Monday, August 5, 2013

Clean up aisle 7 (T, today)

You may have seen the reports on national (US) tv that showed floods, excessive rain, hail, and high winds, a weather pattern that has stalled over the midwest for nearly three weeks with no relief in sight.  Flooding has become common news, and water in basements is the norm, rather than the unique.

I knew the sooner I cleaned my yard, the better off I would be, so I started tackling one small area of my front garden.  I was nearly finished clearing one side of this front porch entrance when I realized I should take a few photos of the mess I had, along with the overgrowth of this small bed.

So I stepped back in order to show the area I haven't tackled yet on the right side of the bed.   There really ARE bricks under there somewhere.

I realize it doesn't look very good yet, because it's still so wet.  It's hard to sweep MUD away.  I need to let the mud dry a bit and sweep further.  But for now, I was being eaten by mosquitoes that moved in when the rains came.

Several of my friends call me the mosquito magnet, because, if there are several of us in the group, I'm the only one they attack.  Even with a veritable buffet of males and females young and old in front of them, mosquitoes find me and only me.

So it was time to let the mud turn to dirt, and take a much needed break with a bit of summer fun known as AriZona sweet tea.  I bought six of these cans, mostly for the artwork, so you'll more than likely see more of these in the near future.

I really love all the attention this Tuesday event has brought.  Seems like bloggers all over the globe are having a fun time coming up with ways to show a cup, mug, bottle, can, rubber stamp, stencil, etc. in their photos.  And I'm having a fun time seeing what everyone comes up with each week.  Thank you, all.

EDIT: I need to thank Jo Murray for the link she left in her comment from my Mandala Monday post.  If you didn't see her comment, the link goes to an onyx set that is exactly the same as what I had.  And yes, I have most of the white outer part of the chess board, too.  I hope you'll check it out.  One thing that bothers me is, I've never considered onyx to be marble.  Of course, I thought onyx was a stand-alone stone.  Regardless, I appreciate Jo's search which resulted in me seeing a close copy of the chess set I bought in the late 80s.  And NO, I don't consider that vintage (grin).  Hope you'll mouse over all the photos, because the color is far better in the smaller ones that show the chess pieces.

I'd love for you to join the fun, too.  Link your T post below and we'll be by to visit.

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Denise Price said...

I can see why you like those Arizona cans. They are cool. I have some friends who decorate a shelf in their kitchen with interesting, empty beverage containers, including Arizona ones.

I have a post with tea-dyed fabric in it. Is that too much of a stretch? If it is, you can delete my link. :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Looks GOOD! I'm so sorry the rain is causing you so many problems! What i wouldn't give for a little rain...I know i know becareful what i wish for.....! No rain here since what? March..? April? ...Rainy season should start sometime in Oct/Nov but the last two years hasn't produced much rain. Hopefully this year will be different! Hugs! deb

dawn said...

Hello, I couldn't resist coming by to see your post, even though it's still Monday for me.
It's no fun when the rain is too hard and too much at once, makes a mess and trouble for many.
I think you did pretty good cleaning up, feel guilty that I didn't clean up my weeds. Now that I'm making mandalas I keep playing instead of working, haha!
I like the can of tea, fits the story well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, actually kinda nervous. Have 3 different posts ready but will decide in the morning and just go for it. Looking forward to reading what others are doing and sharing on Tuesday's. Thanks so much for giving us a place to meet and share.
See you tomorrow!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh dear E, you are either being baked by heat or having to build an Ark!!
Love your can, can see why you bought it! I do the same with wine... don't drink it, just like the labels!! LOL

voodoo vixen said...

Onyx! Wow... I have never seen onyx in that shade of blue, it is so pretty! I have a HUGE bowl of onyx eggs back home in Scotland but most are creams and greens and browns... don't think I have a blue among them!

Denise Price said...

Thanks, good to know that my post "fits!"

Rita said...

Hard to clean mud! Goodness!
Seems like odd weather al over the place.
I had Arizona Tea once and it was really yummy! :)

Annie said...

You are not alone at being an insect magnet. I was attacked while helping hubby clear an are of overgrown plants in the garden last week and I've counted well over 20 bites I had to show for it! We must be really tasty :-)
Have a great week.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

You have to do round one type clean up so the mud can be exposed for's tedious but looks so good when you're done! I've neglected edges this summer and now when I mow the grass there edges that I can't get to with the mower are crazy overgrown and driving me mad. lesson learned! Don't work too hard gal.

French Nanny said...

Opposite ends of the spectrum, you and I! Here the constant hot weather is what is causing problems and I cannot weed because the ground is like concrete!

Regarding the insects - don't put on perfume when you get dressed in the morning - that really attracts them.


Bridget Larsen said...

Thanks for reminding me about the muddy mess I also have and have avoided cleaning for the last 10 months LOL.
Bridget #6

dawn said...

Happy Tuesday, I'm linked up and excited to get lost in the links here. So happy we met thru SOC and can continue our friendship here on Tuesday's and Mandala Monday's. I will be getting to work on my TIME journal too, hope to anyhow. Thanks again for this special place for us to share and visit.
Have a good day!
p.s. my hubby has gotten bitten up this summer too but so far they leave me alone. Take care!

Spyder said...

I should be in the garden too, it's been raining! (at last) I haven't finished my painting of the trellis. You corner look nice and tidy now... my corner in the front after chopping everything down, thinking I'd start again....well... all that was chopped has started growing again! Jinx is asleep somewhere, did ask him to stay for a photo but he grabbed his treats and headed off to that place under the hedge to sleep them off! Will try and track him down later !

voodoo vixen said...

Do you have Avon ladies? Avon make an after shower oil spray called Skin So Soft... it is BRILLIANT as a skin softener but the added bonus is that you don't get bitten by mozzies!

Anonymous said...

I love Arizona Tea cans designs I just wish they didn't have sugar in them. I don't like sweet tea in any form or fashion. With the exception of fruited tea which isn't really "tea" as it is mixed with fruit juice which is where the sweetness comes from. Whew. Sorry for the ramble.
You did a nice, tidy clean up there Elizabeth! good going. I live at -- just kidding.
Glad you solved the mystery of the chess set. The internet community is amazing, is it not?
Happy T Tuesday to you my darling!!

Nan G said...

Ah yes mozzies, they do love me too. We could give them quite a feast you and I..! Wonder if they can over feed? :) good luck with the garden clean up. Onyx huh, cool! I've never seen blue onyx ...that's neat to finally know what it is and treasure it even more! Hugs

Halle said...

What a mess...storm cleanup esp. water in the basement is so frustrating. Take care!
I'm having trouble getting my T Tuesday to post...AGH!!! Hopefully it will show up sometime today.

Darla said...

Goodness, looks like a lot of work to me. I spotted your Arizona tea though. I do like their graphics but don't like the HFCS they put in their drinks so seldom purchase any. Take care with cleaning up and don't over do it.


~*~Patty S said...

Nature sure can make a lot of extra work for you E...sorry you had to deal with that again
AND with the dingdang skeeters which are a terrible nuisance...when I read that they only need as little as a tablespoon of water to lay their eggs in and make MORE biting machines I realized we don't stand much of chance against them = bummer!

Looking forward to seeing what you make with your cans too

Happy T day to ya!
And isn't the "interweb" LOL a wonderful place to ask a question...ask and ye shall find!

Divers and Sundry said...

i have never had tea in a can. i've never even noticed it lol. we keep iced tea in a pitcher in the fridge. my husband is a particular fan of iced tea.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I am always the one to be tormented by mosquitoes, too! Sorry you had so much clean-up again. My mind is starting to work in weird ways...I kept thinking about whether you were "saving" the mud to try in your next resist fabric piece, like you did with the flour. Don't mind me...I'm going to have another cup of tea!

Divers and Sundry said...

i'm having trouble commenting on dawn and patty's t tuesday posts. anybody else? is there a work-around? i get this error message: "Sorry, this comment could not be posted."

Caterina Giglio said...

oooh such a mess... and you tempt me so with T day!! but I have soooo much going on.. xx

Aranthe said...

Though I've not participated in it, I've been enjoying this weekly blog hop since I found your site. The posts are so varied and interesting, allowing each person to share a snapshot of what's going on in their life at the time. I've discovered great ideas and links to other sites from here and from the participants. It's like attending a cozy, newsy, little party without having to get dressed up!

Dianne said...

Linking up again this week...looks like you've had your work cut out for you with the yard/storm clean-up! don't work too hard...hugs from Ohio!

Krisha said...

Hi Elisabeth, here it is Tuesday again and you are gathering quite a following..LOL
Our weather is so hot and dry, and we have been gone so much this summer that I am having plants die of heat stroke! BUT I do not envy you and your mud clean up either.

Cazzy said...

I don't know why but I am here! Oh, Onyx, it could be!

Cazzy x

Marianne said...

oooh your link party is growing ! I am # 20 this week. I really must stop sleeping in on tuesdays.
I love Arizona teas. The artwork on the labels is worth the price.
did you know that Arizona tea tastes different in each part of the US? It's because it is actually manufactured as a powder that is mixed with water at local plants. I know someone who works for them. Oh and the Tea is available world wide.
Sorry....yes I am sometimes a "know it all" I'll shut up now.

dawn said...

I am loving this T time with everyone, so glad I joined in with you. Everyone is so nice and just wonderful to know. Learning lots about tea and cups and more, great way to spend my day. I have a few more blogs to see later when I have time again. Just wanted to thank you for being such a great hostess and for your comment on my blog. I had fun making those tea mugs and know they will keep popping in from time to time. I also meant to share some index cards with you but forgot, might do a post on them this week or share them next Tuesday.
Hope you had a good day and good weather. HUGS!

roffeycreations said...

Hi Elizabeth - late but grateful to have people to talk to in an "anon" kind of way LOL - see you next week... Mxx