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Where this blogger creates

Welcome to my home, my blog, and my craft space.  My name is Elizabeth, and my dear cat Bleubeard is the face of this blog.  I am a mixed media artist who started out making altered books.  I have no formal art training, and everything I've learned has been through watching internet friends who I admire.

My famous helper and face of this blog is normally here to welcome you, 

but today when I woke him, he asked to be relieved of the hosting job this year.  He's been a bit under the weather and to show how serious he was, my social butterfly refused to hold still for a good photo.

Squiggles, my new furball (who is NOT the face of this blog) is actually afraid of people.  He said he was too young to step into Bleubeard's shoes paws, so was not ready or willing to host this party.  Too many people would be visiting, and it made him too nervous.  He'd rather eat, then bolt back upstairs to my office, where he can hide.

So, for the first time, it looks like I will be the only host taking you on this tour as I join Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage for Where Bloggers Create.

I've always said my entire home is a craft area, and today I'll show you just one area which proves it.  Just outside my craft room door is an antique enclosed serpentine map chest that has 14 slots.  I keep papers I've painted or created in some way in it.  It easily holds 12" X 12" paper, as well as my shaving cream, paste, and other background papers.  The shallow shelves are perfect for everything that doesn't fit in a regular cabinet.  It is especially handy for storing large sized artwork and prints, too.

On the other side of the door is my antique lawyer's (sometimes called Barrister) bookcase.  It holds books I plan to alter, or ones I use to find just the right phrases.  To its right is a sampling of my altered books.  Both cats love to play in them, so I'm surprised they've lasted this long.  Other items I collect include letter openers, scales, weights, and musical instruments.

Of course, there's always a rocking horse (or twenty) nearby.

But now it's time to enter the craft room.  My studio is in the basement, but the craft room is where I seem to spend most of my time unless I'm creating an assemblage, or fighting with my gelli plate.

As you walk into the door, one of the first things you see is my bulletin board.  It holds art that people have sent me.  It also holds a few of the rocking horses I've been given.

However, it didn't start that way earlier this week.  You can see, it has become run over with too many things, which caused a distraction.  There was no place for your eye to land, so it was time to revamp it, which I did.

One year I made about 50 of these little pasta angels and decorated them according to each person's interest.  I made the drummer for a dear friend who used to rent the basement studio from me.  Many of my internet friends' art hangs here, too.

However, it's now time to move on, as we start our tour of the craft room.  This is a very small room, about 8' X 8' (2,44 meter X 2,44 meter).  So every square inch is used.  BTW, are you counting the rocking horses?

Over the years, I've offered this tip about embossing powder.  There is no easy way to know what color is in the bottles, because all the lids are white.  By storing them upside down, you know immediately what color to choose.  HMMM!  Seems I've not put one back upside down.  Of course, there's also some rub-n-buff in the drawer, too, but the lid color tells what color it is.

As I mentioned before, every square inch of space is used, because as a mixed media artist, I have a LOT of minutia that many artists would have no need for.  Also, I am a firm believer in see-through storage, whenever possible.  If not, label everything so you can get your hands on it quickly.

A few of my tools are kept here, others in the basement, depending on the art I'm making.  I have two heat tools, so I don't have to cart one from craft room to studio and vice versa.

I put these shelves up myself.  Although I didn't do the best job in the world, I am happy with how they turned out, because I needed the space.  On the right is my OTT full spectrum light.  I have one in the basement, too.  They come in handy when I want to know the exact shade of blue or yellow I need.  A pin cushion sits on top of my pencil sharpener.

For the life of me, I can't believe how many different adhesives I need, but they are all useful and used for different purposes.  I have a huge 10 basket adhesive container in the basement, so I am never far from glue.  And, no, I didn't clean it before you came.  It would just return to this condition as soon as I needed something.

Brushes and pens are not used very often.  I'm not really a painter and I don't write by hand unless it's especially necessary.  However, I seem to acquired a lot of pens in the past few months when I went on a pen shopping spree.  You can see I've not even opened the containers, though, so those may have been wasted purchases.

The next two shelves hold mostly fabric.  I have fabric in the basement, too.  It's where I keep my bed sheets I tear up to dye, as well as recently purchased fabrics.  On the lower shelf in the middle, I keep Golden heavy paint and on the right are all my napkins.

I used a hollow core door as a sitting area.  I don't sit to make art, but I sit to sew.  It also holds my guillotine cutter, which I love. 

I have two fancy Fiskar cutters in the basement, but they don't make sense to me.  And after using one a few times, it seems you have to replace the blade.  Not so with this workhorse.

Speaking of workhorse, there's not a day goes by I don't sew.  I'm not a seamstress, couldn't cut OR sew a straight line if my life depended on it, but I love to tear fabric and sew paper to paper or fabric to paper.  This machine is so old it doesn't even have feed dogs that drop, so what I make is definitely limited.  

I try to keep my sewing supplies, like thread, bobbins, seam ripper, and needles handy.  Needles and extra feet for my machine are kept in the blue container, along with whatever current thread I'm using.  The rest is kept in the rolling black, gray, and dark gray container on the far right in the above photo.

Before we get to the new roll-around container, and before we continue, I want to show how this area has changed.  This is a "before" shot.  This corner has been a mess for quite some time, so I wanted to clean and purge and change things around.

However, when I did, I need to show another "before" shot.

I moved all my handmade mists to this area and thought how proud I was of how it looked.  However, sometimes good looks and function are not compatible. 

It only took about four days for me to realize this wasn't going to work, partly because the cabinet is taller than I and since the items were on top of that, I needed a stool just to reach my mists, which I use all the time.  As an aside, don't use self stick address labels to mark your drawers, then photograph them, unless you want your address splattered all over the internet.

Ah!  That's more like it.  I can see every color, I  can reach every color, and I don't have to use a stool to reach them, either.

And I even have room for the three rocking horses that decorated the top of this unit, too.

Note how I've gotten rid of several of the containers that hold rolls of needed materials, such as wax paper, freezer paper, parchment paper, and aluminum foil.  I was shocked at the redundancy, especially since I have made trips from the basement to the craft room for a length of  parchment paper or aluminum foil.  It was well worth the effort to clean that area.

Did I mention I get sidetracked easily?

I should mention this is a working craft area, so I wasn't going to hide items I'm working on, such as the caulk gun I've tried to find a place for until I can use it after you have visited.

One of my next projects involves making silicone rubber molds for polymer clay.  I hope to have a frozen Charlotte mold soon using the caulk gun and these products.

Also on my table is the only (yes, ONLY) pair of scissors that cuts fabric.  I make sure no one ever uses them because I've added this thread cutter fob.  When I first saw it several years ago in the craft store, I thought it looked a bit like the distressing tool sold by a big name artist and company.  I use it for both cutting thread and distressing paper, so it gets double duty and doesn't seem to ever dull.

Another project I'm working on is altering this doll dress I got at the dollar store.  It's my feeble attempt to distract you from seeing the drawer that won't close in the bottom of this chest of drawers.  At one time, three drawers wouldn't close properly, so I guess having only one that won't completely close now is well worth my efforts.  Inside the sheer bag is another rocking horse that was a gift.

I originally purchased this cabinet back in 2010 to hold the little paper, cloth, and ephemera dresses that now hang above the other window.  As part of a collaborative, I made at least one dress a month for an entire year.  However, once I decided to hang the dresses, rather than use the container, it became much needed storage for more mixed media and sewing supplies.

My dear friend Kathy gave me one of her two die cutters, but I only have ONE die, which is tags, so I don't use it very often.  Mostly it takes up space on my dresser that holds my ribbons and fibers.

Another tip is that if you are out of floor space, find a way to go up. 

I've gone almost to the ceiling in this area, and still left room for my small step stool to fit without moving the rolling cart.

I have a dear friend who gave me this rolling unit.  It rolls quite well, even on carpet, because I mostly keep lightweight items in it, such as

some of my sewing threads.  These are either the odd shapes (found on the left), or  variegated (shown on the right).  I did a tutorial on how to keep thread from tangling from bobbins by using plastic tubing I've cut and sliced.  Yes, this specific photo is a few months old, before I started watermarking my photos.  You get a good look at my arm and hand in this one, too.

I have also moved my rubber stamps to the lower shelves.  I have only a few, but they outgrew the single drawer I was originally keeping them in.  And since I am not much of a stamper, I really like my rubber on wood mounts. 

Going forward, this is the desk I laughingly call mail central.  I used to host a lot of swaps, so this is where the packages were sorted, weighed, stamped, and sealed. 

Now the top two drawers are mostly storage space for my digital postal scale, postage stamps sorted by denomination, extra packing tape, customs forms, and address labels.

Although I didn't realize it until I was perusing these photos,

I seem to have a dress or clothing theme from art I have made.

Lots of rocking horses

sit in both windows of my craft room.  I don't have much of a view, but at least the greenery outside this window hides the next door neighbor's view.

The savvy guest will notice I've moved this lovely art to this wall, where it now takes center stage.  The self healing mat and acrylic cutting ruler are for fabric.  Now if I only had a rotary cutter! On the same wall, above a full container of envelopes is my packing tape dispenser.

I suspect now would be a good time to show my work table.  Over the years, I have added more and more items to this table I seem to need close at hand.  Lately I've been recycling a lot of used file folders for my art challenges.  I cut the folders in half, then add three holes using my three hole punch.

I'm not sure how I've moved to the top of this gray metal cabinet already, because there are other things we could have seen before that.

But maybe it's because I am so happy with this basket that I didn't want to wait any longer to share it.

I was told this was a storage container for a bathroom, but I found it useful to house a few bits and pieces that didn't really fit anywhere else.

This is one of the best payments I have ever received.  After I helped an ophthalmologist friend set up and record his HIPAA accounts, he "paid" me with this cabinet he was getting rid of.  For a long time, it held my very few rubber stamps.  But, I have since outgrown the one drawer that used to hold them.

I guess I can't avoid this "mess" any longer.  I have five of these over-the-door shoe holders, and they are very, very useful.  They hold a lot and are see-thru, too.  I know it looks like a mess, but I know exactly where everything is.  If I straighten and move things, I won't find them.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It's amazing how the one inside my closet, which is always hidden from view, is much neater and seemingly more organized.

Since this is an extremely small room, the mirror adds both light and perceived added space.  The metal cabinet is good for holding magnets and magnetic art I have made.

I tell everyone who visits that I keep my inkers separate by type.  Here you see my solvent inks.  To the right, mostly out of camera range are my dye inks.

The top container holds distress inks and the bottom pigment inks.  Although I'm not much of a stamper, as I've mentioned before, I love to dye fabric using these types of inkers.  So you won't find many stamp pads, but you will find a bunch of reinkers, sorted by type.

Here is an overall view of the east wall with the closet door open.  You  can also see a view of the back side of my work table, and the amount of space I have between the table and dresser.  There is just enough room to open the drawers all the way.  Both of the leaves in the table are not in use at the moment, but if I have a big project, I move the table and lift the leaves. 

I seem to have skipped around, because we are now just to the side of the gray cabinet.  Note to self: vacuum before inviting guests into your craft space.  Do you see the door in the photo?

It actually opens, so I  can take a picture of the south (on the left) and west (to the back of the photo) walls of this small room.  You can also see two of the five anti-static mats I've laid down on the floor to keep paint off the carpet.  Yes, that's paint I can't get off the mat near my work table.

The nice thing is, it leads to a full bath, so if you need to "go" before you leave, please feel free to use the facility.

Of course I saved what some believe is the best till last.

Here is a close up of some of my handmade paper.  I haven't made any in nearly a year because my six molds are no longer functional. 

I keep my paint on its side, so it's handy when ready to be used, and I can tell what color I need just by looking at the bottom of the container.  I also have a good idea how much paint is left in the container, too.  I try to keep my paint separated by cool and warm colors, but sometimes I run out of a color and replace it with a different color that I don't have room for in its original slot.

I need a "grabber" when standing on my step stool in order to reach these items.

Now that you've seen all the specifics, here is the overall room.

Put together from items given me, or ones I've had in my home forever, 

this room will never win awards or even accolades.  But as a working, functioning craft area,

it works for me.  And that's what I tell people.  If you try to set up a studio like mine, it will probably not work.  What works for me, may not work for you.  And as I pointed out before, if you don't like the way an area is working, change it, but document the move.  If you don't, you'll return to the previous place and spend time hunting it down.

Thanks for visiting.  I am so glad you came.  I'd invite you to sit awhile for tea or coffee on my front porch, but I'm sure you have others to visit.  And of course, I need to thank Karen for once again hosting this 7th annual party.  Next year I hope to spend more time in the basement studio and redo it.

Please be aware, that I hope to visit YOU over the next few weeks, as time permits, but there are many G + and a few WordPress blogs I can't leave comments on.  It's all in how the comments are set up, I'm sure.

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Consider It All Joy said...

Well, this is a wonderful space with tons of supplies for great projects. So nice to visit! Happy Creating, Cindy

Michellee said...

Thanks for sharing your Great space. Your paper collection you made is AMAZING.. I've enjoyed my visit.. Blessings, Michelle

Wilma said...

You have a great space. So nice to see how a paper artist works!!
Lots of items to work with. I love your collections and handmade paper.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a great WBC Party !

Wilma, Shabby Royale.

Gwen Simmons said...

Thanks so much for the tour. Seems like you've thought a lot about your work flow and how to best utilize space. Love your paper collection and coveting the handmade papers.

All the Best,

Karen Garrard said...

What a fabulous place to be creative. I'm loving this visit especially the book case, scales, hand made paper and metal cabinet. Thanks so much for showing us around. Karen.x

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Although I have, of course, "visited" your studio and home before, I never get tired of admiring your organization and tips on labeling, keeping things you use often close by, etc.

Thanks for showing us around!

Louise Oakes said...

I knew from reading your blog that you used loads of different things in your art and you've managed to fit everything in your small room. You have some clever storage ideas too, keeping your paints and embossing powders upside down so you can see the colours and your shoe tidies on the doors.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful room Elizabeth and I hope Bleubeard starts to feel better. said...

Wow, I can tell from your supplies that you are well versed in many areas. I'll have to come back when I get more time to see your creations, I'm intrigued!

Sandra Kaye said...

WOW!!!great space!! LOVE the papers in that last cubby...those edges make me want to reach and touch them:):) Thanks for sharing!!!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

GOSH... what a pleasure to see this fantastic space!! LOVE it!
I am thrilled about your selfmade papers.... looks GORGEOUS!
I wished I could visit you in reality....
Happy weekend E.!
Hugs to both of the wonderful blogcats!

Divers and Sundry said...

You have so much hand-made paper! I enjoyed your entire tour, but this is my favorite part. Thx for opening your space for this visit :)

Deborah Weber said...

Oh what a fun tour Elizabeth - so many wonderful things to see. Your stash of handmade paper has me swooning and I love how it has it's own lovely display. And I most definitely agree that cabinet you got paid with is a fabulous treasure. It was lovely to catch a glimpse of Squiggles before he dashed off and of course sending love to dear Bleubeard.

Maureen said...

Aw, so sorry to hear your furry family could not host, but it was still wonderful to see your awesome creative space. LOVE the Barrister's cabinet; just my style with the great old scales on top. Thank you so much for the tour - it was a lot of fun to visit!

Nancy said...

I could dive right into that basket of trims! Clever use of the shoe organizer bags. Well wished to Bluebeard. Those papers- just lovely. A fun tour.

Becky Craig said...


I had a great time visiting your studio today. You are a fabulous hostess!

Your little dress collection is adorable! I love how you store your lace and the barrister's bookcase and ophthalmologist's cabinet are awesome. What great finds!

I will visit your blog again after the party, in hopes of seeing more of your yummy paper and dyed fabrics.

Thanks for having me over!

Becky Bowen Craig

Kristi Schurr said...

Love your space, Elizabeth! I hope Bleubeard is feeling better soon. Squiggles is adorable! I had fun visiting!♥

Diana Seal said...

Hi Elizabeth, what a wonderful creative space filled with so many goodies.
Your furry helpers are adorable, hope Bleubeard is feeling better very soon!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Leanne said...

Hi! I love how this is so functional for you ... but you mentioned a basement? There's more?! Maybe next year?

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh how I could spend time here! You really have the most amazing way of organising and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour! Give Bleubeard an extra cuddle up from me! Hope he's feeling better soon, Chrisx

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I enjoyed the tour of your studio and you do take advantage of all the space. Interesting to note about turning your embossing powders upside down, I write the colour of each on the white lid for easy use. ;-)
You have some sweet rocking horses.
Happy crafting from #33.

Grantham Lynn said...

I get sidetracked too. That's why my post isn't finished and I am visiting. LOL. I was interested in the map thingy. I think I might have one. I have this piece that is actually home made but it is pretty old. I didn't know what it was. Thanks for mentioning yours I am going to google it! I loved the tour. Sorry your kitty isn't feeling up to par! Thanks for linking! Enjoy your day.

Connie said...

It was so much fun touring your studio. It looks like a true working studio and not a show place . . . I love that! I must say that I am very impressed with your stash of handmade papers and sorry to hear that your molds and broken. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful week.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Halle said...

Elizabeth...I always enjoy seeing all of your creative spaces. You are so organized!

Corrine at said...

With all your marvelous spaces I am surprised you surface to eat. Hand made paper swooning going on here, WOW!!! Squiggles is looking so cute all grown up. What a charming face. Are the boys getting along? Hope Bleubeard feels better soon. xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Just popped back to say you still have one un-doctored pic -a 'before' one if you look back you will see it!! Chris

Lisa Comperry said...

Nice studio, lots of supplies! I love the clever idea of repurposing a door into a long table! :-)

Maureen Hayes said...

I always enjoy your tour and your room. I missed Bleubeard this year and certainly hope he gets to feeling better soon.
Your "new addition" is like my kitty, he doesn't like company and prefers to hide. . . lol! Thanks again for sharing your space and your ideas with us, I look forward to my visits each year.

Have a Daily said...

Wow, so many wonderful supplies right at your fingertips! Drooling over your fabulous handmade paper and I love the vintage laces! I agree that we need our tools close by and that a craft room doesn't always need to be spotless. Enjoyed seeing your space!

Carol said...

You are so creative and artistic, and your room definitely reflects that! I'm so impressed with your wonderful display of handmade paper....that is just wonderful. You are so right in saying that our creative spaces need to reflect us and not what others think or what you see on Pinterest. Don't get me wrong, I scour Pinterest and love looking at craft rooms; but I never find any that would completely suit me. Be your own person and craft what you love!

Jo Murray said...

GREAT workspace. You can't help but be inspired when surrounded by all those 'toys'. I'm very impressed by your handmade paper, and storage. It's all wonderful. Best wishes to Bleubeard in his glumness (is that a word?)

~*~Patty S said...

What a great post to show where lots of the magic happens at your house E! You must have spent a really long time photographing and organizing this blog post not to mention the time and energy you've put into your art space.
Hope Bleubeard is feeling better real soon.
Happy Weekend to ya

Viktoria Berg said...

What a fun post! Your room is like a magician's cave. It's surely some kind of magic how you get so much stuff in there, and it still looks roomy and workable. I am quite jealous...

bobbie said...

I hope Bleubeard feels better SOON! Thanks for the tour ~

Rita said...

Nice tour! I especially love all the handmade paper in the wooden shelves!! Gorgeous! I can see where you have things set up so they work for you and that is how it should be. :)

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Lot of really nice looking handmade paper, me like very much!
And the shelving for them is also really nice.

All the best to your kitty, hopefully he'll feel better soon.

Sandy said...

How blessed you are to have a studio space and a basement to create in. I so would have readily accepted a payment of an awesome cabinet like that. Be still my heart, I almost fainted when I saw all your handmade papers, I LOVE handmade paper. Thank you for sharing your creative space.

Ana said...

It is very nice meetng you Elizabeth and your sweet kittens Bluebeard and Squiggles. And thank you so much for inviting us into your great creative space. It's been fun looking around. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Denise said...

Oh how wonderful all Your many supplies are. It was a treat for Me to brows through all Your art supplies-Eye candy to Me.

Carol said...

Great tour! I wish I was at least slightly organized instead of total chaos. One day maybe. Your's is so neat and well organized.

Theresa said...

You have a great space. Everything is organized so well. The collection of handmade is impressive. I've never made paper. Sounds fun.

mandysea said...

oh my oh my!! You have so many great storage solutions and I love that a lot is vintage or repurposed....that would totally work for me!! OH and your handmade paper - awesome!!!!
Your Squiggles is the exact same as my Blackie, who is also extremely scared of the world... he has his safe place, and knows he is very loved. Bluebeard is adorable too!

Sue Kosec said...

Thank you for inviting me to your home ... LOVE all of your handmade papers - I am drooling!!!!!!!!!!!


Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

I like your dresses on the wall.
I all so collect scales yours are great.
Happy WBC

Rhonda said...

Your space is full of inspiration and your handmade papers are calling my name!

Rhonda said...

Your space is full of inspiration and your handmade papers are calling my name!

Rhonda said...

Your space is full of inspiration and your handmade papers are calling my name!

Karen Valentine said...

Thank you so much for joining the party Elizabeth!! You have everything you need create beautiful handmade books and I must admit, I am seriously jealous of your handmade papers. I just want to reach through the screen and touch them!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Like you, I need to be able to see my supplies so I use a lot of clear storage. Otherwise, I just forget I have it! Those shoe organizers are great. I just got one this year for behind my door, to utilize every inch of space in my craft sewing room. It's plain but I'm decorating it as inspiration strikes. Thanks for sharing your space!

Sheryl Red Tin Inn said...

Wow I do love your space....I love how you take ordinary storage and make it outstanding craft storage...and those verigated threads are to die for...thank you for sharing...will definatly be back to visit! Sheryl

Vicky Hunt said...

Hello there! I am visiting from Life On Willie Mae Lane. I wanted to thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I decided to hop over and check out your blog and thank you here. I am amazed at the amount of supplies you have. You are super organized! I have just returned home from a weekend away and am trying to reply to e-mails, but I will be back to visit again. Hope you have a lovely rest of the day!


Bridget Larsen said...

I just love your home, it feels so homely and warm and inviting and HOLY GUACAMOLE all that handmade paper making me drool, can you show us some of that paper photographed flat so we can see the patterns/colours pretty please.

Cathy said...

It's very inspiring seeing the different ways your materials and collections are organized and displayed. Your room looks like the perfect to relax and create!

Geralyn Gray said...

What a great the paper clothes on the clothes line.

johanna said...

it is incredible how well organized you are!! and the discipline to store it back asap - that is something i would Need, as here always heaps are amassed in the shortest time! your stash of handmade papers is amazing... i think no Need to think about a new mould in the next twenty years so so... thanks for the tour, elizabeth! and all the rocking horses here and there are signs of luck for sure!

Create With Joy said...

Great tour Elizabeth - but I am excited to learn more about your new addition - welcome Squiggles!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

WOWZA!! What an amazing space!! There are so many things that I am taking away to try to use in my space and the first one is the paper towel holder!!!!LOL!! I can only tell you how many times I am running for paper towels when doing a project!! GENIUS!!!!!
Love the baskets that you used to store things in and I am just blown away by all the things you have and your awesome organizational skills!!
thanks so much for visiting!!
And thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!!


CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

WOW what a great creative space with everything you need for your wonderful art work. There are so many inspiring ideas here I really have to go back and view all your pics again. Love your papers, dress designs, rocking horses and well everything.
Hey try alcohol on the paint spots. It works pretty well with some elbow grease and a little soaking. Believe me, I've spilled lots of paint.
I also love the idea of turning a door into your work table.
Thanks for sharing and also for visiting my space and your kind comment.
Happy Creating!!
Hugs, cm

Gaia Robinette said...

Nice workroom! I like all the organizing you've done. The handmade paper is cool, so many pretty colors. Your kitties are cute, too!

Thanks for commenting on O Deer, I appreciate your kind words. :D

Tammy said...

That was a fun tour! You have some great storage ideas, and I like that you experiment until you find what works. I enjoyed meeting Bluebeard and Squiggles.
Thanks for the tour!
Tammy, #70

Riki Schumacher said...

Thanks so much for visiting me at my workshop! I'm glad you were able to upload the vid, I know we have problems where I am with the internet. Your workshop is awesome, and what fun it looks like you have. You have about as many supplies as I do, only jewelry! Love it.

I was born in Wichita at Wesley, that's my roots, then off to Seattle when I was 12. It holds a warm place in my heart being born there.

Thanks again, take care, and happy creating.

Marrianna said...

I really enjoyed looking at how you set up your studio. I wanted to send a thank you note for visiting my blog but I couldn't get it figured out. Instead, I decided to visit your blog. And I'm sure glad I did. And the artwork in the post after the WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE post was very inspiring. You do some great work!

Thanks, Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ

Michele Murray said...

Wonderful creative space and storage ideas.
I got very excited when I say your stash of handmade paper, love, love that.
Thanks for sharing everything.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Hi Elizabeth, I love that you have creativity happening everywhere you look. How wonderful is that! I hope Bleubeard is feeling better by now. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Michaele said...

Hello Elizabeth, thank you for the wonderful tour of your creative space! I have two cats too, but only one regularly comes into my "crafty nook," and that's only if he's bored or wants to curl up at my feet at the exact moment I want to stand up and start tearing through my storage. I appreciate the tips you gave other visitors who might be creating their own space- when I started I repurposed anything I could get my hands on, arranged, stacked, rearranged, just like you suggest!

Stop by for a visit! ~Michaele~

Mystical Gypsy said...

I'm so glad you participated in the blog party - I've been wanting to make an altered book! Will be checking back for inspiration. I just love your handmade papers! (And thank you for visiting my blog, too)!

Maggie said...

Gosh, you've got a great, fully-loaded craft space! You've got it set up perfectly to work for YOU. And oh my goodness...that gorgeous handmade paper is scrumptious.


fairyrocks said...

Looks like you have maximized your space. LOVE LOVE all your stacks of home made paper and your metal drawers. Keep smiling and creating.

Dortesjs said...

waue great studio aprox same size as mine i believe.My entire home is a craft area to I often use my dinning table to display or if we are more friends to come over crafting we sit in the liveingroom
your hand made paper looks awsome and very organized but i understand from you telling you got rid of it..sometimes it can be hard to work with handmade paper so i do understand. but a very lovely craft room endeed fully loaded and ready to craft. thanks for shoving.
xx Dorte