...

Oh boy, what a situation! I hadn’t heard that about your mayor. Death threats over a piece of clothing..... it sounds like France a few years ago about Muslim girls wearing headscarves in school. There was so much hoohah. I know it is all about the politics behind these items of clothing, but nevertheless, we live in strange times.
You had me smiling with wanting to live until the 4th. I hope you live longer than that dear Elizabeth.
I can fully understand why this blog went into your archives. Not that memorable I suppose. I like it when you photograph the restaurant from the outside, and show us the menu and the decorations inside.
Sorry I’m late in linking. I usually do it bang on midnight. At midnight I posted my blog, but because I was so tired ( with the clocks going back my body felt it was 1 a.m.) that I forgot to link up.
But here I am, it’s a beautiful day, and I’m ready to start my day.
Happy T-Day,

Anne (cornucopia) said...

I haven't been watching the news for awhile, because I'm tired of hearing about politics. I try to keep politics off of my blog, too. And shooters just look for an "excuse" to try to kill politicians: remember the Steve Scalise shooting, and the Gabby Giffords shooting? Your meal from the past looks good. Happy T-Day!

Karen said...

Hi! I'm sorry to hear that about your Mayor. Yes, stay alive and well so your vote is counted! I see another archived disappointed meal ~ Bummer. Blessings on your week ~ Love, Karen

Divers and Sundry said...

I hadn't heard about the threat to your mayor. I'm angry and saddened that threats of violence against our elected officials is how some people respond to political disagreement and disagreement with simple health regulation. These accusations that we're living in fear are ridiculous, and the idea that "freedom" and "liberty" mean "you can't tell me what to do" are selfish. That people either don't understand or don't care that their own mask is to protect other people is just proof of, well it's at least proof people don't listen to health professionals who understand infectious airborne diseases. Fauci has been clear about masks. People are not listening to him :( I wear a seat belt, but I remember the nut jobs who screamed "It's a free country" when they were first required.

The food looks tasty :) but I'll pass on the beer ;) Got any vodka? lol (No, I remember you don't drink. A nice soothing cuppa tea, perhaps?)

Jackie McGuinness said...

The threat on your mayor, I had not heard. But the one on the governor definitely made the news here in Canada. How ridiculous, sick, stupid, whatever, these people must be. It's a mask, not a chastity belt for gawd's sake. Just wear it. We are required to wear a mask in any indoor public setting. We even put ours on to put out the garbage.
Yes, we have anti-maskers here too.
We limit our outings and when we do go out we avoid any contact to the best of our ability. Everywhere, grocery stores, food courts, restaurants, retail, garages, there is plexiglass to protect customers and clients. Currently we are in a modified lockdown so there is no dining in anywhere.
We have got our flu shots, this year there is a "super" blend for us seniors.

Let's Art Journal said...

So sad people have to react in this way, what is the world coming too! Sally's beer looks yummy, I'll happily join you for a glass 😀. Take care and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

pearshapedcrafting said...

I think I may have a few photos around of unmemorable meals - I can sometimes work out where they were from the background! Soggy meal does not sound good!
How terrible that your mayor should be threatened so! We always open our post then put it to one side and wash our hands, we care still wiping down everything that comes in the apartment and masks are worn when we are going to be near anyone else, including answering the door - just in case they don't stand back! Take care, until and after the 4th Nov! Hugs, Chrisx

Cloudia said...

You and i are on the same page. These violent idiots will all be arrested and made an example of, so we can get back to America again! Stay sane stay safe keep sweet!

Lowcarb team member said...

We are living in a 'new normal' aren't we ...

Eddie and I went out today and of course wore our masks.
In the UK depending on what area you live and how bad the Covid rate is determines what we can and cannot do.

Stay safe and well.

All the best Jan

Halle said...

I know you are not political but sometimes you get need to get on a soapbox for the greater good. Bravo.
Take care my friend!
Happy T day!

Kokopelli said...

Wow, what's wrong with people these days? Numbers are rising and there need to be rules or more people will die. I'd like to say thank you for the warm welcome last week and am a bit late this week. Hope you have a great week and stay away from weird people! :)

Jeanie said...

I heard about your mayor and I was so distressed, especially after the Michigan stuff. I'm glad they caught the person. I saw him (mayor) on telly and he really impressed me. I admire what he's doing to keep Wichita safe. Our world is pretty creepy right now. I never thought I would live in a country like this. It's so disheartening.

LA Paylor said...

I can't tell you how many political posts I've written and not posted but I can't bear the state of things in our country right now. I've heard stupid people say the pandemic will go away after our election. AROUND the world! Or don't they stay informed about the world? This is a health risk and it's proven masks help lower risk for all and we have rallies in our neighborhood to get rid of our governor for requiring them. OMG
wouldn't it be nice to stand united against a threat that is killing nearly 2000 Americans a day? Imagine having a leader who encourages us to unite ?

one irrational bean said...

I with you all the way Elizabeth . Happy T day;

Eileen Bergen said...

OMGosh, Elizabeth, I just read your comment about the electricity and the big boom. It sounds like a transformer might have blown up. If they had to replace it, your electricity problems should be solved. Let's hope so. Hugs, Eileen