Monday, May 18, 2020

T Stands For Another Gift

Since most of us are still either under lock down, self imposed lock down, observing social distancing, or not willing to visit restaurants (for me, even take-out is scary), I'm once again at my dining room table.

Right now, I'm contemplating what I want to put in my cup: coffee, tea, or cocoa all sound good.  I have plenty of time, though,

since I have the contents of this thick package to share with you.  Pull up a chair and bring a cup of your favorite drink.  This is a long post, even for ME!

This beauty was sent to me by Linda Findley.  I have invited her to join us this week for T time, so I hope you rush over to her blog and view the incredible art she makes.  This book is just a small example of what she creates.  Don't worry.  All my links open in a new page, so you won't lose your place if you visit her blog and leave her a nice comment.

Linda has made a book that uses as many pockets and attachments as possible.  This first one has these elements attached.  I left one of the tags in the pocket so you could see it.

Inside this hand made envelope I found two coin holders.  Linda may have stamped the card with the butterflies on it.

On the inside of this envelope was another envelope.  This one had a Create sticker holding items in place.

It won't take you long to see a theme here.  

Of course, there were a few plain tags I can decorate myself, too.

This pocket held so much stuff, I had trouble getting it all out.

Yes, all of this was stuffed into that pocket.  The ATC holders are held in place with some awesome themed washi tape.

Imagine my surprise when I turned the tag over to find this!

Getting everything back in that same pocket proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I made it and was able to plow forward.

This time the pocket (on the right page) was upright.

More art fodder I can use.

On the next page

were three adorable die cuts.  On the right was a card Linda put together using a decorative card, a coin holder, and a floral cigarette card.

On the right is another pocket

and on the left is one of these beauties like Linda made from scraps and a large paperclip.  Her examples are gorgeous.

Here are the goodies found in the adjoining pocket as well as the paperclip scrap embellishment.

Up next

are all these incredible goodies found in these ATC holders.  They are held in place with some awesome washi tape.

For the right side, held in place with a coin envelope,

I was surprised when I started opening this

and ended up finding this beauty.   It is similar to this card Linda made from scraps left over from other projects.

The left side is the back of the previous card and the right side

had more goodies than I could count.  They just kept coming.  I was especially impressed with the index card and the holder Linda created to hold everything together.

This is the back page.  I wasn't sure if Linda would want her address on my blog, so I used the smudge tool to slightly alter it. 

I can't believe Linda got all these incredible goodies in that pocket.  Can you see the side pocket with the wild flower card?

Here it is pulled out

and here it is standing.

Finally, a handwritten heartfelt note from Linda explaining she is trying to reduce her scraps and thought of me.  I was so incredibly honored.

Are you ready for a refill?  I've finally decided to have coffee in my cup today.  Of course, we all know I'll be using half & half to make mine nearly white, too!

Now that I've shared my beautiful gift, it's your turn.  By now you probably know the "rules," but in case you don't, please show something drink related. It can be photos, a place you visited, movies, tea cups, coffee mugs, a tea or coffee service, postcards, books, magazines, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, ATCs, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.   Please link only your T post and not your blog in general.  Old photos are acceptable because they may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday, and not just this year.

29 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

That's a lovely present from Linda, all those things should keep you busy for a long time - have fun. Happy T Day, enjoy your coffee! Valerie

Lisca said...

Wow! What an amazing gift! It was never ending! They kept coming... I'm sure you will use all those lovely little things in your art and you will treasure the 'booklet' they came in.
Yes, of course I will visit Linda's page.
Have fun with all those lovely gifts and enjoy your coffee (+ Half & Half),
Happy T-Day,

Halle said...

Wow ...what an amazing gift. So many things tucked into such a beautiful book. So generous of her to share the goodies. Linda has shared some lovely bits with me in the past as well. So fun to have friends around the country...and globe for that matter. Sharing experiences...time...and lovely bits of this and that.

Halle said...

Dang it...I forgot...Happy T day!

kathyinozarks said...

What an amazing gift-so much to look at too-you can go back through and explore some more-thanks for sharing incredible!!
oh and thank you so much for all the links about my photo-yes the ones I have are exactly what the links show-mine that are dated are from the late 1800s hugs Kathy

Linda Kunsman said...

wow- what a very special gift indeed! I remember Linda Manning Findley from art groups and swaps- years ago;) Her meticulous details and compositions are magical. I have bookmarked and will go and have a look at her blog. What a glorious post of fabulous art! Thank you for sharing it , and happy T day!

aussie aNNie said...

Lock down and our fur babies bring out the best in most of us, I won't go out for a meal and take aways is not what we do..
Fabulous goodies here and love how your friend is so generous...have fun.xx

My name is Erika. said...

Wow-that is one fabulous gift. Linda Manning Findley is very talented and sent you some amazing art supplies. And her packaging of those supplies (no not the envelope) is beautiful in itself. You have some good friends Elizabeth, to think of you like that. It was great to enjoy your photos with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Hope you have a fabulous T day. Hugs-Erika

Linda Manning Findley said...

Thank you "E" for honoring me this Tuesday ... always enjoy looking at your blog and all the things you show us ... Happy Tuesday!!!

Jeanie said...

What a beautiful, remarkable and well deserved gift. Oh, things you can use, savor and simply love. I can almost hear you picking up each piece and making wonderful, admiring noises! So lovely!

Sandra Cox said...

How lovely. That's definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

Kate Yetter said...

What a lovely gift that your friend sent you! And so many beautiful little treasures tucked inside. And so much to look at.
Happy Tea Day,

Rita said...

That was so sweet and so pretty!! :)

Iris Flavia said...

"They just kept coming" :-)
Wow, I love this!!!! A wonderful surprise book, I bet you smiled in delight all the way through!

Meggymay said...

That is a beautiful gift you received and all the goodies looked amazing. I think you will be enjoying using them, perhaps after you have looked them over a few times before you oick them out to use.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Anne (cornucopia) said...

What a gorgeous gift to receive Elizabeth. You're lucky to have so many friends who think of you. Linda sent you a fantastic mix of beautiful ephemera to use. Happy T-Day!

RO said...

OMG!!! What an amazing and thoughtful gift! All those goodies in the book are simply fabulous. Linda is truly a talented artist and a great friend. I love everything she sent so much! Yay to being able to put coffee, tea or hot chocolate in a cup. I've been known to be naughty and put in some chocolate with my coffee.(lol) Hugs, RO

Sami said...

A gorgeous gift from Linda. I'm sure you will use all those wonderful goodies in your art.
Hope you are feeling better Elizabeth, have a lovely day :)

Lisca said...

Thank you for your comment. I have to admit that our land is not an allotment. We actually own a rather large chunk of land there and Graham wanted to grow something. He just started to till a manageable piece, and fenced it as the cats and dogs that roam around disturbed the seedlings. He is now in the process of extending the fenced area and has also bought a rotavator (mechanical tiller) today, with my blessing as he is 72 and I don't want him to 'kill' himself for a few veggies.But he loves it and it keeps him healthy as he has to walk 15 min to get to it. In the evening he takes the car (we have a 4x4) to water the crops. We are waiting to be connected with power as there is a well, but the pump needs power. Ok, little by little as they say. Nothing happens fast here in Spain.

CJ Kennedy said...

What a unique and thoughtful gift. Have fun creating! Happy T Day

Divers and Sundry said...

Wow! Such delightful treasures :) You'll be enjoying those goodies for ages :)

da tabbies o trout towne said...

oh em cod; how cool is this !!!! what a wonderful gift from your friend :) ☺☺♥♥♥

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what an amazing gift! The booklet is stunning with all the beautiful additions and discoveries, so detailed - gorgeous 😁. Hope you are feeling much better and wishing you a very happy T Day! Take care! Hugs, Jo x

Eileen Bergen said...

It's absolutely incredible, Elizabeth! Every page is a stunner. And the stuff inside. It reminded me the tiny car skit in the circus where the clowns keep getting out ... 15, 20 ... I've never seen a tag book like this. The note takes the cake though. I bet that realy brightened your day.

Happy T-Day! Eileen xx

craftytrog said...

What a wonderful gift!

Caty said...

What a so wonderful gift from your friend, full of great treasures. I´m sure you ´ll create Gorgeous Artworks, enjoy ! Happy T-day !
I wish you a very nice afternoon, and send big hugs

Mae Travels said...

Beautiful gifts!

By coincidence I realized that my post today has "Sylvia" giving advice while drinking coffee as she always does in the cartoon named for her. So I linked it up for a change.

be well... mae at

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow! What a treat - it's beautiful throughout - a delight on every page! Lucky you!!! Hugs, Chrisx

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