Monday, December 14, 2020

T Stands For Did You Know?

This post was inspired by two of my favorite internet friends who are not altered book or journal artists.  Sandra Cox provides a bit of trivia once a week called Did you know? and my dear friend R0! whose name to which I always add an exclamation mark because she's so awesome, ends many of her In the know posts with Just one more thing.  That is what inspired today's T post, which is a very different post than I'm used to sharing.

Today I'm once again at my dining room table,

contemplating whether to make some hot chocolate or have more eggnog.

In front of my mug is a spread I have prepared in my Scraps altered book.

It tells the story of the nCoV SARS coronavirus.  In case you can't read it, or need it translated:
Did you know when the novel coronavirus (nCoV) pneumonia now commonly called COVID-19 broke out late in 2019, Chinese scientists set out to sequence it.  It wasn't long until they cracked the code.  When they did, they shared the code with the world via the internet for all to see and use.  It saved time and many drug companies and universities set out to find a way to neutralize it.  Today we now have a vaccine that has, with some reservations, been given the green light to give to people across the globe.  As more data become available, we will know how safe this vaccine truly is (or is not).

 As you can see, we're cracking the code.  I'm hoping for the best, because we need to get this pandemic under control.  For those who think this vaccine was such a quick turn out, they should remember coronavirus scientists and virologists have been studying and working on a vaccine since SARS hit in 2003.  It's not like they whipped this up in a few months with no forethought. 

Further, because I  believe this message has meaning, I'm joining Tracey of Hotchpotch Creations our host this month at Art Journal Journey with her theme What is the meaning of

Too bad our current president decided to pass on ordering the vaccine back when he had a chance.  Now more of these vaccines will go to Europe and Canada than to the states.  EDIT: Regardless of Trump's "Executive Order," he cannot control what Pfizer chooses to sell.  You don't have to believe me.  See this article here and this one here. Here's what the NYTimes has to say about the Executive Order:
The executive order by itself appears to have no real teeth and does not expand the U.S. supply of doses, according to a description of the order on Monday by senior administration officials. But it provides Mr. Trump with a talking point to rebut any criticism about the limited initial supply of the vaccine.

The order is being issued “to ensure that the United States government prioritizes getting the vaccine to American citizens before sending it to other nations,” according to a draft statement. The decision by the White House to issue the executive order was reported by Fox News.

Sadly, it is my belief we've backed ourselves into a corner because of our reckless behavior and mixed messages coming from the White House and this current administration.   It appears we now have no other choice, but to vaccinate our way out of this mess we've allowed to get out of control.

Be aware, by the time first responders and nursing home residents receive their two doses, it will be time for essential workers, school personnel, and the elderly to receive their two doses.  By then, it could be May or June before we mere mortals see this vaccine.   The more data that becomes available to us, the sooner we will be able to make an informed decision. In the meantime, wear a mask, wash your hands often, wear a mask, disinfect everything, wear a mask, and please practice social distancing.  
I thought I would also show, much to my surprise, I haven't killed the poinsettia yet.

By now you more than likely know the rules.  Please share your own drink related post.  It can be gifts you received, photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, mail art, junk mail, catalogs, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Regardless, please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.   Please link only your T post and not your blog in general.  Bleubeard would like to remind you that old photos are acceptable because they may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday and not just this year.  It's now time for me to climb off my soap box and prepare my drink of choice.

24 thoughtful remarks:

Mae Travels said...

You just reminded me that the pointsetta I received as a gift last week should be watered! Or I’ll kill it, just like you said.

Your thoughts on the pandemic and all the evil done by the egomaniac in chief are very much like my thoughts. What more can he do to destroy the American people and American democracy?

be safe... mae at

Linda Kunsman said...

the poinsettia plant is looking beautiful, and I love your festive mug! Great info and thoughts on the vaccine. Still not quite ready to take it myself though.
Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

I am very excited about this vaccine also. I think the science behind it is fascinating and what a great day this is that we are on our way to getting a more normal life back. This is an mRNA vaccine, not the usual type. That is fairly new science and exciting in itself. And I think this is the first mRNA vaccine. Nice page to celebrate! Because it is a celebration for both science and for all of us.
I also like your page very much! Your plant is still looking great. And I like your snowman mug too. Very festive. Hope you have a wonderful T day! Hugs-Erika

kathyinozarks said...

Last week President Trump signed an executive order that our vaccines for covid would be available for all Americans free and First before shipping it to other countries

I did like your junk journal crack the code very much Happy T

Valerie-Jael said...

Interesting journal page. Have a happy T Day. Valerie

Iris Flavia said...

Yes, this is what most people skip/don´t know. This virus is "just" a child of one we had "long ago".
Your, as our politicians try to keep the info from their people, why ever.
Yet,... I´m not sure if I want a shot.
You still have to wear a mask etc etc then and we do not really know what happens in the long run.
Ingo was lucky his Mom did not take Contergan/Thalidomide when she was pregnant with him, he refers to this. It was free to buy and safe. Yes, for the women! (No I´mm not pregnant and I don´t plan to!, LOL).
On the other hand YES. We need to get this under control somehow! DISTANCE! Etc, but mainly that and here people just do not do this! I do and get bumped into... again!
You made me laugh with your comment on the poinsettia :-)

Cloudia said...

Great post.

Kokopelli said...

Very interesting journal page! And I had to laugh about your poinsettia remark. I have a true love-hate-realtionship with these flowers. My Mom loves them and sometimes keeps them until summer, but I cannot for the life of me keep those flowers alive. Three weeks, not longer, and they usually have no leaves. *LOL* Have a great day and stay safe!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Nice idea for an art piece.

Everyone has to make his / her own decision about whether or not to get the vaccine, unless they make it mandatory, which has been proposed in US New York State Assembly bill A11179 by Linda Rosenthal.

Did you know that some of the covid-19 test trial subjects developed Bell's palsy? Or that some of the first recipients in the UK had anaphylactoid reactions? Or that back in 2009, some of the people who received the H1N1 vaccine developed narcolepsy?

Mia said...

I really do not know where Pfizer will choose to sell first: to US, to Europe, Asia, or where? But I really hope that the whole world gets the vaccine soon. It will be in 2021, yes, but when? In May/June, or on October/November? We just have to wait and see. Hugs, Elizabeth, and a big kiss.

CJ Kennedy said...

I had to laugh at your comment how you haven't killed the poinsettia yet. I was tempted to get a poinsettia or Christmas cactus, but figured the plant wouldn't get through the holidays with my black thumb. The news about the vaccine is exciting and hopeful. More importantly, I hope Mr. Biden's administration puts together a pandemic response playbook like the one that the current administration threw out. So the next time a pandemic happens, and it will, this country will have a plan and better/faster response to curb the catastrophe. Until the vaccine has been widely distributed, wear the 🤬 mask. Happy T Day!

Lisca said...

No, I didn't know that the Chinese had shared the code. Very magnanimous of them. I'm almost suspicious about their motives, but in the meantime the whole world can benefit from that decision.
In Holland and in the UK they are rolling out the vaccin programmes. (Those are the countries that I know) I haven't heard anything in Spain yet.
I too had to smile about your comment about killing the poinsettia. Just water it a little bit every day (not a lot, but just enough to keep the soil damp) and you might surprise yourself!
Happy T-Day,

Karen said...

Hot chocolate or Egg Nog is so much easier to contemplate on ~ Enjoy it in your happy mug ~ Blessings and well wishes!

DVArtist said...

This is a GREAT piece of art and a wonderful post. Yay the poinsettia lives. LOL
I just can't comment on the "thing" in the white house. I need a happy day and he is only evil and unhappy. LOL As for the vaccine. I will not take it unless forced and then I will be kicking and screaming. It is just a personal choice.
I like the fabric/place mat you have for your cuppa. Gives me an idea to make one for myself. Of course it will not be blue. hee hee hee. Have a truly wonderful day.

Divers and Sundry said...

Thanks for sharing this. I imagine by the time it's my turn to take the vaccine there'll be many months more of data behind it. Yes, I'll take it.

Trump's executive orders are sometimes just so much grandstanding, but he coulda used the Defense Production Act to better effect. I can't believe the Electoral College has met and _still_ Trump is putting on his Sore Loser Show :( I heard Republicans in a coupla states met in private Alternative Elector gatherings. They're talking about seceding. What a mess :(

I love your mug! I've been sharing a mug a day on FB and am about to run out of Christmas mugs lol I'm moving into winter-themed mugs, and yours is perfect! Happy T Tuesday!

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for the shout out, dear Elizabeth. And I'm in excellent company with Rockin' Ro;)
Loved your 'cracking the code' piece. Excellent. Also loved the way you set it up. You added great information with it. I agree, at this point, we have to vaccinate, when it trickles down to us. It's out of control and I now know way too many people that have it.

craftytrog said...

A great topical page Elizabeth. I'm hoping to get the vaccine early in the new year, as I'm classed as extremely clinically vulnerable. I hope you get yours before the Summer!
Glad to see the poinsettia is surviving.
Happy T Day!
Alison xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Such an interesting and current page! I'm loving your snowman mug, what did you end up having hot chocolate or eggnog - I'd like to try the eggnog please (grin!). Your poinsettia is still looking lovely, I always kill houseplants with love too ...hee, hee 😁. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

pearshapedcrafting said...

I'll pop back later! Chrisx

RO said...

Thanks for talking about Covid-19, which is definitely a very real thing, affecting so many of us, our families and friends. Thanks for the shout out to Super Sandra and to me.(lol) I'm a serious Columbo fan, and every time he came back into a room to say "Just One More Thing", the murderer should have known the gig was up!(lol) It's just the perfect thing to say for almost everything. Sending lots of hugs, RO

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a great idea for your spread Elizabeth! Great information along with it too!
They have started a vaccination programme here and personally I can't wait to get it! Yes, there may be side some people...but then every vaccination holds some sort of risk too I would imagine! Two people here were reported as having anaphylactoid shock but that is not as serious as it sounds and both recovered very quickly overnight! I hope that you get the vaccine soon! Hoping there aren't many folks not having it or this THING could go on for a long, long, time! Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

I love this piece so much -- it's lovely (and very timely!) And, your tea! So right about how the virus has been mismanaged. We have to hold on but we can do it. It's hopeful knowing there is a vaccine, so long as people don't let their guard down for awhile!

Kate Yetter said...

Great idea for a journal page. It is a good way to remember current events. I will not be getting the vaccination. As a nurse, I have had too many patients with debilitating side effects from the flu vaccination.
Egg nog sounds delicious! Enjoy.
Happy Tea Day,

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

This is such a clever piece Elizabeth, i'm glad that code has been cracked for many things and we are all keeping our fingers and hopes high that these vaccines will rid us of the horror C-vid19 has smothered us all with this year. I'm awful with house plants, i'm hoping both Mums can keep their gifted poinsettias alive.. I know they will do a much better job than me hee hee!!
Hugs Tracey xx