Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Humboldt Penquin

Bleubeard and I are hosting Art Journal Journey this month with our themes My Favorite Season or 'Tis the Season.  

Today we are visiting the Humboldt Penguin at our local zoo.

It is definitely "The perfect season

to visit the Humboldt Penguin at the Zoo."

Note the large and dangerous looking claws.

According to Penguin World:
Humboldt penguins are visibly thinner than other species that store more fat and plumage in their body. They belong to the group of banded penguins and look very similar to the African penguins.

They have a black area that starts at the top base of its beak and cover their forehead; it continues between the eyes up to the head, and it is distributed all over its back, flippers, tail and the upper part of the throat. C-shaped white stripes start at the base of their beak and join the white area in the bottom of the throat.

Their chest is white with a thick black horseshoe-shaped stripe that starts from the legs and goes upward to reach the top of the chest and then go back down to the other leg. They may have random black spots on their chest and belly, which are different from each other. Their beak is black with some white spots and a callous pink area all around the base of the beak and reaching their brown with red eyes. Their legs are black and pink with large claws.
 Whoever drew this penguin for our local zoo did a really good job.

Note the random spots on its chest and belly.  Further according to Penguin World:
Humboldt Penguins are distributed along the coasts of Chile and Peru, keeping their largest colonies in Chañaral Island and Punta San Juan. The climate they inhabit is warm in some areas, and intense sunlight increases their body temperature.

I began by painting both sides of this spread with lavender craft acrylic paint.  While the paint was drying, I fussy cut the penguin I received in the mail from my local zoo.  I cut four strips of cardboard from a cracker box and, after stacking them together, I painted them white.  Once dry, I laid cheesecloth over the top and glued it in place.  I then positioned the penguin on top of what I hoped looked like rocks these penguins might climb.  Next I added several plastic snowflakes randomly around the page to go with the Santa hat.  Finally, I added the sentiment.

Bleubeard and I are so happy you chose to join us today and hope to also see you (and your art) at Art Journal Journey

EDIT: At Susi's request, I am adding this to Try it on Tuesday where their theme is Guess who's coming? Santa (of course) and this time disguised as a Humboldt penguin! 

On a side note, please check out my right sidebar.  A few things have changed and a few things will be leaving soon.  Some will soon be on my Previous Collaborations page located under Bleubeard's lovely face.

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Cindy McMath said...

A really fun page - you never know what gems will turn up in the junk mail! I love the penguin, and the cheesecloth is used to great effect.

Valerie-Jael said...

This is a fun page. I got a voucher for visiting the zoo as one of my birthday presents, which I will enjoy very much! Have a great day, Valerie
Are you doing TSFT on Tuesday?

froebelsternchen said...
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froebelsternchen said...

You used this image in a just wonderful way dear Elizabeth!
You gave this penguin the most beautiful background and made a fantastic organic stand for this beautiful Santa ! You definitely should link this to Try It On Tuesday as well! It fits perfectly!
Another wowser for your december collection at AJJ!You are an extraordinary host! So much inspiration!
I want to tell that I am not able to take part in Tuesday's party . We will be on a visit to my Dad in Upper Austria on Tuesday. I am sorry for this my friend, hope you don't mind!

Happy Sunday!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

He's smashing Elizabeth and that hat really suite him well.
I've not been to the Zoo for years only our local nature centre but that doesn't have penguins he hee!!
Sunday Hugs Tracey x

Helen said...

I love that penguin! He looks very at home on your page.

CJ Kennedy said...

Such a wonderful and festive page. I saw a video that the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium let their penguins outside for a parade if the weather is cold enough. The day the video was made it was snowing and the penguins looked like they really enjoyed their outing. They didn’t have festive hats like your penguin.

Nancy said...

You are right about the drawing of the penguin- it's so detailed and well done. I often find the graphics in mailers are just too good to pass up. Good info on the penguin!

Divers and Sundry said...

Fascinating information. I love how you've brought this penguin into this festive season :) Merry Christmas Eve Eve ;)

froebelsternchen said...

Great you added it to ♥TioT♥ too dear Elizabeth!
Much appreciated!


My name is Erika. said...

Tis the season for adorable guys! He is quite festive for sure. Perfect for the latest TIOT challenge (Thank you for joining us) and also perfect for your challenge at AJJ. I didn't know that much about this species and I enjoyed reading your info about them. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Merry Christmas as I doubt I will have a chance to get by any blogs tomorrow. Oh the PO told me that your package shall be delivered tomorrow. Not sure I believe them but keep your eyes open in case it does. Hugs-Erika

Meggymay said...

Oh my this is a fantastic page and awesome penguin.
I was really interested in the notes you shared, there are many more penguin species than I thought. He looks really cute in his Santa hat.
I am thrilled you added him to our TioT's challenge, it is a real fun take on the theme.
Yvonne xx

Lowcarb team member said...

Don't you just love The Humboldt Penguin :)
Fabulous page.

Merry Christmas Wishes

All the best Jan

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love to see penguins in the zoo but this Santa penguin is special! Thanks also for joining us at Try It On Tuesday! Chrisx

Cath Wilson said...

Thanks so much for sharing your delightful Humboldt penguin with us at TIOT, Elisabeth. He/she is beautiful and so very festive.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!

Cath x

Let's Art Journal said...

Such a fun page! Your penguin is darling and you created the perfect wintry background for him 😁. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and thanks so much for joining us at Try it on Tuesday! J 😊 x

Rike said...

Humboldt Penguin as Santa Claus - how adorable! You made a wonderful page and wrote interesting things about this penguin!

Jeanie said...

I love this! The original drawing gave you so much to work with and I love how you combined the elements and textures for such a delightful holiday page. VERY nice, Elizabeth!

Let's Art Journal said...

I loved this page as soon as I saw it 😀. Many congratulations on making the Top 5 over at Try it on Tuesday! J 😊 x