Monday, March 25, 2019

T Stands For Returning to DeFazio's

This was not the post I had planned, but I wanted to get it off my camera.

Today my foodie friend Sally and I are returning to DeFazio's.  It's practically in my neighborhood, so we didn't have far to go.

Sometimes their service is good, and sometimes it's so slow, you don't really want to eat there. 

However, after they remodeled, the service has been much faster.

When we first arrived, we were seated in the first room.  Although you can't tell from the photo of the restaurant (the photo above this one), there was a large group who were loud boisterous, and where we were seated, we could also hear the noise of dishes being slammed together.  I politely asked if we could sit in a quieter place because we had not seen each other for awhile and had a lot of catching up to take place, which we couldn't do if we couldn't hear each other.

This is the lunch menu.  Note our water with lemon.

Can you tell what I'm ordering?  If not, just look for my watermark.

I also took photos of the rest of the menu, including the drinks (BEVANDE).

Here are the entrees.  Sally always orders from this menu.

I can't stand the oil and vinegar they use on their Italian salads, so I always ask for Ranch dressing, instead.

Sally's meal was spaghetti and meatballs.  I, of course, got shrimp scampi with fettuccine Alfredo.

I guess I wanted to be sure I got our water before I put my camera away.

After we ate, while Sally was boxing up her leftovers, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the art on the walls.

This mirror showed both rooms in the newly remodeled establishment.

If someone speaks Italian, perhaps you can translate.

This was the piece, which is HUGE I might add, I was facing when I wasn't talking to Sally.  Thanks for joining me today.

It's now time for you to share your own drink related post.  It can be gifts you received, photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, junk mail, ads, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Regardless, please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.   Please link only your T post and not your blog in general.  Old photos are acceptable because they may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday and not just this year.

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27 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

That looks like a nice place, pity some people were so loud. Love the frame with the plates, great idea. I shouldn't have read the menu, now I'm hungry. Good to see Sally smiling. Happy T Day, Valerie

Divers and Sundry said...

I'd like to try several of their menu items. Yummmm! You can get an 8 oz grilled sirloin for $12?! But I think I'll have the cheese manicotti first ;)

Mia said...

I love shrimps, Elizabeth, and water with lemon. If you ever come to Greece, I think we will go for dinner! Kisses, my friend.

johanna said...

the scampi and fettuccini sound and look good to me. and i spy several other items on the card i might try. i´d have some dolci of course. i love italian food!
happy t-day, dear elizabeth!

Meggymay said...

It really is annoying when folk don't respect other diners, its good that you were able to move to another table.
The menu looks good, it would be hard to choose, but after seeing your choice I think it looks delicious and would love to try that one.
The photos look great and i also liked the pretty decorated plates.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Eileen Bergen said...

"Get it off my camera" made me think of "get it off my mind" - lol. Sometimes, there's so much in my little head, I feel like it will explode.

Your shrimp scampi looks divine. I'm with you about boisterous people and loud music in restaurants. Used to be, a restaurant was a quiet place to relax and enjoy your meal. Oops, my age is showing.

Happy T-day! Eileen xx

Halle said...

Oh...shrimp scampi...yes please. I like the old photos they have displayed.And the framed plates are pretty cool too.

Linda Kunsman said...

Hopefully you did get moved to a quieter spot. i would have done the same- no need for such loudness when dining. i would have chosen your shrimp dish too but minus that pasta as heavy, creamy things don't agree with me. Nice poster art, and I especially like the framed colorful plates. happy T day!

Kate Yetter said...

I am just loving the art on the restaurant walls. You food looks yummy. How awful that you had an off day and sat by boisterous people. That can be so annoying! That happened to hubby and I when we went on a date a few months ago. A table near us was so obnoxiously loud that hubby and I couldn't hear ourselves talking to each other. It really ruined the mood. I hope you have a better experience next time.
Happy Tea Day,

My name is Erika. said...

That plate wall art is really cool. I have never seen anything like before. And your shrimp scampi looks yummy. I haven't shrimp scampi in forever. Maybe it's time to order it at some point. Hope you have a super to Day. Hugs-Erika

Carol said...

I hate trying to eat a a loud restaurant, glad they were able to move you to a quieter spot. The food looks great!!!
Happy T Day!!!!

Sharon Madson said...

Hi Elizabeth! I have to get over to this restaurant because we love Italian food! I love shrimp scampi! We recently had shrimp here at home. We got the biggest shrimp at Sprouts. Do you ever shop there? Happy T Day! Have a great week! I think we are going to have some nice weather.

froebelsternchen said...

Wow - great menue offered there and your plates look super!
Great you got a quiet place to enjoy this fabulous food . Lovely Restaurant!
Happy T-Day dear Elizabeth!
Thank you for hosting for us!!
Hope your day is filled with just good vibes!

Hugs, Susi

Sami said...

The scampi would be my choice too. I always find your prices so cheap compared to Australian restaurant prices, although we also earn a lot more, our minimum wage is almost double the American one.
Love that frame with the plates, very nice way to display a lot of small plates.
Enjoy your day Elizabeth :)

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, your meal looks so delicious! I would have chosen exactly the same as you, the salad looks delicious and I love shrimp 😁. I'm sure impressed how much big the portion was and my mouth is watering just thinking about this yummy meal πŸ˜‰. Wishing you a very happy T Tuesday! J 😊 x

CJ Kennedy said...

So nice that you and Sally could catch up. The restaurant looks like a nice place. Loved the menu. Pezziol Padova is an advertisement poster for an Italian liqueur. The Victoria Arduino is an advertisement poster for an espresso machine. I love the idea of framing odd plates and saucers. Happy T Day

kathyinozarks said...

Your food looks delicious and this looks like a nice restaurant-Love those dishes on the wall. I would have asked for a quieter place to sit as well.
Happy T Hugs Kathy

Rike said...

Wonderful visit in this restaurant, seems you and Sally had a funny time! Your photos are beautiful and the meals look delicious!
Pezziol Padova ... liqueur from Padova (a town in Italy) - I used google for search :)
Happy T-Day, dear Elizabeth!
Rike xx

Anne (cornucopia) said...

It looks like a nice place to eat. I like the artwork on the walls. Your food looked delicious. Happy T-Day!

da tabbies o trout towne said...


I'm not online this week, but did want to say I saw your comment, and yes it is OK to post the blog on your sidebar

Thanx ~~~~~~~~~~ be back later



Lisca said...

Sorry I'm late, but here it is still Tuesday, so that's OK.
Your Italian menu looks lovely and I too would have loved those shrimp. Good choice. (I never order pasta as i can have that any day at home)
The art in the restaurant looks really great, especially all those brightly decorated plates (maiolica?)
Yes, there are 8 pods in a pack of Senseo coffee. And although they are very expensive, I only drink one coffee a day and one pack will last me more than a week.
Yes, you are right, we also have the almond shells, which are the same price as the pips. And we always make sure we have sufficient fire wood. That costs 55 Eur a trailer load. As we are on a basic state pension, we cannot afford central heating, but just lighting the stove when needed works for us. Yes, I'd like to wake up to a warm house, but that is a luxury we could only afford when we were working. The bathroom is always very cold in winter, but it is small, so a gas stove in there for 15 minutes will make the bathroom nice and toasty. No problem. We have a butane gas stove on every floor and they are efficient and cheap to run.
Happy T-Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

DeFazios has a great menu! Glad you got reseated away from the noisy party!! Those framed plates lo fabulous! I'm here for a catch up too! Happy T day! Chrisxx

Sandra said...

Love the wall dΓ©cor and the food looks yummy.
Getting ready to click now:)

Bridget Larsen said...

You have some awesome places and love that photo of the plates. Ive always had odd plates and not know what to do with them, this has given me an idea

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

The shrimp looks delicious Elizabeth, I think along with the pasta that would have been my choice too. Those plates framed in that way are amazing, I'd love to have a wall big enough to mount something like that.
Happy T-Day Hugs Tracey x

RO said...

No cheeseburgers to be found I see(lol), but I might be tempted by a pizza, and the art is fabulous! Sally always looks so happy! Hugs and Happy Wednesday! RO

Caty said...

This is a nice place to eat Elizabeth !! I´ll certainly go there too. Your meals looks delicious. This framed plates is amazing. So happy you´ll enjoyed your day. Very Happy belated T-day dear Elizabeth. Apologize I´m late posting, I couldn´t do it yesterday.
I wish you a very nice afternoon, and send
Big hugs, Caty