Monday, July 13, 2015

T Stands For Coffee

Some of you may have read that I'm having trouble with my card reader.  In fact, it no longer reads my card.  So I have to take the images directly from my camera, then load them into Photoshop, which is very, very time consuming.  Needless to say, I've limited the number of photos I've taken, especially after the time I spent loading my craft room photos on Friday.

Today I'm in my dining room with an empty cup and my partially completed Coffee themed altered book.  I'm on a kick to finish as many of these ABs as possible that I've got lying around.

Please don't ask why I thought I needed to place the cup and saucer on the AB, but I think it was because I was afraid it would close on me as I was about to take a photo.

Here's the page up close and personal.  I used a small piece of scrapbook paper with coffee words I found when I was purging.  I also found this coffee image I colored and cut out.  Not exactly fine art, but I am so far behind visiting my friends' blogs and making obligatory art, I didn't have time to get fancy.

Many of you may have seen Krisha's T post last Tuesday, where she showed her granddaughter and her granddaughter's friendworking on ATCs.  Krisha gave me permission to use the photos because I was SO IMPRESSED.  If these gals are having this much fun and are willing to exchange ATCs with others, I don't see why everyone doesn't want to.  I know Viktoria has an excuse, because she is out of country at the moment, and Rita is in the process of moving, but the idea that you don't have time, or you aren't a good enough artist certainly isn't an excuse you'll hear from these two (Rachel and Hannah).

The rules for sending a Year Two ATC:
1.  Create an ATC in advance of the party next week.
2.  When you link to Inlinkz, (not Mr. Linky for this week only), add an asterisk (*) behind your name IF you plan to share an ATC.  By  using Inlinz, if you forget your asterisk, you can go back and delete your entry, then add it again with the asterisk.
3.  The next person on the list whose name has an asterisk behind it will be the person you send your ATC to.  It's called Pay-It-Forward.  Contact that person either on their blog or through e-mail to get their mailing address.
4.  The person with an asterisk behind it whose name is before yours will contact you for your mailing address.
5.  If you want the other person to be surprised, don't show your ATC until you know they have received it..  If you can't wait to share it, by all means, feel free to show your ATC.

So, please think about creating an ATC for the party next week.  Thanks in advance, and thanks to Krisha for allowing me to share this photo.   Happy young artists making Pay-It-Forward ATCs were used as a bribe!!

Don't forget your party hat for the party we will throw next week when T Stands For Tuesday turns TWO!

18 thoughtful remarks:

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oooh, I really love that coffee page Elizabeth, it's fabulous!!
I have thoroughly enjoyed following the exploits of Hannah and Rachel; they are so very lucky to have a granny like Krisha teaching them all these fantastic arty crafts. I hope they carry on after the holidays are over.
Happy T Day :D :D

TwinkleToes2day said...

ps - you are the first person to like MY scrabble card. All other visitors have assumed it is Wee Man's card, possibly because of the words I used. LOl.
It's all good :D :D

elle said...

I luv seeing kids have art fun! Gee, your coffee book almost makes me wanna start 'another' altered book. So much to do (drink) and so little time! LOL

Karla B said...

Love your coffee and the possibility of exchanging ATCs.Coolidea!

Carol said...

Love seeing your Coffee AB !!! ♥♥♥♥ Those two young ladies sure do look happy ♥ I'm heading to bed now and will visit others tomorrow . It's taking me forever to post blogs these days and I'm too brain dead to visit :)

froebelsternchen said...

Your coffee page is beautiful Elizabeth! Happy T-Day!
xxx Susi

Dianne said...

Managed to get linked up early so I don't miss the party again! ;) I have family visiting this week, so I may be a bit late visiting everyone...looking forward to next week's party and getting an atc made. Love your coffee AB...that cover is gorgeous, and your coffee word page too!

johanna said...

i love your coffee page. and i wonder at which Point i have lost track of my Resolution to work on in mine...
the faces of the two Girls are showing all the fun one can have creating... good you were able to post them here:)

Viktoria Berg said...

I really am becoming enamoured with the altered book concept, I am having ideas of a project of my own now. Love the coffee page! Will be doing my rounds tomorrow, probably, as we will be travelling all day. Happy T-Day!

Darla said...

Great coffee page. I know you must have several altered books on the go all the time. Fun to see them as they fill up.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

You've inspired me yet again to keep going with my Tea quote journal. I'm afraid if I were to have several going I might never finish any of them!

Even If I have nothing new to write about, I will definitely be here decked out with an asterisk because I'm already working on my ATC to share.

Halle said...

I did not remember that you also had a coffee theme AB. I'll be back later to reread the ATC swap rules.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm always ready for coffee :)

I think you don't understand the depth and breadth of my ignorance. I've googled "ATC" and watched a couple of instructional videos, but I have none of the needed supplies. I have no paper, no cards, no paints, no paste, .... I have a few colored pencils, a couple of ball point pens, a few mechanical pencils.... I have a package of store-bought note cards for when cards need to be sent. Y'all live in a different world than mine lol

jinxxxygirl said...

I had an idea for an altered book and barely got started on it when we decided to leave CA and as i was purging....well it got purged but seeing yours make me want to give it another try... Maybe once we are settled. :) I've been having a great time following along with Krisha and her girls... I will miss them when the summer is over. :) Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Elizabeth, I love your page and I especially love that f-a-t book!! It looks full of goodness!!! I know what you mean about getting behind with visiting! I am still trying to catch up from our holidays! Trying to get an atc ready for next week! I can do it, you know I can!! Chrisxx

Krisha said...

OOOOHHHHH, this is a super page E....makes me want to start an you know I have so many journals going, and the GDs and I are making one today, this one I will take on vacation with me next week.........BUT the trailer park has WIFI so I can still join up with all of you.

Yes the girls are excited about the ATC swap, I hope nobody will be offended when they get ones from the girls....of course I will include one from me too.......if I get MINE done......LOL

Happy T-day.........Papa took the GDs for a ride on the golf cart so I've had a few moments of quiet so I can leave a comment......took ALL morning to even get the post finished....*grin* It is nice to hear everybody has enjoyed the GDs....along with me, this summer.

dawn said...

Hello Elizabeth, Happy T Day! So glad I stopped by and saw your wonderful coffee page. I don't even drink coffee but I love this!! Sorry your images are so hard to upload now, computers and cameras can be so picky can't they.
How cute to see those girls making ATC's, YAY!! I haven't made any in months. Still working on my calendar art, it's still a favorite. Only a couple of tiny mandalas' too this summer, not much growing in my yard now to use.

Thanks so much for your visit!! I have missed T Time with you and the gang. It's been so good having Kristin home again, I'm finally used to seeing her face and not waiting to hear from her. Renee just started a job at Giant Eagle now and will start college next month, time is flying.
Take care and hope it's not to hot for you, xo

Linda Kunsman said...

Love your coffee page Elizabeth! I may have a few unfinished ABs around too... The only way I have known to get my pics is to plug the camera into the computer then resize and edit in photoshop. I don't know about using a card. So sorry to have missed T Day yesterday. Suddenly everyone needs me (well, it may be because I'm soon leaving for the beach ) and I am a bit swamped with appts. for several people the next two weeks. However, I will be here next week to celebrate with you!