Monday, September 1, 2014

T Stands for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

I realize this sounds like a terrible scary way to start a T Stands for Tuesday post.   In fact, I had considered posting something patriotic because Monday (September 1) is/was Labor Day in the US.   However, with overnight guests, I simply didn't have time. 

Back to the HHW, here's how the story goes.

A week ago Saturday, I visited my friend Scott, who asked me to stop by and pick up some paint to take to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility (HHW).  There's no way I'm ever going to say no to Scott, since he's been so good to me over the years.  His parents, he, and I had a wonderful time reminiscing and enjoying the afternoon.  However, the time got away from me, and I had to take the paint home with me.  Since HHW is closed Sunday and Monday, the earliest I could take it to HHW was last Tuesday.

See those three carts filled with rusty paint cans, a 5 gallon container of paint, and various smaller cans and containers that were not rusty?  That all came out of the trunk (or boot for those of you who live across the pond) of my car.  Thankfully, Scott loaded the paint into the trunk

and the HHW folks unloaded it. 

All I had to do was watch.  Sally wanted to join me because she had old medication she wanted to take to them.  They will take anything that won't go in your trash, including expired medications.
See Sally hiding among the items in the Swap and Shop area?  At least there were a lot more items available to take home since the last time I was here back on March 31, the actual day I started my annual 22 Days of April Recycling leading up to Earth Day, or as I call it, bEARTHday.

However, just as I was going to take a few photos of the old containers lining the shelves along the top of the two rooms, one of the HHW employees came up to me and told me I could NOT take photos in the facility without prior written approval from someone in the County.  I didn't tell him how many times I've taken photos there before.  Sally and I both found items to take home.  She was very happy that she found something she needed and didn't have to spend money on it.  Free is always good in my world.

Next, it was off to Derby, a small town just south of Wichita.  When we got to town, I looked for the address Sally had given me, but we got all the way from one end to the other and didn't see the street.  There's only ONE main street in Derby.  Yes, it's that small.  Unlike Sally, I'm not going to drive around all day.  I stopped at a gas station and got directions.  When you don't own a cell phone or a GPS navigation thingy, you know how to ask for help.  But when we got there, the place was closed.  And it had been in business over 35 years.  Sad, but true.  Another restaurant had closed its doors forever.

I was so frustrated, I stopped at the first restaurant I knew we had eaten at before.

Note how I used one of the brick pillars to hide behind in order to take a photo of the front and its reflective glass.

Inside isn't too appealing, or maybe I was just ready to eat.

Even the food didn't appeal to me. 

I did manage to get this photo of our waters Sally ordered while I took photos of the restaurant.  When I paid the bill, I was shocked.  It was $22.88 for the two of us, which didn't include tax and tip.  $11.44 per person is dinner prices in my town, not lunch prices.  And the food wasn't even that good, especially since Sally was ready to leave after I finished this one plate.  She'd had three plates, which included her dessert that I never got.  But I had no intention of complaining, because it was a fun day out and about, and the car and I both had a chance to get a bit of much needed exercise.

Now it's your turn.  Show anything drink related, be it art, your garden, scrapbook pages, dyed fabric, or a trip across town.  Somehow I doubt you visited a household hazardous waste facility, but hopefully you have something similar where you live.  Photos can be taken any time, no need to limit them to Tuesday.  Be sure to share your link below so Bleubeard (who did NOT get any exercise last Tuesday) and I can visit.  He'll be glad you did, since he's been busy sleeping and staying cool next to the AC.

23 thoughtful remarks:

Maureen Reynolds said...

Well for once I did have a drink post to submit! That's a wonderful site that takes meds, however it's a long drive from Maryland! btw, I didn't see a way to sign in via blogspot which I'm on. ?????

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, I always enjoy your road trip photos and stories. Two things surprised me in this post - one that the HHW depot requires written permission to take pictures, and two that $11.44 is expensive for lunch and even possible for dinner. You are pretty cagy about not showing your own picture, but that is nothing new. :)

Dianne said...

I guess it 'pays' to have a day off for the holiday- I don't think I've ever been first to 'link-up' before! So fun to see your outings, and now I'm hungry for Asian food because to me that looks yummy...and I rather like the Buddha too. Too bad you didn't find the restaurant you wanted open! It's tough to compete with 'chains' these days. I worry that small town America is disappearing! glad you shared with us...hope you have a terrific week!

Bridget Larsen said...

Beats me why they need permission for a photo, its not like its a person. Those are things that don't care if you photograph them or not. Free publicity for them but they dont see it that way.
Love your lunch dates, wish I had a friend whom I could go lunch with on my days off.
Dont come to Australia to eat out then, we have brunch and it cost us $36+ which of course hubby grumbles too as he is from the US were breakfast and lunch is $8 pp
Bridget #2

Robyn said...

Love the bring and take area!
I know what you mean about the price when you didn't even like the food.
I;m a picky eater!.
You won a Quietfire Design rubber stamp in my PJM drawing, so send me your mail info in a email.

Linda Kunsman said...

Always fun to go along on your adventures -good or not so good-but then , I'm not there:):)Love the HHW place. Too bad your lunch didn't taste as good as it actually looks! The price however, isn't bad at all -esp. here in NE PA.

Krisha said...

Well, the food LOOKS good, but looks can be deceiving....grin Love going on your lunch dates, keeps me on my diet.....sort of!

Price is about the same in this area. Shafter can be a little cheaper, but two choices, Mexican or Chinese.... well three if you count all the Drive-Ins.

Because of the hazardous chemical is most likely why they don't want you taking pictures......go figure.

Happy T-day to you and Bluebeard

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Thank you for taking me to a great tour today ( it's early in the morning just now in my area, we have such an bring and take area here nearly my house... I love it and do find so many things to use and reuse - it's always a pleasure for me.
And how goos that I had a big fat breakfast just now, because otherwise I would have stole this yummie fried calamari from your dinner plate Elizabeth ..I love this so much!
Happy T-Day !

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a fab place to visit! Sorry your lunch wasn't up to standards - so annoying that it cost more than usual too! Hugs, Chrisx

Corrine at said...

Free is so good. Our current transfer station has a free area and this is a great time in our world to find free stuff by the side of the road. Just found a 3/4 bed with all it's rails. Nice maple in beautiful shape. What possesses people to get rid of the good stuff for the junk of today I will never know. xox

see you there! said...

Too bad the restaurant you wanted to visit was closed and you were left with a last minute substitute. The price for lunch would be considered pretty reasonable in my area though.

We have a HHW place and have dropped things off but I've never even gone inside to see what I might pick up. Maybe next time.


Maureen Reynolds said...

Elizabeth, I meant my blog is hosted by blogger,blogspot, as is yours. It's usually the default comment method since we have the same host. I see they now call it via your google account. Google owns all!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So happy I made it today! I agree that the lunch price tag is a little high even for a buffet. It is great that you have that recycle center available but for the life of me I can't understand what they would have against taking a photo!

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm sorry you had such a disappointing day :( I kinda like the interior looks of that restaurant but not those prices. That's too high!

I wonder why they require prior permission to take photos at the hazardous waste facility. Can they legally do that? I mean, if they allow public access and have a retail area and aren't a private facility.... It doesn't seem like they are _that_ security conscious otherwise.

Ohhh Snap said...

That is quite the adventure! I also love free. That's so sad that the restaurant closed. Especially when you have your taste buds set... then nothing else will really do.

Jo Murray said...

Free stuff is good! On this side of the pond your lunch was very cheap! To eat at a restaurant, or even a coffee shop, with drinks, would be over AU$20 here.

Hettie said...

Hello Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I thought I wasn't going to make it this week as our internet is sooo flaky these days.
Sorry you didn't get to your choice of dinner place. I have to say that a chinese lunch for that price would be non existent in the UK!

Hettie said...

Hello Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I thought I wasn't going to make it this week as our internet is sooo flaky these days.
Sorry you didn't get to your choice of dinner place. I have to say that a chinese lunch for that price would be non existent in the UK!

Rita said...

I made it--late, but I made it. :)
The all you can eat buffets around here are more expensive than lunch prices...but I don't understand why Sally can't sit and wait for you, the slower eater, to eat as much as you want? You're kinder than I. I would tell her to sit her butt down and wait while I ate my dessert--LOL! ;)
Happy T-Day! :)

Robyn said...

Please send me your mail in info!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Dash!!! I honestly thought I had commented here already when I linked up! Grr - what a dopey.
I am impressed with your free place. We have a recycling place but none of the stuff is free, except for leaving stuff there, (unless you're a business). I can't believe they made a fuss about your taking photos, seems a little silly to me.
'There's nowt so queer as folk!'
Your food looked really tasty and a very good price compared to here, I must say. Our light lunch at the garden centre was $17.78!
Hope you had a fab T day :D

Halle said...

Sorry I missed T Tuesday. With kids both starting new schools, I had to many things to juggle. Their days went well without much in the way of hiccups.

Ariel said...

Oh My Goodness! Elizabeth I thought today was Tuesday and just posted my Tuesday post. When I came here only I realized my mistake, lol
I think that lunch bill was quite expensive, though the food looks yummy.
I'm also taking part in 30 Paintings...
Have a lovely week