Monday, September 24, 2018

T Stands For The Breadbasket

About a month ago, my foodie friend Sally and I went to Newton, KS, a small town north of Wichita.

It's a buffet we have been to before and it's called The Breadbasket.  They specialize in German and Amish food.

I completely forgot to take a photo of the front, so grabbed this one from the internet.

Sally asked me to take a photo of the hours so we would know what times they were open.  For some reason, I thought they closed at 2 pm, which meant we had arrived a bit earlier than we would normally for lunch.

Directly at the counter, where you order,

they temp you with pie.

While Sally was looking over the menu, which is behind one of the cash registers, and I somehow forgot to photograph,

I tried to get a few photos of the buffet.

There were many people there, so it was hard to get one without anyone in the photo.  After all, it was noon.

What I was looking for was not on their menu.   I wanted the Regular Combo, which was all you can eat soup and salad.  You actually have your choice, which could also include ONE sandwich, and choice of ONE soup or salad bar. 

I wasn't interested in a sandwich, but wanted both the all-you-can-eat soup and salad bars.

Sally, on the other hand, had a tuna sandwich and salad.  My ranch dressing ran into my cottage cheese, which I paired with fresh pineapple.

This is our second time through the buffet.  They give you a new tray, new silverware, and up to three bowls for the soup, and a fresh plate for the salad.  I hadn't quite finished my old plate of bread, so showed it in the photo, too.  In case you missed it, we both had water, mine included lemon.

I eat so slowly, which means you really don't want to go with me to a buffet, right before we left, I was able to take photos of the entire buffet without anyone in them.  Sally was off buying some of their bread while I took these photos.

I found their restaurant here and their lunch menu here.  There were lots of other choices, too, including one time through a single bar (soup or salad) or an all you can eat single bar (soup or salad).  You can see Sally's bread choices here.

We had to park in an auxiliary parking lot, so on the way back to the car, I took a photo of this water meter.  Not as pretty as the ones I've photographed in Wichita.

Newton, KS is very proud of their local artist, Phillip Epp.  His "clouds" are everywhere in town.  I'm sure you have seen the photos I've shared of his art, but if not, here, on his site, is a bit of review of some I've taken and shown.  You can also check out his sculptures and paintings while you are there.

It's now your turn to share a drink related post.  Feel free to discuss anything. Your post may include photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Then, please link your story below.  The photos don't have to be taken on Tuesday, and can relate to anything with a drink.  Please use the direct link to your T post, not your blog in general, so we can find you easily.

Because this is the final T in September, I would be remiss if I didn't invite you to join me on October 2 with a post you have shared before.  The rules are simple.  Just bring back a post you have published in the past to share with us.  Any post, any genre, any length is acceptable.

24 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

This looks like a good place to enjoy a filling meal. Those soups all look really good. Happy T Day, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

the pastry would be too much of a temptation for me. Looks like a really nice buffet with lots of choices especially the fresh, baked bread. Happy T Day!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

Elizabeth; this looks like a really nice buffet, now I'm hungry for salad !! and I enjoyed what you did with the napkin; it turned out nice; we could all have a skirt as pretty !!! :) ♥♥ monarchs are here right now and it's nice to be able to see one in flight !!! ♥♥

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I've seen the Breadbasket before and my mouth waters each time. The number of choices is amazing. There's something for everyone; or maybe I should say there's a lot for everyone ;-)

Happy T-day, Elizabeth. Thank you for hosting us once again. I would really miss this gathering. BTW, I may be scarce the next couple of weeks but for a fun reason.

Let's Art Journal said...

Looks like a great place to eat! There is so much choice and those salads and soups look so tempting - yum 😀. I'd like to try a little bit of everything 😉. Wishing you a very Happy Tuesday! J 😊 x

pearshapedcrafting said...

The food here looks good (as anywhere call The Breadbasket should!) I love the chance to try different food so a buffet would be ideal! Love the thought of searching out some Phillip Epp signs too! Happy T Day Hugs, Chrisx

kathyinozarks said...

yum Amish restaurants usually have excellent food choices-I grew up in Indiana so we would go to one a couple years a year. Looks like you had some good food choices here. Happy T

My name is Erika. said...

It looks like a good buffet. Did you have some pie with your soup and salad? I would have had a piece of pie too. I bet your lunch tasted good though. Whenever I've been to an Amish restaurant the food has been delicious. Not that i've been to many so maybe I'm not the best judge. I think you made a good lunch choice. Hope it's a great T day. Hugs-Erika

RO said...

It's always so cool to see the places you guys go to eat, and the fact that it's so crowded must mean the food is pretty good, right?(lol) I'm not a soup person, but that tuna sandwich and unlimited salad bar I could probably work with.(lol) Happy Tuesday and HUGE Hugs...RO

Kate Yetter said...

So much food! Everything looks delicious especially that dessert counter. I love how you always show the dishes from your outings.
Happy Tea day!

Halle said...

Gosh I haven't eaten at a buffet in so long. I do enjoy the amount of choices...just not my overly full tummy afterward. :)
Happy T day!

Rita said...

I haven't eaten at a buffet for many years since I am not out and about anymore. They were always interesting and you'd leave so full--LOL! I liked the Chinese buffet here in town. Looks good! :)

Birgit said...

I was looking for rollmops and rouladen:) I sausage and I don’t care for that pickled cabbage...the name evades me right now. Rollmops is pickled herring with onion but I love it most pickled but in sour cream...yum. Rouladen is just
Great and so is red cabbage that is slowly simmered in water with red wine, cloves and a whole apple. I’m glad you had a nice time out and water is the thing to drink if one is driving

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Oh my Elizabeth I feel full up just looking at all that food, what a choice. I especially love the look of the salad/buffet bar. I'd love to taste a little bit of everything.
Happy T Day Hugs... I love the Breadbasket name.
Tracey xx

froebelsternchen said...

That really looks like a fabulous place to enjoy a good meal! Your choice of delicious food makes me hungry! I also eat very slowly - otherwise I eat always way too much. It's my trick to get filled. Happy T-Day dear Elizabeth!
Big hugs, Susi

Meggymay said...

This restaurant sounds and looks like it serves good wholesome food. Great photos and such an array of tempting dishes. I would find it hard to choose it all looks delicious. I would have to leave room for one of those cakes, it seemed a great choice there as well.
Happy T day wishes Elizabeth.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

That is definitely a feast! Everything looks delish and it looks like a good time, too!

Divers and Sundry said...

I haven't been to a buffet in ages, and now I need to find one like this. That food looks delicious! I love a buffet because I don't have to order just one thing but can have a bit of everything, and there's so much on that buffet I'd want some of :) Happy T Tuesday!

Lisca said...

Hello, I’ll join you for breakfast/lunch at this place. It looks really nice. I am impressed with the salads. I would have difficulty in choosing though.
Im sorry I haven’t posted today. We’re still traveling.
Happy T-Day,

Sharon Madson said...

Great post, Elizabeth! I have heard about The Bread Basket from several friends, and can't get my hubby to go over there! Someday! :) Well, I looked for you at The Museum of World Treasures on Saturday. I don't know if you went, but that is where we went and I took lots of photos for my blog. This week, however I am behind and did a very short post. Have a great Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a cute place. I do remember you sharing the photos of Mr. Epp and his clouds. Good to be local and find plenty to do. xox

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Good morning, Elizabeth. Thanks for pointing out that the llast section about Canvas on the cheap was not clear.

I added a sentence to better explain. While the e-mail invoice shows the price of about $700, the actual – including the 87% “discount” was under $100. Their prices are the best I found.

Caty said...

This buffet looks so good, salad and your ranch... wooww !! this bread may be very good too. That´s interesting !! These clouds are very beautiful, and the paintings of Phillip Epp are wonderful, most those with horses. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
I wish you a very nice afternoon, big hugs, Caty

Caty said...

Dear Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you very much for your so kind invitation to join you at T stands for Tuesday, where I can admire the Art of everyone there, very very talented.(Sorry I haven´t do it before ) Thanksss and big hugs, Caty