Thursday, August 30, 2012

More resist

As I began creating this post, I was reminded of something Terri Kahrs at Pringle Hill Studio wrote citing another blogger's thoughts. Terri reminded me that these blog posts take lots of time, from creating the art (in this case a fabric tutorial), to (at least in my case) taking photos every step of the way, to documenting the photos, then copying them to this blog, and finally writing a synopsis of the project photos. That may be one of the reasons I have been offline so much lately. I just can't get it all done quickly enough and still maintain a life outside this computer.

Luckily this week, I had a small consulting job, but that took me away from my true love, which is art. Now don't get me wrong. I love consulting, but I love art more, something I never expected when I got my final degree. I know this isn't a regular lead-in to a blog post, but I just had to share, which may be TMI for some of you (grin) and it's the only lead-in I have. I guess it's probably time to start this latest tutorial, which is once again a fabric resist technique. Although not finished, I still wanted to share it with my dear readers and followers.

Supplies from back left clockwise:

Bucket of water
Empty bucket for mixing filled with:
Measuring cup
Spoon for stirring
Flour for crafts
Cream of Wheat
Various sheets torn to a manageable size
Low tack masking tape
Plastic to cover table

(Please note the mug in the background is filled with French Roast coffee and only for the artist, not part of the supplies)

I began by taping a piece of bed sheet to the plastic covering. I wanted to try a resist using Cream of Wheat, something I was unable to do the last time I created resists. Also be aware, although these are kitchen items, do NOT (I REPEAT, do not) use them for food preparation in the future. That includes the utensils as well as the food product.

I began with one cup of Cream of Wheat to which

I added one cup of water. I thought the formula was too watery, so

I added more Cream of Wheat: two more cups, even!

The Cream of Wheat was unlike anything else, and way, way, way too thick.

When I tried to lift the fabric, much of the Cream of Wheat fell into the middle of the fabric. I finally managed to pick it up, losing huge blobs of Cream of Wheat along the way to the clothes line, some of which fell all over my shoes.

You can see not a whole lot of the Cream of Wheat stayed on the fabric once I got it on the line.

Next, I tried thinning the Cream of Wheat down with more water, which didn't help much because

the second fabric was not much better covered once I got it to the clothes line and pinned.

Thankfully by this time, I was out of Cream of Wheat, much of which was now dotting the grass near or under the fabric on my clothes line. That's when I decided to revert to my old favorite: flour. I made a large batch of it, probably too large for the heat of the day this was turning into.

I began with a little stamping with the aid of my 1 cup measuring cup.

I dribbled the flour/water mix on the rest of the pieces using my wooden spoon. I left these on the table because I didn't want to disturb or dribble them. It was a very windy day, and I had already pinned one piece on the clothes line. The wind promptly caught it, and whipped flour/water mix in my face. Not a pretty sight, and not one you would have wanted to see, either!

I didn't take photos of coloring these, since you saw how I colored them when I made my Resist Part 2 before. This time I had to color the pieces in the house, because it was raining, and continued to rain for another two days.

I used every color of Staz-on Reinker I own, including black. Now I must wait until it's safe to water my veggie garden again, then I will turn the garden hose on these to remove the flour and Cream of Wheat. I promise, I will NOT be making any more resists using Cream of Wheat. It is very messy, leaves little bits and pieces everywhere it touches, and creates lots of problems. I'll be glad when it's washed out.

Of course, Bleubeard had to be curious after I laid these fabric swatches on the floor. Although his curiosity was strong, his desire to be next to me was stronger. I have no idea why, but lately he's been clinging to me. And that's probably not the way to END a blog post, either, but that's all I have for today!


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see you there! said...

Enjoyed both the beginning and ending of your post. I definitely won't be using cream of wheat to dye with. I tried coffee and coffee grounds on some watercolor paper recently and wasn't all that thrilled with the results. Easy to clean tho.


elle said...

I'd like to try resists but I haven't seen a lot that really inspires me to push through all the mess. I will but it isn't too near the top of my long waiting list. ;^)

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

You are one dedicated lady- I don't think I would have keep trying with the Cream of Wheat being so uncooperative!
Can't wait to see what you do next!
P.S. I hope Bleubeard is OK!

Corrine at said...

LOL, I liked your TMI, grinning...the Cream of Wheat definitely looked like gunk. Your flour mix seemed so much easier. Like the colors . Hope everything is well with Bleubeard and he is just being extra lovey. xox

Lisa Graham Art said...

I am always delightfully surprised when I come to your blog and see all the artistic adventures you try. You truly do it all!

Happy Day Elizabeth and give Bleubeard a scratch under the chin for me.

Rita said...

Love your perseverance and that you showed what didn't work. Sometimes that is even more helpful to people.

I hope Bluebeard is okay. :)

donnalouiserodgers said...

i know, I know, I totally get what you are saying

I have been doing art - I just haven't found time to blog,

i have 'had' to spend a lot of time NOt doing what I want to do, but have had a joyful time making others happy by doing what they want to do, I am pretty sure your contractor will have been pleased to have you doing their bidding too,

I bet they were as pleased to have you as we are to have you back...

now - where was I with that altered book????


Halle said...

Cream of wheat!! My boy loved that when he was a toddler!! I don't believe I have bought any in 10 years. Can't wait to see the result...will it be on my next grocery list??
Almost called you today...decided to wait until the kids are in school....

~*~Patty S said...

Seeing you play with Cream of Wheat made my hungry E :)

Love the way you dive into things...the flour does seem more cooperative with very colorful results!

time for dinner...have a great evening Elizabeth and give Bleubeard a hug from me

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

No danger of me using cream of wheat. I don't think there is any available here. What is it usually used for anyway? I was wondering if it could be added to a granola mix as I have been experimenting with making granola bars this afternoon. Patsy from
HeARTworks and

Margaret said...

You are our queen of experimentation! I love your honesty and your photos are so cool. It might have been messy but what a fab pile of fabric you have, each one so unique, can't wait to see what you do with it all. Mx

Carolyn Dube said...

I love what you do with fabric- and I love your sense of adventure and experimentation!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm looking forward to see the finished pieces. Your experiments are so interesting--I did have to chuckle about the flour blowing in your face & the C of W dripping on your shoes! Have a great weekend, my friend!

sara j said...

So noted. I'll just toss the cream of wheat - or better yet give it to my son, and stick with flour.
Oh - how I wish there were more hours in the day!