Thursday, February 13, 2020

Second Thursday Tutorial: Shaving Cream Technique

I have to admit, I borrowed this technique from my friend Sharon, aka Foxy Stamping.  She shared it on her blog one T Tuesday.  Sharon was a bit vague on her instructions, though.  I thought I would try it myself and make it a Tutorial.

Shaving cream foam (not gel)
Dye reinkers*
3 reinkers that go well together for each batch you choose to make
Plastic plate or ice cream lid large enough to handle your project

*Sharon was not specific about the ink to use, but I've made enough shaving cream papers to know you don't use pigment ink or solvent ink.  Her inks were by Stampin' Up, so I felt sure they weren't distress inks, either.  Since I segregate all my reinkers by type (dye, pigment, chalk, solvent, and distress), not brand, it was easy to find dye inks that went well together.

It was time to squirt the foam onto the plates.  I probably could have done a better job leveling the foam, but I had already gotten it EVERYWHERE on my table.

I began with the green, turquoise, and blue.  Each dot has about four drops of the ink.

Using a bamboo skewer, create a pleasing pattern in the foam.

I truly wish I had stopped here and made regular shaving cream papers, because this was an obviously awesome design.  In fact, it was better than any I had created in the past.  But I was determined to recreate what Sharon had achieved.

Next came the reds.  Again, don't worry about brand, just be sure they are all DYE reinkers. 

Not as pretty, but still acceptable.  Sharon said to wait, so I waited an entire day.  I had to keep moving them because they took up so much space in my tiny craft room.  Every time I moved them, I stuck my finger in the inky foam, which got all over everything, like my sewing machine, my chair, and my door!!

When they were finally "done," all the beautiful swirls were gone, much to my disappointment.

To test the shaving cream, I cut a large heart from a cardboard cracker box.  I adhered tape to the back so I didn't get too much more dye ink on things.

Although it's obvious I stamped the red first, this was the inspiration piece I used for the project.

When I looked at it (yes, that's remnants of the reinker I got all over my hands and everything else for that matter) it looked like I was looking down from space onto our beautiful blue planet earth.

I was so happy with this and it really DID look like earth from space.

OK, I have an imagination, but I liked how this heart turned out.

In case you can't read my writing, it reads "With Love, the blue planet."

I'm not sure I achieved the bubbles that Sharon showed, but I'm still pleased with the way this turned out.

I have to admit, this took a LOT of ink.  I think I would use less ink if I ever tried this technique again.  I DID get several more pages out of this, but none as pretty as the first one shown here.

Once this post goes live, it will be on my tutorials page.  And since I am hosting Art Journal Journey this month, and my theme is Hearts, I'm also sharing this there, too.  Thank you again for your continued support of these monthly projects.  And thanks go to Sharon who originally shared this idea with us.

26 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful heart. My kids used to love this technique when I was doing my art classes. But we had to use water soluble kiddy colours for it. And we never waited a long time, either. Have a fun day, Valerie

Iris Flavia said...

I have to loose out! Hubby uses a piece of shaving-soap, a solid one.
Oh, but I think I can "invest" in some stuff, this looks beautiful!
I had (have?) a plate like that and it broke (plastic, not good for defrosting...)

The blue-green colors you used, sooo beautiful!
YES, can you stop there, will it dry, so you can hang in on the wall?
Oh, dried it´s not that pretty.

I am with you. If you find a way to keep the wet... well. HA. You´d be a magician, then. Good luck and show me then, I´m no Houdini, though!

aussie aNNie said...

LOOOOOOve this and one technique I have
NEVER tried, yes I know simple but never have thought of it...will now...

froebelsternchen said...

This heart is incredible! Looks like planet earth to me ... gorgeous! Your techniques are always such an inspiration Elizabeth!
Happy Day!
Susi xxx

CJ Kennedy said...

A very cool effect. It does look like our beautiful planet. Well done.

Mae Travels said...

The swirly stage was pretty too. I am not crafty so this isn't really for me. I tend to be very messy -- there would probably be shaving cream on the ceiling.

best...mae at

My name is Erika. said...

I think it came out great. I have heard of shaving cream floating on water to make marbled paper but I don't remember Sharon's post so I didn't know about using it directly on paper. It looks very cool. I love the effect. I think I need to get some have cream and try this for sure. Thanks for sharing this latest technique. Hugs-Erika

Barbara said...

Wow, I’ve never heard of this! It looks like soooo much fun! May try it! Need that tutorial....will look for it!

Nancy said...

An interesting method for sure. I,too, admired that first swirl design you had on the foam and would have been tempted to print something right there and then.

kathyinozarks said...

This looks like allot of fun I think there is a dye on fabric technique that uses shaving cream too-I will need to try this - but outdoors I think haha Love your heart print and I agree it looks like earth

Barbara said...

OK, so “ Reinkers” Light Bulb just went on. Is it the same as “Re-Inkers” or is “Reinkers (with a long I) a brand?

Divers and Sundry said...

Gorgeous! I love hearing about the technique, maybe especially because it's messy lol and it did turn out beautifully, didn't it!

Mia said...

Shaving cream technique is one of my favourites, Elizabeth. And your heart is really beautiful. I have used also food coloring and it worked great! Hugs, my friend.

Birgit said...

I think it looks great! I know about this technique but have not used it yet...maybe I will give it a try, I just have to buy some shaving cream. The cards look wonderful and you didn't mix it too just gave a different look

Barbara said...

Got your note Elizabeth, and Reinkers is clear to me now. I was pronouncing it wrong, and never doing any stamping I was in the dark. Thanks for explaining!

Sandra Cox said...

Aren't these pretty!
How are you feeling?

da tabbies o trout towne said...

this is so cool !!!! the second "swirly" photo reminds me of a mandala !!! awesome ☺☺☺♥♥♥

Meggymay said...

I have to admit I've only watched others trying this technique, your results look fantastic I especially like the blues and the heart project which looks beautiful.
It was a great tutorial.
Yvonne xx

Rita said...

Oh goodness! I haven't done the shaving cream thing for years! It's really quite fun. I love your heart. :)

Jeanie said...

I've never done this, though I've seen videos. Your instructions are great. I should go borrow some of Rick's shaving cream and give it a try. Your heart is absolutely gorgeous. I just love that color combo -- in fact, one of my favorites, I think. At least I always seem to go back to it in my work. You make it look so easy!

On that other matter, not to worry! Sometimes I don't check mail either. I hope it's all stuff you can use in one way or another! Hugs to you and hope you are feeling much better!

sirkkis said...

Happy Valentine's Day Elizabeth.
Hugs, Sirkkis

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, I just happen to check in today, as I am feeling better. I am so glad you tried this, Elizabeth! I did use SU! Reinkers, so you were correct on the type of ink I used. Your hearts turned out so good. I am glad you got more than one print. I always get a lot of prints out of it. I have a drawer full of foaming shaving cream and Gelli prints for backgrounds. Love how you did the heart with it! Happy Valentines Day! Might be another month before I can craft yet!i miss it and the tea parties!

RO said...

What a cool process, and it turned out great too! Hugs, RO

Cindy McMath said...

This is a lovely result. Waiting a day is not something I’ve tried. It makes sense that the swirls were gone - the foam would lose a lot of its foaminess sitting in the open air for a day.

Unknown said...

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