Thursday, July 2, 2015

Second on the 2nd: The birth of WOYWWendy

I'd like to begin by saying a HUGE THANKS to all who post today.  I'll be by later in the day, because yesterday afternoon, I got a call that requires me to be gone on business for a good portion of today.  Don't worry.  I'll visit you sometime today or tonight, though.

Several weeks ago I explained to the What's On Your Work-desk? Wednesday group how WOYWWendy was now six years old.  She was born just in time for the very first WOYWW anniversary.  We recently celebrated number six.  For the first anniversary, here's what Julia proposed:
And don't forget the Week 52 First Year Anniversary Challenge. WOYWWAC. You don't have to have contributed a desk every week for a year to join - it's just a bit of fun! Make something lovely to enhance your work space......desktop, wall, floor, whatever! The challenge is to include the famous letters WOYWW on it somehow somewhere. How hard can it be?

Here is my post from the past which was originally published on June 2, 2010 and was aptly named

WOYWW 52: First Anniversary

WOYWW or What's on your work-desk Wednesday turns ONE today. Congratulations go to Julia of Stamping Ground for this monumental event. I felt like a WOYWWAT (what's on your work-desk Wednesday anniversary tribute) was in order. The concept (and all these acronyms) began with Julia. In the beginning, there were no Mr. Linky links, and ONLY 11 comments (yep, I'm also a researcher and statistician, too). By October, Julia had attracted 20 plus participants each week. By November, over 30 played each week. The first WOYWW post this year attracted nearly 40 players. The word was getting out, because by the end of January, there were nearly 60 players willing to show their work spaces, then nearly 70 by the end of February. Then came the first week in March, 2010, and Mr. Linky was born, which became a weekly event that made it easier (and quicker) to click on WOYWW participants. By the end of April, I had joined and Julia had begun counting each week by number. At Week 47, she proposed the WOYWWAC (anniversary challenge). Weeks 48 through 51 saw an unprecedented EXPLOSION of new players, over 120 each week, with week 51 weighing in with 130 blogs, all of whom were not afraid to show their messes or neatness each week.

So Happy first WOYWWA, Julia. Out of fairness and with full disclosure in mind, this anniversary candle photo was actually taken last year on my birthday. The gifts are long gone and greedily sadly the cupcake has been eaten. Today's work-desk and craft room look much different.

For one thing, there's something new in the sewing area. I don't sew, not real sewing anyway. So when I mentioned I'd like to make a sewing machine dust cover, my art buddy Dana suggested a pillow case. All I had to do was cut off the bottom, sew a seam, and decorate. And decorate I did, in true Julia and WOYWW fashion. Supplies for the project: stencils and stencil cream for the letters, stamps and fabric paint for the decorations, and of course, the slightly too small diameter pillow case.

So what's on my work desk, then? Well a completed project, a failed project, and a partial project. The gesso, craft sheet, and revolving tool caddy (not shown) are always there.

I got the idea to decorate a bunch of these clothes pins with WOYWW, but I didn't have enough. My plan is to string a "clothes line" above my windows and hang pieces I've received from art friends. This is a WIP and I'll be showing the finished project soon (or whenever I get more clothes pins).

This is a failed project. I had a project in mind, but my orange Day glow spray paint actually fizzled and drizzled all over my fingers, which in turn made sticky messes all over my camera and keyboard. To make matters worse, it then refused to even spittle. At some point after that, I abandoned the project.

Who is this? Why it's Whats On Your Work-desk WENDY! Wendy is similar to a "Flat Stanley," that wildly popular (about five years ago) take-along doll many people decorated with their own faces and sent to others. She's truly my alter ego, right down to her flat less-than-voluptuous chest and her bangs that hang down past her eyebrows.

WOYWWendy's skirt is made of hand dyed fabric, her blouse from a piece of commercial fabric my friend Dana gave me. Her face is from the same recycled pillow case as the sewing machine cover, but I cheated and STAMPED her face. Julia will be so proud! The hands and feet were some my friend Kathy was going to throw away. She offered them to me, and what else could the Queen of Free do, but take them to be used in a future project.

Wendy's already started exploring. Here she's waving to everyone to join in and visit the WOYWW participants today

Now I'm off to get some sleep, shop for groceries, then visit all of you (in that order, I might add). Thanks for sticking with me throughout this post, too. Although I actually shot the photos for this post yesterday, nothing has changed, except possibly Wendy, who could be anywhere now.

UPDATE: I've not been to sleep, gone grocery shopping, but as of 1:30 pm my time, I have been to every blog Mr. Linky had. I may never recover (grin), but thanks Julia for putting this all together today. Many of the projects were simply incredible.

Now you know how Wendy was born and why.  I want to add I had 90 comments that Wednesday back in 2010.

Now it's your turn to share a post you have dug up from the past.  The rules are simple.  This is a second look back on a post you are especially proud of (as mine was today), or one you created before anyone knew your blog existed.  Anything you want to share is acceptable. Feel free to invite your friend and followers to this fun, once monthly event, too.  The more who join us, the more we will grow.

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johanna said...

i love the Story of wendy and her birth. she´s awesome! the idea with the pillow over the sewing machine is fab, too... maybe i should borrow this plan! happy 2nd look and many comments to this beautiful post!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Thanks Elizabeth for your post from the past...explaining about Wendy - I think she's darling, you're very creative.

froebelsternchen said...

I love to hear how Wendy was born! The special decorated pillow over the sewing machine looks fab !
Happy day Elizabeth ! Thank you for hosting all the fun things for us!
Have a good day and take enough sleep !!!!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thanks for showing how Wendy came to be - you know I think she is gorgeous! Not sure whether I have linked - will come back to check later! Hugs Chrisxx

AnyOldCraft said...

Wonderful to see again the birth of the now famous Wendy.
Great job :)

Darla said...

I've seen Wendy in some of your posts but missed this one about her creation. She's adorable. Thanks for letting us revisit this particular story.


Annie said...

Was determined to join in if I could find time....and what fun I had looking back too :-) :-)
Annie x

~*~Patty S said...

Fun to go back to Wendy's origin.
You did such a great job stamping her face too by the way E!
You have my wheels turning on trying the pillow case idea for a cover.
Thanks for sharing another fun look back.
Happy 2nd look to all.

Divers and Sundry said...

I never hosted a Flat Stanley, but I remember they used to be a part of some of the homeschooler plans. Wendy is Wonderful :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I loved hearing Wendy's story and especially where her parts came from. It was cool to see the altered pillow case cover for your sewing machine.

I had a ton of internet problems this morning so am posting later than I intended--hope you have a good day.

Kelly said...

Hi Elizabeth and furbabies. I wanted to take a moment to let you know I've just cleared out all of your posts from my email and enjoyed every single one! 210 posts I've not been able to get to. Hoping to be back to crafting again soon. I've missed my blogger friends. ~Creative Blessings - Kelly

Anonymous said...

Great pillowcase idea!!! I've a plastic one, but I like this so much better. xox

Halle said...

I remember when she was born. They grow up so fast. *grin*
Sorry I missed 2nd look this month.