Sunday, August 26, 2012

Time away

Some of you may wonder what I have been doing for the past several days. I had hoped to recharge my batteries, create a few tutorials, work on my AB lessons, and visit a few blogs. Instead, I turned my computer off, spent one entire day doing NOTHING (OK, I succumbed and watched a bunch of TV shows I had video taped), and the rest of the time I made a bunch of messes.

I'm not sure I am really back, because I don't feel like I have had the time away I needed, but I will try to catch up beginning with all the truly beautiful and wonderful comments and well wishes I have received while I was away.

So what did I do, you ask?

I attempted to create a fabric bead tutorial (after all, fabric is one of the lessons I will be teaching for my AB class) using from back left clockwise:

heat tool
Baby bell cheese plastic wrappers (the things we are willing to eat in the name of art!)
White glue (Elmer's Glue All in this case)
Plastic straw

I made the beads by wrapping the torn fabric around the plastic straw. I used scissors to cut a small piece of the fabric before I tore it. I glued the fabric bead on the end to hold it together.

I cut the plastic to size (the size of the bead) and wrapped it around the bead. I tied it with the string, which took longer than making all the beads put together. I'm glad I only did this once, because once I heated the plastic with the heat tool, it turned black and disintegrated. For some reason, I thought it would shrink and adhere to the fabric, but instead it nearly caught fire. So much for THAT tutorial!

I spent another day making more resist fabric. I'm still not finished because after I applied the resist, it started to rain. And rain. And rain.

Before it rained, I went shopping at my local thrift store. I found these adorable animals. It's a good thing I hadn't found these before I sent Annette her gift of fabric, or they would have accompanied the fabric to Canada.

Of course, the previous owner didn't take very good care of these stamps, so they really need to be cleaned. I paid $6.00 US for these six stamps which are marked "Stampin' Up."

I spent an entire day cleaning my front garden of saplings and sucker trees. Ignore the fact that this photo was taken the next day, because I was quite tired after all that work in the garden.

I went out to take the photo of my garden and saw the commotion down the street. Being a curious person with a camera in hand, I noticed it all came from my neighbor Sally's house.

I was shocked when I saw Sally's front yard.

If you didn't read about her tree, please see here.

I couldn't believe it was all gone, down to the grass. And as her "tree guy" promised, there was no stump, as there was at her next door neighbor's home.

As Sally watched the "tree guys" finish their job, I joined Sally for some late afternoon conversation. We sat on her front porch and caught up after having gone to dinner two nights before.

Back to my front yard (I thought that was Sally's car parked at my house, and it turned out it was), I picked up all the trash that had accumulated from the new neighbors. In the process of throwing everything away, I found an old lighter that I decided to put to good use.

Remember this piece I made as part of my Button tutorial?

This old lighter that no longer worked and was more than likely thrown away by someone looking for a yard to dump it in, found a good home in my art. I think I found the perfect embellishment for this piece that was really lacking before.

I ended up coloring my resist fabric in the house. I made a horrible mess, which prompted me to mop, dust, and vacuum as a result. I also spent a little time bonding with Bleubeard who has been quite lonely lately.

On Saturday, I took my internet friend Lisa's advice (she also lives in Wichita) and visited the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum as another Stay-cation. I have 484 possible photos on my low-res option for my camera's card reader and I used every photo. I also didn't get through the entire museum, so plan to go back, but on a weekday, since they are open longer, as

their web site shows. Four hours was not long enough to take in this four story building. I now must go through all these photos because I have so, so many of them, I could show you a few every day for a year and not show them all. This was one fun and memorable Stay-cation.

I am going to take more time away from my blog, but I will post a few things as I either make them, or have time to show them. Right now, I am trying to get back to making art, something I don't feel I've done in several months. I will post this with CED, also. Thanks for stopping by and for not abandoning me. Your friendship, readership, and comments mean more to me than you will ever know.


17 thoughtful remarks:

voodoo vixen said...

I absolutely love the way you reveal your 'failed' attempts along with your many fabulous successes, not many have the courage to do so (me included... if i mention something and it never sees the light of day or gets onto my blog you can assured it was not deemed a success)!!
Your lighter find was perfect for that project!!
Love those stamps... you got a real bargain as stampin up stuff is a tad pricey!! Have missed you, glad you are still making stuff!!

Halle said...

Welcome back. You certainly were busy...doesn't sound like you had too restful of a break.

paulaexuk said...

Sorry to have to say that I am so glad to see that other people try things out and have failures too. Try using shrink wrap plastic, the type they use to wrap up gift baskets I got some at my local dollar store, not used it yet but this may be just the time to try it out. I am sorry your friends tree had to come down but a sick tree is an unsafe one, now she gets to choose her own variety and probably one that is a bit more manageable. Less leaves to rake in the autumn too. Glad to see you took in another stay-cation during your time off.

Corrine at said...

Wow you did quite a bit this week. Good to take time away and do nothing, we all need those breathers, thanks for the reminder, I am not good at doing that. Can't wait to see your new fabric resists. Sally's tree guy did a fab job. That's what you like to see. xox

sandee said...

hmmmm, fire seems to be a theme with you taking a couple of days off, lol I really did have a chuckle at your burning of the paper for the beads and making messes. Sounds like you are having fun regardless of how you are or are not being productive! Glad to see Sally got her tree down...did you ever post the picture of her new fountain? Thanks for leaving me the suggestion of Word 4 Word, very creative and yes I like the word theme title too! ( that's why I need everyone's help!! ) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Glad you checked in! We learn so much from our experiments and projects whether a success or not so successful. It is generous of you to share them all. You are so lucky to have some interesting staycation spots nearby.

I've been thinking about you lately and would never give up visiting you and your blog.

Rita said...

I had to chuckle at the plastic disappearing into a black nothingness. Sounds like something I would do and have done. Ideas gone awry. But at least you always learn something interesting from the things that don't work. ;)

You have been super busy! Wow! It's not like you weren't doing anything, lady! I had to cut back on the number of times I blog per week because of being busy, too. People understand. Sometimes you need to get a lot of other things done and just need a little blogging break. Hope you have a wonderful, productive and restful week. :)

Connie said...

Hearing about your almost fire made me think of all the mishaps that I've had through the years. Sometimes the mishaps turn into the start of a new technique. I am honored that you visited me before your computer took a rest. Thank you for the very sweet comment. I am very excited to make a new friend. Have a wonderful day, Connie :)

elle said...

I think the lighter is a great addition. Stayacation! Since all come here I just might be up for an awaycation! lol But we all need a break. I am here for you and patiently await any new developments as you chose to reveal them. Bless you!.

Terri Kahrs said...

Oh, Elizabeth! Your posts are always so enlightening! I love that you're always willing to try new things, and I love your honesty. So many have learned from your willingness to highlight your successes as well as your failures.

Thank you, Sweet Friend, for your kind thoughts and wishes. Closing my blog for a sabbatical is much needed. Taking care of my husband has been a full time job for the past 8 months, and I'm exhausted - spiritually, creatively and physically. My intention is to use the remainder of the year to heal and explore artistic venues. As time allows, I will check in from time to time to see what you've been about. Sending love & hugs, Terri ♥ xoxoxo

Dianne said...

Looks like Sally's 'tree guys' did a very neat job! Sounds like you've been busy, even if not blogging...and your 'found object' does make a great addition to your little sign! I find that I feel like I'm "putting out fires" around here so maybe I need to make a sign?! hugs from 'wedding central.' =)

see you there! said...

Happy to see your post and read about all you have been doing. I always stop by... just in case. As to the "how not to" on the beads, we have all had those moments I think. Those stamps were sure a bargain. I look forward to more history photo's as well. I get a little visual vacation as you take your staycation.


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

wow! No wonder you are not rested ~ You have so busy being creative ~ be gentle with yourself this week ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Karen Smithey said...

You are one busy gal! Looks like the yard was a big job--

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

You HAVE been busy, I hope you got at least a little rest!
The bead tutorial was great to read, I've always wondered how those are made and that light was the perfect finishing touch to your "Building a Fire" sign= the color is even perfect! tho, I can't believe the way people treat the ground as their own personal trash can!

Terrie Purkey said...

Your break seems to have kept you busy - I guess the difference, and the fun of it, is that it's on your own terms, not on some deadline. You're so consistently brave and willing to try just about anything to see if it makes art....and you're so great to share what works and doesn't, saving us the time of trying it ourselves, and then encouraging us to try the things that work for you. Thanks again for sharing your creativity!

Carolyn Dube said...

Hope you find the ever illusive relaxation- it hard when you are so creative because there are so many ideas and so little time.