Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Promotional magnets


We've all gotten them at one time or another.   We've gotten them in swag bags or at trade shows.  We've gotten them when someone performed repairs in our homes. 

We've even gotten them plastered on the covers of phone books in years past when phone books were still the way to look up a phone number.  But what do you do with them, once you get them and don't want to keep the advertising?

You find a way to cover over them.  There are two options.  One is to soak and remove the paper that is covering the magnets, and one is to leave the paper cover intact.  I chose to remove the covering.

After the paper covering had been removed, I chose several complimentary colors of washi tape

and adhered them to the magnet.

Be sure the washi tape adheres well.

It's obvious I had to replace one design because I didn't want to have to add adhesive to the project.

When satisfied with your design, trim to remove the excess washi tape.  Adhere to anything metal and admire your project.

Although I used no more than 4 inches (10,16 cm.) of washi tape, if you don't want to waste it, I have another idea you might prefer.

Grab a favorite punch that is smaller than the promotional magnet.

Remove as much of the promotional side as possible without tearing the magnet (which I accidentally did).  Use the punch to create a shape in both the magnet and something that makes you happy.  I suggest cardstock weight material, but that is entirely up to you.  You can see the punch slipped when I stood on it.

Adhere your magnet and other punched piece using adhesive of your choice.  I used white glue.  I first cut off the part of the magnet that I had accidentally punched.

Allow adhesive time to dry.

When dry, place your new magnet on any metal surface and enjoy.

For Day 7 of 22, I turned promotional magnets into one-of-a-kind magnets you would actually appreciate and that fit your style of decorating.  I see many uses for these, including in your mixed media art, assemblages, and art journals.  I hope this has sparked your enthusiasm for turning those unwanted promotional magnets into ones you would truly admire, appreciate, and use.  Thanks so much for joining me today.  I am very, very grateful you stopped by.

14 thoughtful remarks:

Elephant's Child said...

Love your improvements to the promotional magnets. We have a LOT of magnets on our fridge and some of them bring me joy. Those of the promotional variety which might come in handy live round the side out of sight.

Valerie-Jael said...

Great idea. I've never got any promotional magnets here, so don't have any to alter! Different lands, different customs! Hugs, Valerie

Nancy said...

Very clever! The washi tape idea can make them so varied and colorful.

Jeanie said...

They look terrific -- so much better than the original "art" from the supplier!

DVArtist said...

You are always so cleaver. Have a great day.

CJ Kennedy said...

Great idea!

one irrational bean said...

Cute idea

My name is Erika. said...

I like this idea and I am very impressed that your punch went through a magnet. You always find these great ideas for your recycling month. Hope you had a nice Wednesday. Hugs-Erika

Sandra Cox said...

What a great idea. I would have never thought of that. You are so creative.

Mae Travels said...

Are promotional magnets another practice interrupted by the pandemic? It occurs to me that I haven't seen any in ages. The ones I see often have a shape like a truck or something, which would make them harder to re-purpose. But it's a neat thought, to reuse them.

be safe... mae at

Rita said...

Another clever idea! :)

aussie aNNie said...

Great imaginative idea. xx

RO said...

Oh my goodness, what a great idea, and I absolutely love how that turned out. Perfect way to use up the washi tape I have for other things. You always come up with the neatest things! Hugs, and hope you are well! RO

sheila 77 said...

Hello Elizabeth, I don't know if you see comments on older blogposts but in case you do I just wanted to say that I saw this earlier and thought it was a brilliant idea and a great use of washi tape too. How clever you are at recycling. Love from Sheila