Friday, February 26, 2010

To Dye For

My plans for yesterday changed from purging to dying. Or is that dyeing? I'm not sure, but I know I'm still alive.

While helping Dana with her continued move (which she envisions to be complete sometime this summer), I dyed a portion of an old sheet. I had trouble getting the sheet wet enough in spots, after I used the same color washes I used on my UHU cover. I tried using Dana's mister, but didn't have the strength. So, I took a cup of water out and added water with my hands. As I was heading back inside, I noticed one of Dana's cats, Frankie, straddle the wet fabric to check out the cup of water. I couldn't resist taking the photo.

Here is the entire piece, although one end had flipped under when I took this picture. It is straight on both ends.

I fell in love with the subtle swirls I created.

They dissolved and merged together like watercolors on paper as they wicked up the water. Sadly, I moved the piece before it was dry and spread color wash all over everything, including Dana's porch rocker. If you've ever used color washes, you know how they stain everything they touch. The colors merged even more and dried in a mottled green. The good news is, it was nearly dry when I brought it home. Although it's not nearly as pretty as it was before I moved it, I'll still be using it the first of next week.

Lessons learned:

1. Don't move wet material if you want the dyed pattern to stay.

2. Leave your material in one spot to dry, unless you want a big mess.

3. Always protect everything that comes in contact with color washes and other staining dyes.

Today, Dana and I are going to check out the clearance aisles at Michaels and use our JoAnns coupons. It's an art preparation day. Of course, I hope to get some sorting and purging in early, too.

Today's blog is Sandra Spencer's Fabrications. Sandra paints some amazing beauties and her specialty is animals. I "met" Sandra during OWOH, and had a chance to return a few days ago after I won one of her scrabble tile necklaces that are smaller versions of her original paintings. She asked us to pick the one we would like if we won in our comments, and of course I chose the blue cat. It is now sitting near me. She could have used Bleubeard as the model for all I know. Now I'll always have Bleubeard near even when he isn't close by. It was the perfect gift AND the scrabble letter is an E. How perfect is that? So, check out Sandra's blog. She even does hand needle work. Her paintings are made from original photos she takes. She's very good at both.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your dyed sheet! Great tips, too.

Donna: said...

We were both playing with color yesterday! A treat for the eyes and imaginations. Yes?
I love Your green blue combination. Neat you get to do it outside, we are day 80+ of all this snow on the ground. Can't wait to see what you use this for.

Lisa said...

Whew - glad you aren't "dying"! :) The sheet is gorgeous...those colors swirl together so nicely. Great photos too...and I have to agree with Donna. Wish we could head outside but I'm afraid I just end up coloring the snow! (Different art project all-together).

Melinda Cornish said...

I love this piece of looks like sky and grass!!!

Halle said...

Very pretty! The last dyeing experiment I tried was with some yucky red wine...looked pretty until I washed it's gray. I'll have to glam it up so my girl will actually wear it. :)