Monday, November 19, 2018

T Stands For Your Host Thought There Was A T Post

I apologize.  I thought I had prepared a T post.  Here is something from Pexels.

Have a spectacular Thanksgiving to those of you who live in the States.  Everyone else, I hope you feel as thankful as I.

It's now time for you to share your own drink related post.  Feel free to discuss anything. Your post may include photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, fiber art, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Then, please link your story below.  The photos don't have to be taken on Tuesday, and can relate to anything with a drink.  Please use the direct link to your T post, not your blog in general, so we can find you easily.

18 thoughtful remarks:

Sharon Madson said...

I wondered! I was ready for a change, and you hadn't posted! Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda Kunsman said...

and a happy Thanksgiving to you! Just so happy to know you're OK. Totally understand. So appreciative of your loyal blogging:) Happy T day!

Eileen Bergen said...

Been there. Done that. Happy T-day and Happy Thanksgiving, dear Elizabeth! Eileen xoxo

kathyinozarks said...

Yes I am feeling very thankful-Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth

Valerie-Jael said...

Happy T Day, Valerie

johanna said...

happy thanksgiving!! i´m really thankful for your hosting of this weekly challenge, you gathered such a nice group. and for your always so thoughtful comments - thank you so much ♥♥♥

chrissie said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy T day Elizabeth

Love Chrissie xx

Meggymay said...

Glad you are okay, we all have moments like that about posting on blogger.
Its a lovely Thanksgiving autumn page.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx

Lisca said...

I know the feeling! It happens to all of us.
And a very happy Thanksgiving to you too. I have lots to be thankful for and as I am a believer I thank the Lord every day.
I am also thankful for you, for your faithful blogging, and your kind comments. Thanks to you we have a really diverse group of ladies together and I always look forward to my T-party.
Wishing you a very happy T-Day and a happy Thanksgiving too.

Let's Art Journal said...

Lovely seasonal image 😀. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving and sending you Happy T Day wishes too! J 😊 x
p.s. not sure what's happening with comments, hope it rectifies itself soon. Hugs Jo x

Jeanie said...

Elizabeth, I don't see how you post as often as you do. Don't worry about it!

Darla said...

Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth. You have been hosting our tea party for so long and doing such an amazing job of it. I'm thankful for that and for the online friends I've met here.

Carol said...

So glad to see that I am not the only one to forget now and then :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

CJ Kennedy said...

A lovely table for friends to gather around for coffee or tea. So glad you came up with this idea as I always look forward to Tuesdays.

Divers and Sundry said...

Sometimes these things sneak up on us lol Happy T Tuesday!

Kate Yetter said...

Was wondering if you were ok. So glad that you are. I am thankful for our group of T day ladies! It is always my favorite post of the week. Thank you for always being a wonderful host.Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Elizabeth.
Happy Tea Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

Not just me then??? Well done for getting that lovely photo to post! I'm nothing like that sharp!! looking forward to seeing your own table next week! We may be away so I will wish you Happy Thanksgiving ..just in case!!! Hugs, Chrisx

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