Sunday, December 22, 2013

Six weeks of my life and a wall of art

Yesterday when we left off, I showed the cover of the final scrappy file folder book I made.  I'm going to hurry through this, and try not to make too many comments, even though these four books took six weeks to make.

The envelope on the right holds the note explaining the scrappy file folder book and how to use it.

There are several references to the sun in this book, but all I could find was a die cut and embossed daisy I hoped would look a bit like the sun.

One of the recipients of this book recently had an operation to repair his heart.  On the left, I used a die cut tree as the background for the game of Life token and Doctor card, along with some money from one of my board games. 

On the right, I found a magazine image and stamped on it.  The recipients can write on these lines.

I hoped the recipients would find humor in these back to back pages.  Yes, I stamped all the lines on this page, too.

Note the package stickers on the right top.

Those package stickers indicate this is the place to document the gifts this couple received this year.

I tried to hurry through this book, since you've seen examples (and multiples) of most everything previously.  I also wanted to finish my packages.

Now all six packages are wrapped in the rosin paper that originally sat on my craft room table.  It was at this same time I remembered my friend Debbie (Craftymoose) asked about the wall of art between the two windows in the living room area.

Well, Debbie, here it is.  And Vicki (Fibre Art), since you like to count rocking horses, I see four of my approximately 450 in this photo (three on the wall, one on the sewing machine).

And before anyone asks, this is the area above the Christmas tree.  I made painted and "framed" the rocking horse in the hoop back in the late 80s.  It was one of my first craft projects.

This is the living room window you can see from my front porch.  It's such an overcast day you can't see the cut crystal window hanging that lives in the lower half of the window.

After removing the other photos from my camera, I decided to get a close-up of this hanging.  Unfortunately, I should have raised the blinds before I took the photo.

But it was time to get back on task.  I've mentioned before how easily I get distracted.  I've used about half my roll of rosin paper.  I paid too much for it way back in 2006 or 2007, because I allowed a friend an acquaintance to buy it at a store in her hometown.  But I don't care, because it has been worth it.  I always cut it with my electric scissors, a gift from my dear friend Sally.  Before you ask, she got these battery operated scissors from QVC, of course.
I was finally feeling this task would soon be accomplished.  Even WOYWWendy was smiling.

Now it was time to straighten my tool caddy.  Even Wendy is ashamed of it.  But first, I wanted to get ready for when I opened my new Gelli plate.  Before my internet shut down, I had visited the GelliArts blog and saw a video that you should place a sheet of white paper (I used a sheet of 12" X 12" scrapbook paper gifted me) on top of a teflon craft sheet, so that's what I did.  Per the GelliArts site, you can also use a metal pan.  But I prefer my setup.

While straightening the overflowing tool caddy, I remembered about some items I could use for markings on my gelli plate.  Remember that I'm easily distracted?  So now I'm off to find even more things I can use to mark my gelli plate.  It never hurts to be prepared. But first, I must find a good place to store all these new "tools" I'll use.

I hope you are ready for Christmas.  Since I had time while my internet was down to clean my house, craft room, and make a few baked items, I feel ready.  Hope you are in the holiday spirit.  I know Bleubeard and I are.  And he's even looking forward to me opening my gift from him.  BTW, he says he wanted me to open it the day I got it, but I knew I'd be too distracted by it to finish my Christmas list if I did.

Have a merry little day of making art or cleaning up after yourself, whichever comes first!

12 thoughtful remarks:

Karla B said...

Elizabeth, have a wonderful Christmas, my friend. Love your post!

Vicki Miller said...

cleaning up and making art? I suppose they go together. 450 rocking horses - You should open a museum. I am decidedly NOT ready for christmas, but that is me. thanks for your lovely comments.

dawn said...

hello dear friend, remember me!!

I have missed you, remind me not to stay gone so long again. Decided to enjoy the quiet kid free house this week and stayed off computer.

I got your comment and am glad your computer is back up again.
I just did a loooong post, over an hour to write it all. Going to come back here in the morning to catch up but wanted to say hello first.
Hope you are doing well and the weather hasn't been to bad.
love and hugs dear friend!

Carol said...

You are one busy lady :) I too am easily distracted and it often takes me forever to finish a project because of it. Can't wait to see what you do with your Geli Plate ♥

Nan G said...

A lovely book. I especially like the colors of this one, being partial to orange. :) Love the art wall. Merry Christmas from the Girls and me.

Eliza said...

Great post and really wonderful book and to make so many of them too. Give Bluebeard a big hug and chin tickle from Yoda and I and merry Christmas to you both.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

Eliza said...

Great post and really wonderful book and to make so many of them too. Give Bluebeard a big hug and chin tickle from Yoda and I and merry Christmas to you both.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda

dawn said...

Good morning, I'm back and ready to catch up with you.

WOW!! That is a lot of rocking horses, you beat me in any collective item. Thanks for the peek into your corner and the goodies in it. My mom also has a gum ball machine like that only it's red. She leaves a little basket of pennies beside it for the kids.

What a beautiful and thoughtful book for your friend. I love the way you make it special for each friend. The colors are awesome!

I can see your excited about your new present, good for you still not opening it yet. Enjoy it when you finally open it and I'm sure we will see it a lot in future posts.

I'm sure Bluebeard is excited too!

I will be back tomorrow to link up for T time!

see you there! said...

You certainly put in a lot of work on those great books. I'm sure they will be admired and appreciated by their new owners.

I've looks at rosin paper but never bought any. Might have to in the coming year.


Dianne said...

your books turned out really awesome! the recipients will have an opportunity to finish the creative process and have a true treasure! so glad you worked out the 'delivery' of my package without too much trouble...hope you like it! Happy Holidays dear E-- wish I were as ready for my house guests as you seem to be!

Halle said...

You certainly have been a busy girl! Not much artsy craftsy stuff has been happening here...until today. Getting back on track after about 10 days of feeling cruddy.
Thanks for showing that wal display. Very pretty. At my house it would likely be covered in dust...I hate dusting!! :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I am sorry I am so late in visiting, but sometimes life gets in the a good way!

The scrappy folders in the last post are gorgeous--my eye keeps returning to the image of what looks like feather people(?) on top of the paintbrush--I adore it!

Thank you so much for showing your art wall! The play between the beautiful basket collection and the musical instruments is very interesting! If I've never said it have a gift when it comes to art. I have a gumball machine, too, in red!