Monday, May 22, 2023

T Stands For Sally's Birthday


Before we begin, I go to Sally's every day at 4 pm.  I get her mail, feed her two girls, and scoop cat poop.  I was hoping to visit some who have already posted their T posts, but that hasn't happened.  I am just getting this finished right before time to publish.  Then I really need to eat something, because I am falling apart.

  My foodie friend Sally wanted to go to Angelo's for her birthday.  That's where I took her because that's where she wanted to go.  I got this image from the internet because when we got there, I missed the sign which was out front and parking was in the back.  When we left, I was so frustrated, I didn't even think about the sign.  I will NEVER go there again.  Ask Sharon what she thinks of Angelo's and you will hear a far different story.  Even Sally admitted she was disappointed.

I didn't realize when I took these photos that you can see the entire menu online here.

I was just taking a photo of Sally when the waitress brought our water, mine with lemon.   I didn't realize until after I took these photos off my camera that I got her in the photo.  But at least I don't have to worry that I won't get a photo of my required drink.  You can see we are the only people there.  

The hostess originally wanted to seat us at a two-top, which means only two people can sit at that table.  You can see some on the left in the above photo.  I'm claustrophobic and Sally is large, so I requested a larger table.

Sally is showing the day and time.

It's Tuesday, March 28.  And it's definitely her birthday.

After we ordered, I took some photos from my seat.  This was the table the hostess originally assigned us.  Sharon raves about the art in the restaurant, but I was personally not impressed.  The decor on this wall reminded me of something you would buy at a "Home Interior" (Homeco/Syroco) party.

While we were ordering, a couple was seated under these three pictures.  I didn't feel like getting up and putting my camera in their faces.  I was definitely not fond of the open galvanized pipes and the wind sails.  OK, I like the look, just NOT in what was supposed to be such a high class Italian establishment.  For some reason, the grunge factor didn't feel right.

Sadly, this was under glass, but it would have been a great print if the light hadn't obliterated it. 

The best part of the meal was the salad.

However, I asked for it "dry" with Ranch dressing on the side.  They added the oil and it looked like someone started to put Ranch on the salad.  

I ordered two appetizers.  One was Italian style potatoes and the other was cheese bread, which never came.  Quite a few of the potatoes were burned.   Note Sally left several that were burned.  I ate mine before I took the photo.

Sally got spaghetti and mushrooms and I ordered two extra meatballs for her because she loves meatballs.  She took half home.  I ordered a piece chocolate cake for her that cost more than if I'd purchased a whole cake at Dillon's/Kroger.  I got cheesecake for me.    We took our desserts and some food home.  

Even though I failed to take any photos, I ordered shrimp scampi with a side of fettuccine.  To be honest, I've had excellent shrimp scampi, mouth watering shrimp scampi, good shrimp scampi, decent shrimp scampi, and even OK shrimp scampi.  But I can truthfully say this was the WORST shrimp scampi I have ever had.  The "butter" tasted rancid to me.  It reminded me of old oil that sat out too long.  I was disgusted.  The four "large" shrimp were not even de-veined or cleaned properly.  I didn't say a word because the waitress was working hard for the $15.00 tip I left and because it was Sally's birthday and this was where SHE wanted to go.  Even she was disappointed.  If you love shrimp scampi, DO NOT buy it at Angelo's.  You will be more than disappointed.

This was the cheesecake I ordered for myself.

After I paid the nearly $100.00 dollar meal, which included the tip and the appetizer we never got, 

Sally posed in front of these colored shutters and the colorful word EAT.  Sally was even MORE disappointed with her choice of eating establishments after my birthday meals, which I will share next week.

32 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you gave Sally a birthday treat, hope she had a wonderful day with you. Happy T Day to all, hugs, Valerie

Tom said...

...Happy Birthday Sally. I' have an Italian sausage sub pleace.

Elephant's Child said...

I am glad that you went out for Sally's birthday and sorry (for you both) that it was a disappointing meal.
Now look after you please. You have been running on empty for two long.

Mae Travels said...

The Angelo’s in Ann Arbor where I live would probably make you much happier! It’s a diner with breakfast items all day (until they close at 3 PM). Everyone loves it but they just announced that they are closing early in 2024.

I’m so sorry you wasted so much money on such badly prepared and poorly handled food. I can’t believe you didn’t at least get them to take the undelivered item off your bill!
Better luck in the future!… mae at

kathyinozarks said...

Wow that was allot of money for bad food. I am with you I didn't care for the look of this restaurant either. I am thinking you tow won't be back-smiles
Happy T

jinxxxygirl said...

Don't you just hate that! Thats a big reason why hubby and i are stuck in a rut when it comes to eating out... We KNOW the restaurants where we get good food and good service and we just tend to stick to those.. We've pretty much given up on trying new restaurants.. we are always disappointed.. I didn't mind the decor that much but definitely not upscale to me...aHappy T day! I hope to join in later today.. Hugs! deb

Carola Bartz said...

How sweet of you to take Sally out for her birthday and how sad that the restaurant turned out to be such a disappointment. You paid a lot of money of poorly prepared food and items that weren't even served (I would have said something). Somehow I got the impression they didn't really want to work in the kitchen or were annoyed that someone dared to come in the restaurant. I don't blame you for never going there again. I still hope you will have a lovely T Tuesday, Elizabeth.

Kate Yetter said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of money for two people, especially when you didn't get everything you ordered. I hope that you said something.
Hopefully, your next meal out will be a more pleasant experience.
Happy Tea Day,

Rita said...

Does not have an upscale look to me. Sorry it was such a disappointment. I'd stay away, too. And wouldn't have paid for something that never arrived.

DVArtist said...

Happy Birthday to Sally. It was a sweet gesture for the birthday dinner. I'm so sorry it was not a good experience. That was expensive too. Sally looks happy though. She is a good friend.

My name is Erika. said...

There's nothing worse than spending a lot of money for a meal that doesn't live up to the cost. That was not a cheap meal. And it's even worse because it was Sally's birthday dinner and even she didn't like it. I could see some burned potatoes in your photo, and that's too bad they didn't even ring your cheese bread. Well it does make a good T day post of where not to go in Wichita. I hope you have better food on this T day, even if it's not fancy nor Italian. But I must say I like those photos of Sally and her phone. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

Caty said...

Oh Happy Birthday to Sally! You have had a magnificent day. The food looked very good, except for some potatoes. That salad looks delicious. And the cake was so delicious, right? Happy T-day !
The large wooden cutlery has made me smile, and the shutters are beautiful. Great day!
I wish you and Sally a very nice week,
Big hugs, Caty

Unknown said...

I am glad that you could give a treat for Sally's birthday and she looks happy. It is sad that you both didn't enjoy food there. It is worst to not to recieve an appetizer after ordering.And,I also can see burnt potatoes on you plates. Thanks for sharing this food experience.
Happy T Tuesday!

Amila said...

I am glad that you could give a treat for Sally's birthday and she looks happy. It is sad that you both didn't enjoy food there. It is worst to not to recieve an appetizer after ordering.And,I also can see burnt potatoes on you plates. Thanks for sharing this food experience.
Happy T Tuesday!

Darla said...

Well that wasn't fun! It is doubly bad as it was a birthday wish of Sally's part and a gift from you to her. We don't go out to eat very much these days but we did recently have some great taco's from a little mom and pop place.

Iris Flavia said...

Very sweet of you to take your friend out for her Birthday and what a big shame on that restaurant!
But you are right, it wasn´t the waitress´ fault.
Or, was it? To bring burnt potatoes to the customer - she should´ve said no and give them back! And that one appetizer didn´t show up at all?!
Sad. Hope the two of you had at least a good talk!
To friendship, right, that is more important and maybe next time you chose the restaurant ;-)

Helen said...

Sorry you had such a disappointing meal for Sally's birthday, but it was kind of you to take her for her birthday.

aussie aNNie said...

Lovely photo I thought the yellow nails were yours, Happy birthday to Sally x

Lisca said...

Belated happy birthday to Sally and I'm so sorry that you were disappointed at the meal. I totally agree that the decor looked like it came out of a home shop (sorry Sharon, there's no accounting for taste)
And in my opinion the price was too high for a bad meal. The restaurant seemed to be empty, or at least it wasn't very busy. Could it be because of the time. 3:45 is very late for lunch. Perhaps the staff were on their lunch break themselves. Anyway, there's no excuse for burning food, rancid butter or totally forgetting an order. I'm surprised that you even paid for the missing item. (I certainly would not have).
Now I'm looking forward to your birthday meal.
Happy T-Day,

J said...

So sorry you were disappointed with Sally’s birthday meal, expensive too, we’ve had bad meals and not said anything, just never went back but I really think we should comment, not the waitresses fault though so you were kind to tip.
I hope your birthday meal was better so I’m looking forward to seeing the photos. I must admit when I see some combinations of foods on menus in SF I have a hard time choosing something, I have set ideas of what goes with what so it’s probably me, haha
Happy T day. Jan S

Cloudia said...

I'm sure your company made up for that food. Here's to you and to Sally!

Rostrose said...

Dear Elizabeth,
first of all I wish your friend Sally a belated happy birthday! Too bad the place was a disappointment. Maybe you are experiencing a similar problem in the USA as we are in Europe after the Covid pandemic: While all the restaurants here were closed, some cooks and waiters found another job. In addition, in Central Europe we had quite a lot of kitchen staff (and nursing staff) from the (financially somewhat worse off) neighboring countries in the east. Many of them did not return after the pandemic. And so not only did the restaurants that didn't survive the Covid lockdown have to close forever, but also those restaurants that couldn't find good staff AFTERWARD are now facing ruin. And there are also staff shortages in hospitals and nursing homes. Of course, all of this has something to do with the poor pay that people from these professions, incomprehensibly, still receive.
I also got drinking glasses from a restaurant for your linkup today - Edis and mine were both filled with water - and there were a few unfilled glasses on other tables as well.
All the best 🌱🌿🌱 and happy T-Day, Traude

Rostrose said...

PS: You wrote me "Nothing endangered with squirrels in the states!!!" The ground squirrels I wrote about in my previous post are more closely related to your prairie dogs (Cynomys) than to squirrels. I think there was also a problem in the USA because prairie dogs started to multiply too much and were then poisoned by the farmers (instead of eating them like the natives did...). In the meantime, however, the population of most prairie dog species seems to have recovered. For us, the problem is mainly habitat loss (the animals prefer to live in heathland) and dogs that are not on a leash and therefore dig up the tunnels and hunt the ground squirrels.

nwilliams6 said...

You are a VERY good friend! Sally is so lucky to have you take her to a birthday lunch and to help her during her recovery. Hopefully she will get better soon and I sure hope she lives by you.

I will never be visiting that restaurant for sure.

Happy T-day, Elizabeth! Hugz

Jackie McGuinness said...

We have the same problem mentioned above. Restaurants cannot find staff these days.

It is still no excuse for bad food. I would still tip as you did, as it is not the server's problem. I do hope you raised your issues to management.

CJ Kennedy said...

I wouldn't have thought that was an upscale establishment. Too bad about your lunch though the dessert looks good. I hope you and Sally are feeling better. Happy T Day

Sharon Madson said...

I am so sorry you had a bad experience. We have never had a bad experience there. It is our favorite place to eat for over 50 years.
I hope you told them, so they know. Happy t day!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Not just disappointing but must have been worse because it was Sally's birthday. That's a lot of money to pay for a poor meal. I always feel sorry for servers who must be aware of what's going on but can't do anything about it! Happy T Day, Chrisx

Christine said...

Sorry about the meal, it looks good though.

Divers and Sundry said...

omg, what a disaster. It doesn't look up-scale to me, and the food and service doesn't sound upscale. I'd've been horrified at that price...

I'm so sorry about how it turned out, especially since you went to such an effort to give her a special meal :(

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday to Sally! So sorry your scampi was not up to par. I love that, too -- and it would be so disappointing.

Empire of the Cat said...

Happy birthday to Sally! Sad that the restaurant wasn't up to scratch. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx