Thursday, October 29, 2020

Rain's Thursday Art Date: Halloween Party

Today is Thursday, which means we're meeting at Rain's for her Thursday Art Date.  This week the theme is Halloween Party.

I love Halloween and often show off some aspect of it for T on Tuesdays around that time.

Here's an altered book I created in 2004, not long after I started making them. 

This tip-in above is especially important, because it came from my dear departed friend Gina Wise. It is the only tip-in made for a swap that I will show, other than a few I made myself. This was sent as a gift from Gina because whatever the swap was in which Gina participated, I was not one of the original players. 

For this page I stamped a pumpkin using a foam stamp. I also added a slide holder that I covered with handmade (by me) paper and stuck some Halloween confetti behind a bit of organza.

Here I used several UNICEF boxes left over after collecting for UNICEF. Actually, this is from two different years, because I was quite involved with UNICEF back in the early 2000's.  Note the left side of this spread is backed with a Halloween napkin, while the right side has my handmade paper.

To compliment the tip-ins, I decorated pages near the tip-ins. This is one I actually liked. Once again, I used my handmade paper, something I had an ample supply of when I was first getting started making altered art.

I have a few more pages to alter before it is finished.  I will also need to decorate the cover 

then I can call this book finished after seven years.

This page was created directly in the altered book.  I was happy when I found a use for the skull napkin that Darla sent me.

I'm not a card maker, but I made these cards several years ago to send to friends I made on the internet.

Of course, I also made a few tip-ins, too.

This is the reverse side.  Were it not for the wonky sewing, these would be a bust.

These were two Halloween themed ATCs for a swap. I made each person one of each. The left one is called "The costume." I started with a black napkin for the background, then layered die cut paint chip pumpkins over it. Finally, I added a glittery pumpkin that I bought at a garage sale.

I printed the cats and made one extra. I'm glad I did, because the first "Happy Halloween" I used a Sharpie and it didn't give me the look I was going for. So, I switched to orange paint and a liner brush. Since I'm not a painter, I had about as much control over the brush as I would have painting the Sistine Chapel. I felt very fortunate that the words are half-way legible. Any other time, I could have gotten drips from the paint without trying. Since I was going for a drip, of course I couldn't get one on its own. I added Halloween ribbon and named it "Black cat Halloween."

I made these ATCs for a private swap.

I must have loved ATC swaps when I first started making mixed media art.  This is another one I made for a swap.  I got the copyright free image from a web site. I added the hat and painted the "trick or treat" bag with orange paint. I punched a bunch of leaves from paint chips and a moon from a German textbook. I mounted all on a black napkin background. The hardest part was mounting all those tiny leaves!!

Another year I made these cards I sent at Halloween.

I created this house for a weekly challenge in 2015.  The prompt was, of course, Halloween.  I know I showed this last week, but I thought it was also appropriate for Halloween, too.  I really need to get more Halloween stamps, don't I?  I like the ghost in the door the best.

This was for a Halloween houses swap in which I participated in 2011.

These are Halloween inspired playing cards for a weekly challenge.  I altered two cards a week in 2014.

I made this small art quilt (quiltlet) for a friend who celebrates Halloween.

I made this journal page to celebrate Halloween one year.  The sacrifices I make in order to create art!

Some of you have seen the dresses that hang in my craft room that were part of a monthly challenge in which I participated in 2010.  I got a little carried away and decorated both sides of all my dresses.  I also used both fabric and paper, while most participants used the pattern we were give and made paper dresses.

There's not much difference in the front and the back for this dress that celebrates Halloween.

This was part of a book I made for a friend in 2010.  Since the black and orange ribbon was visible from the other side of the page, I took the opportunity to use it to my advantage. I printed the Dover image on a piece of my handmade orange paper.  Then I added dimensional crystal lacquer to the hat, as well as the eyes and nose of the pumpkin. Finally, I added the sentiment using some die cut tags also made from my handmade paper.   I attached the charm to the page so it can be cut from the fibers and still not mess up the spread.  It took me awhile to actually read my handwriting.  It reads "One who loves Halloween.

Now let's switch gears and take a walk through my neighborhood.

These people always do something, which includes a light and music show.  You can hear the music best by turning to a certain station on your radio.

I was blown away by this home's decorations.

There were so many unique things to see, I couldn't get them all in one shot.  Too bad I missed getting a good shot of the "corpse' in the casket in the hearse.

Skeletons, ghosts, and spiders, oh my!

A true Halloween feast for the eyes.

I laughed when I saw this house.  It reminded me of a beach cottage.  The crisp white and turquoise screamed ocean to me.  As a result, the pumpkin seemed a bit out of place here.

I really liked this tasteful vignette that would work for autumn as well as Halloween.  It's obvious, these are antique lovers, too.

My home is a bit wimpy when it comes to Halloween.

Two years ago, I bought four hay bales and was going to create a vignette, but somehow, I never got the look I was hoping for.

However, I bring my skeleton out nearly every year.

Switching gears again, I love to take photos of places where I shop that decorate for Halloween.

I'd love to have that broom, but it was too far out of my price range.

It's always fun to stumble onto Halloween displays like this.

It's also fun to see signs of autumn and Halloween when eating out, too.

And finally, I used to love handing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood.  I usually showed photos like these for T Tuesday.

I finally got wise and gave pencils one year and glow sticks thereafter to kids because I wanted to give something besides candy.  I still do that to this day, but I won't be doing it this year.  Too afraid this virus won't be gone by Halloween.

Finally, my pumpkin is sad because I broke its lid.

All art created by me except Gina's tip-in.  All photos taken by me.  Bleubeard was extra thrilled because he saw several black cats and that made him happy.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by.  I am truly grateful to you, my friends, followers, readers, and lurkers for visiting.  Please also join me at Rain's Thursday Art Date.

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Helen said...

sorry you've had problems with your power supply! I enjoyed your spooky post today. I assume the shops you feature are from previous years due to your sensible precautions against Covid! take care and stay safe.

Valerie-Jael said...

Fascinating post, nice to see the outside decorations. Valerie

Betty said...

love your post, packed with creativity - Halloween is my favourite time of year and you have really thrown yourself in to it - it's fun to see how people in your part of the world decorate their homes too. I like your book, it's unusual and full of surprises.

Mae Travels said...

Your neighborhood walk is wonderful! We have several neighbors who do very similar things with a carriage, skeleton horses and riders, etc.

be well... mae at

Dortesjs said...

waue Halloween,,much love -Have looked at your blog, I still think you do great things and stop by occasionally. I have not had time to make cards as I have actually been working on a book which has now been published.

Iris Flavia said...

Great work! Spooky with the raven and spider is very cute, as is the happy cat! Also love the angry looking skeleton - I´d look like that, too, if the moon screamed dough and sugar at me �� The trick or-treat sisters I like, also, clever idea!
Oh and all the wonderful, scary deco - a horse even!! The huge spider´d give me the creeps for real, and the "beach-cottage" makes a point there.
Pencils and glowsticks sure are better than sweets.
What can I say: Happy Halloween!

Iris Flavia said...

P.S. I added info on Gauss as... yes, not everybody knows who he was. Living in his city he is omnipresent and you just assume... oh, well! said...

So many great art pieces and I love all the vintage Halloween images. Great pictures around the neighborhood and in the stores too. Happy Halloween!

Betty said...

hi bluebeard, thanks for your heads up on my halloween post, I couldn't see any issues with the linky on Rain's post, but have deleted the post and re-entered it as no.7 on Rains list and checked the link to her blog within the post goes to her. I hope that sorts it out, Betty :)

Laurie said...


My name is Erika. said...

Fun Halloween post. This one is certainly correctly titled a party! You have some cool Halloween art. (That made in the past and shown today. Your house looks great too. And like you, I am blown away by the Halloween decorations with the house with the undertaker's carriage. What do you do with that the rest of the year? Glad you shared my dear. Have a great Thursday! Hugs-Erika

Barbara said...

This post is overflowing with your imaginative Halloween spirit! It helps make up for the lack of trick or treating. So many houses contributing to the spooky feel. Thanks for that tour!

CJ Kennedy said...

Love the Halloween eye candy! And wow, those Halloween decorations in your area put my the decorations in my porch to shame. We haven't got any Trick or Treaters for 15 years even though we live on one of the town's main streets. There are no sidewalks or streetlights. Cars fly up the road so fast you take your life in your hands just walking to get the mail. Many towns in Massachusetts have cancelled Trick or Treating because numbers are on the rise here. My town is doing a drive through Trick or Trunk event at the school campus.

Rain said...

Hi Elizabeth! :) I'm so glad that Bleubeard got to see so many black cats this week! :) What a post! Well, I had to look up what a "tip in" was, now I know! :) I love your altered book it's quite something, a work of art! There are so many goodies in there. The side view photo is gorgeous and it shows how much is involved, and I loved seeing the Bazooka Joe gum wrapper!! Your cards are lovely! Thanks for the photos around your neighbourhood, some of your neighbours really go all out! Usually I decorate the whole house on Halloween, but this year, we are still in boxes in some rooms, so I'll be doing a little less. I love that big spider, ewwww! :))) And I'm a big fan of Halloween displays in stores too, it's such a wonderful time of the year! We don't have kids in this area, so there's no trick or treating anyway, more treats for us! ;) Happy Halloween!!

Christine said...

Lovely Halloween post this week Elizabeth much enjoyed!

Divers and Sundry said...

I love those ATCs!!! Love!

It's fun to see the neighborhood decorations. I do an Autumn wreath in the front and a pumpkin on the patio but no Halloween-specific decorations outside.

DVArtist said...

Sorry about the power. Hopefully they have it fixed now. I love love love this post. Your halloween book is amazing. All the photos are, like, my world, LOL However that buggy with the skeleton horse and drivers. I want that!!!! Excellent post.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

what a fun post today Elizabeth !!! and haven't seen bazooka in years; remember the comics that were wrapped inside !! hope you and bleu and squiggles have a fun howl o ween; I feel sorry for kids who can't participate this year ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

Dawn said...

I have not seen the book and "tip-in". Very interesting and creative.
Your neighbors seem to be in the Halloween spirit. Great decorations.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I think I need a glossary of terms for your art work. Tip in's, Altered books, ATCs ... I am not sure what I am looking at Or if I am seeing what you meant me to see ... but, I sure have fun going through your things. Some are beautiful, some are scary and you have one neighbor who is Halloween crazed. Where on earth do you get a horse skeleton? Oh love your black cat the best, as does Bleubeard. You have the perfect Halloween cat. You should put a pillow on your window sill and let Bluebeard be an actual part of your decorations. Good for you for working with UNICEF ... a wonderful, meaningful organization. And, before I go, I have to admit that I too make sacrifices on Halloween ... more than I should depending on if there are any leftovers :)
Happy Halloween, Elizabeth and Bluebeard. I hope my Halloween cat (Fonzi) is looking down on us from his better place. I think of him every time I see Bluebeard.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Jeanie said...

I love all your Halloween art -- lots of different subjects and styles and they all work. And your neighborhood is great! People really go all out. I like the colors of the coastal cottage but they really need a lot more orange pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Sandra Cox said...

I love the skeleton horses pulling the hearse.Excellent! And the other decorations were great too.
You made all kinds of fun Halloween pieces. Especially, liked the black kitties:)
Glad you have electricity again.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

Halloween is very fun by your and all the decorations!
Havea happy halloween, hug Elke

NatureFootstep said...

o dear, I am overwhelmed. You guys have a lot of fun with Halloween "over there" We don´t even have half of it. My favorite is the spider, think is well created.

Seeing your books I wonder what bookshelf you are able to put them in as they are so filled up with objects? Must be pretty hard.
Take care and have fun with Halloween.

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for a fun Halloween post.

All the best Jan

Rain said...

Hi Elizabeth! :) I just read your sweet comment! :) Of course you can add me to your blog roll! I don't mind and you needn't ask! :))) Lately I've only been doing the TAD posts, but once in a while when I have the time, I like to post something on the weekends - I used to have a "Sunday Food and Pets Post"...I may start doing that again in the winter, but we have so many renovations going on here, there's still so much to do! :)