Monday, December 16, 2013

T Stands for Orphan Tuesday

Today I'm surrounded by orphans.
I suspect some of you are asking what an orphan has to do with tea.  These orphans have no matching saucer or cup.  In other words, this is "mix because there's no match" day.

Technically the plate isn't an orphan.  I actually have four of these lovely plates, and depending on how many people I have for Christmas breakfast, I may use them, even though there are no matching cups.  And you must have cups for breakfast.  If I have more than four for breakfast, I'll dig out my Grandmother's "Ye Olde China Shop" china which I'll also use for Christmas dinner.  I won't be using this placemat, either, since I have a set of 12 placemats with white lace.

The cup, on the other hand, IS an orphan.  I picked it up last year, or possibly the year before, at a thrift shop.  I've never had a chance to use it until now.  It's the perfect season for it, even if it has no trees on it.

I confess these napkin rings are not orphans, either, but I can't decide if I want to use the poinsettias or the reindeer for Christmas dinner.  Please tell me what YOU think.  Originally, I had planned that the centerpiece would be the tree, but now I think it might have to go, since it's so tall no one will be able to see over it.

Regardless whether your cup and saucer match, or if you're using a sippy cup, join us today and Bleubeard and I will be by to visit.  Be sure your post includes something drink related, even if it's artwork, a journal page, polymer clay, scrapbook layout, teabag, etc..

EDIT:  My internet is down for at least two days until my computer/phone lines are repaired.  I'll hopefully be by to visit later in the week.  I also hope to have something to post at that time, too.

18 thoughtful remarks:

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your orphans and non-orphans are truly lovely and will make your guests feel extra special. If it were me, I'd use both and alternate the reindeer and poinsettia napkin rings. I'd probably leave the tree centerpiece, too, until just when all are ready to sit down and then move it to the buffet. Can you tell I have a hard time making choices?

Rita said...

Orphan cups. Never heard of that, but it is a good description for them. Choice of napkin rings depends on the overall look of the table and whether you want gold or red details. Whatever mood strikes you would be fine. :)

Dianne said...

I can see why you bought the orphan cup...lovely design, and unusual. I vote for the poinsettia napkin ring...but you know I'm partial to red!

Nan G said...

Love the orphans and their 'non' friends. :) I go with Craftymoose, alternate the napkin rings. Happy T!

Vicki Miller said...

i love all these poor orphans. sorry, I forgot it was tuesday. I'll remember eventually. Thanks for your visits

Anonymous said...

I vote for the reindeer. I also love mismatched plates. Maybe because I have a hubby who breaks things on a regular basis. Lol. Xox

Darla said...

I like your mix and match (or not) china. I'm sure your holiday table with be cheerful no matter which napkin rings you use. Maybe one set for dinner and the other at breakfast?


Caterina Giglio said...

HAPPY TEA DAY! I sure wish you were on FB, we are all over there daily at Teacuppers Anonymous... : D

~*~Patty S said...

Your Christmas "ware" is all very lovely and I'm sure your table will be special again this year.
The Reindeer really speaks to me extra much ♥ I enjoy mismatched place settings and find they can be real conversation starters too ;)
Fa la la
ho ho ho
Happy T Day dear E

Halle said...

Love that orphan cup. Very delicate design. I think I like the poinsettia rings better esp against lace place mats.
Happy Tuesday!
PS...thanks for the Christmas greeting. We'll chat after the holidays.

Linda Kunsman said...

orphans or not each is lovely. I especially like the ornament design on the cup. Perhaps you want to have some reindeer holders AND some poinsettia holders around the table. Happy T day!

Krisha said...

I vote to use both deer and poinsettia. They all make a beautiful setting.

Your orphans are no longer orphans, they have been adopted by the other table ware and have become a family. As it should be.

Late again this week, holiday rush and all, but still HAD to play along........don't want to miss a thing!!

Terrie said...

Happy Holidays to you and Bleubeard! I didn't leave a note the other day after your tour of your Christmas looks lovely and inviting and cozy.

It wouldn't have occurred to me that either of those was an orphan since I purposefully buy singles of everything....the only thing that 'matches' in my house are the plain dinner plates - every plate, cup, wine glass and serving piece is different and treasured and I love my eclectic table options. I embrace all orphans (it makes it easier to shop yard sales since I never want a complete set!) :)

Ariel said...

That cup is lovely. The print on it is beautiful.Both the napkin rings are pretty but my favorite is the poinsettia.
Hope you are having a lovely week.

Marianne said...

I vote for mix matched....use it all and set a lovely table full of memories.

Denise Price said...

Hello! I vote for the poinsettias, with their cheerful bright red, even though deer are super-trendy this year.

The next two Tuesdays are holidays, and I probably won't be blogging on those days. So, I want to wish everyone in the T Tuesday group a Happy New Year! I'll see you in 2014. :)

voodoo vixen said...

I love those plates, they will be perfect for Christmas brekkie! Sorry I haven't been visiting or doing T on Tuesday, but with my visitors I am finding it hard to find computer time and would feel bad about not visiting everyone. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year! hugs Annette

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T day a little late. Sorry for taking so long, have been busy getting house and shopping ready for Christmas.

Oh, how sweet is that orphan cup, glad you picked it up and gave it a home. Lovely plate and mat too.

Both the rings look pretty, sorry can't choose just one.

Taking pictures of house and have a mandala ready too, will be linking it up on Sunday while I have time.

Hope you are doing well, it will be nice after the holidays when not so busy.
Enjoy your weekend!