Monday, October 21, 2013

T sTands for Heros (bar and grill)

About two weeks ago, I took you to Old Town,

a renovated district

in the center of my city.
From there, it was a short walk to Heros, a sports bar and grill.

My friend Sally and I have been here before.

I walked past this wood carving before, not realizing it was a baseball bat, ball, and glove.

That's because it has always been so dark in here when I tried to take photos.

So dark in fact, I had never noticed the racer that was hanging from the ceiling,

or the bicycles above another area.  I could even make out Sally from across the room.

It was a far cry from the last time we were here with my old camera. No wonder I didn't see the racer (car) you can barely see in the upper right of the above photo.  What a difference a camera makes!

I tried to capture the picture above our table, but the glare of the televisions on the glass prevented a good photo.

Sally was watching one of the many TVs, while I was taking a few more photos.  I almost missed photographing the water with lemon we both ordered.

I kept scanning the room for more things I could find I hadn't noticed before.

I spent a lot of time trying to get a decent photo of this helmet.  I learned I need to steady my hand, or use a tri-pod for very detailed shots.  There is a function on my camera for steadiness, but I haven't checked it out, yet.  Maybe I should do that soon (grin).

Sally and I both ordered veggie pizza, and in my haste to take the photo of our two pizzas, I thoughtlessly pushed my drink (water) out of camera range.

Dumb moves, smart moves, fun work spaces, scary spaces, spooky images, awesome art, books, scrapbook pages, recycled objects, tea, coffee, water, whatever pleases you, please join T Stands for Tuesday.  Remember, you don't have to take the photos on Tuesday, since it's pretty obvious I didn't, but you need to link your post below.  Thanks for joining, and Bleubeard and I look forward to visiting each and every one of you this 14th T.

15 thoughtful remarks:

dawn said...

Happy T Time a little early!! I'm so happy your out taking pictures with your new camera. Makes me want a new better one too. These pictures are so much better then with your old camera, YAY!! It's like a new place and you can see everything now, how awesome for you. Wishing I had eaten before sitting down to the computer, the pizza looks YUMMY!!!
I looked into the art everyday for November. Do you know what you will be doing? I might join in since I'm always doing some form of art. Might even post everyday, still working out my ideas.
Thanks always for sharing your Tuesday's with us. Hoping to post mine tonight or early morning!

Krisha said...

That pizza looks good. I'm glad your new camera is working so well for you. Now that I have taken a class on how to work mine, I seem to be taking pictures even more that before. It is so much fun when the pictures turn out good. LOL Enjoyed the bar and grill.

Julia Dunnit said...

MM the pizza looks really good! Nice bar..have come to understnad the tv in the bar genre a bit better over the years and now, for the right thing, I like the atmosphere in a sports bar. Mt T is a sporty theme odd.

Julia Dunnit said...

I can't visit is blocking my access, saying there's a malware content. Hope she pops back and reads this.

dawn said...

Hello, I'm linked up and ready to spend part of the day blog hopping. We are headed to the apple orchard again today. Hoping to see more fall color in the trees and both my sisters coming this time.

I was thinking last night about you and your new camera. It reminded me of when Sam and Summer got their first pair of glasses and they were amazed at how well they could see everything. The whole way home they were talking of green the trees were and could read the road signs far ahead. What a great feeling it is when we can really see clearly.

Thanks for sharing your day with us! Have a great week!

Dawn said...

Ooooooh those pizzas look delicious! What a fab bar too, love the decor.
Huge hugs x x x x

see you there! said...

Looks like a fun place, somehow I imagine it packed (and noisy) on a Saturday night. You sure seem to be enjoying your new camera. The right tools make all the difference!


~*~Patty S said...

What a fun place with it's vintage red, white and blue interior.
Nice tour and your lunch looks delicious too!
Happy T day to you E...
I have some catching up to do as I have been busy trying to bring some order here and in the process there is a bigger mess than ever...but oh what great things are surfacing LOL

Halle said...

I enjoy restaurants that decorate with unique items. So much to look's like a massive game of I Spy. :)
Your pizza looked delish!
Happy Tuesday!

Dianne said...

what a cool restaurant! I love places that have vintage decor like that...and the food looks wonderful too. Now I am hungry for pizza! YUM!

Spyder said...

That Pizza does look yummy, hubby makes a mean one, but I think he's doing fish cake tonight.... Hummmmm... they don't taste too bad!!
Great pictures, and you're right, when over in USA some of the places to eat were vry dark but go back in the day time and they looked completely different! Happy T day!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

We have a few restaurants filled with interesting "stuff" and memorabilia near us, and it is always a fun place to go. For the same reason we enjoy the different Hard Rock Cafes we have visited, although the noise level is much higher!

The pizza looks delicious--now I want some!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what a pizza joint! Your friend Sally is a real tropper, holding down the fort while you snap pictures, lol
Love it

Nan G said...

Wow that's some cool camera! Great pics. Enjoy the pizza! Not T'ing today just visiting.

Denise Price said...

Yum-yum-yum, that pizza looks delicious! Happy T Day!!!