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Lesson 13: Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

I almost pushed this lesson back another week, but it would have thrown the schedule off and I was afraid we might not recover. I know many of you are ready with your zipper lesson, so felt it was my duty to get this lesson out in a timely manner. I hope you all have a chance to see my Lots of Buttons tutorial that has kept me so busy. It would make me extremely happy if you visited the tutorial and left a comment.

Here is an example of several tools and supplies you can use to make a successful window or door. From the back left clockwise are some of the things you might use:

Ruler with a cork backing
Plastic insert
Ink jet transparency (can be used plain or print a scene on it)
Various punches
Wooden stirrer sticks, painted or colored using Krylon leafing pens
Self-healing mat
Cutting tool (X-acto, or other brand)

I don't use an X-acto knife, so I won't be using the self-healing mat, or the cork backed ruler. However, those of you who feel comfortable with them, would have far more options for page location than I had when I used a punch.

If you are using an insert for your window, like a transparency, you will need four consecutive pages in your book.

Choose the elements for your pages like I did here, using photos from a free booklet I picked up at the paint store, along with some sheet music and scrapbook papers.

I'm not exactly sure which is better, the chicken or the egg, meaning I don't know if you should punch your pages first, or decorate them first, but I chose to punch my pages first. Although it was a nightmare to punch the second time (after the page decorations were in place), it was easier to determine the proper location and there was less bulk than if I had tried to punch them all at once. Also, you can't re-punch more than one page at a time if you are placing something in the window.

I'm sure you know how to assemble your window, but I suggest you decorate both sides, then glue the two center pages together. If you are using a craft (X-acto) knife, you will probably be able to save time by cutting through everything at once. Unfortunately, I didn't choose that option, since I don't like to use a craft knife if I don't have to. Instead, I opted to punch my two pages.

For this page, I chose a napkin that I scrunched and then wrote on, along with part of a very large sticker I bought last year at the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1.00 US).

I had trouble affixing the napkin and, in my haste to make these pages, made quite a mess of things. I used a Micron pen to write the words.

I continued the napkin background on page 3, along with the same Micron pen. After I scanned it, I noticed I misspelled the word "circle." I have since corrected it, but didn't have time to rescan it.

I used the rest of the sticker for this final side, along with another napkin. Because the sticker stuck out past the page, I rubbed some cornstarch on the back to keep it from sticking to another page.

For my second spread, I had planned to allow the doors to open onto an image behind them. If you choose just this option, you will only need one page in your AB. However, time didn't permit me to make a functional door. I also had planned to paint stirrer sticks white and place them around the door to make frames. That didn't happen, either. I was just thrilled I was able to get as far as I got on this four page spread.

For page 2, I used (as I previously mentioned) pages from a paint pamphlet I picked up at a local big box home improvement store. I tried to color coordinate the wording I used, which was computer generated. Note the netting I used in the window.

The netting was from a fruit bag and the image was from scrapbook paper. I originally wanted to have the rabbit as the focal point and have it peek through the window, but it wasn't large enough, so I had to go with Plan B.

This is the only page I started to fully decorate, but I'm truly not satisfied that I added the rose. It is too bright for the tree, paper designed to be used in a scrapbook page. I knew as soon as I attached that bright rose, it didn't go with the page!! The bunnies are fuzzy stickers.

I hope I gave you a few ideas for making doors and windows. Other suggestions include running wire through the window, printing a view or scene on a transparency, or adding curtains that your other pages peek out behind.

Another alternative comes from a house tip-in I made several years ago where I placed Asian wording vellum inside two slide mounts and treated them as windows. This is the back of the house, as you would be able to tell if you could read the sign "Back door friends are the best." Unfortunately, I snagged this from my blog and it is quite small.

I'm sure most of you know how to make doors. They are simply pieces of handmade or hand painted paper, magazine images, or wallpaper you cut on three sides and place images behind.

I apologize that I didn't have time to demonstrate doors, but I don't really think I need to do so. You are all so eager to show how to take one of my simple lessons and turn it into a masterpiece. Those of you who show your work make me very, very proud.

Homework (always optional, but fun to play along):

Create at least one spread in which you make windows and a door. They do not have to be part of a house, but must show images on both sides of the windows. The door can lead to anything, from anywhere, as long as it follows your theme. Remember, just have fun with it.

What you will need for Lesson 15:
At the end of Lesson 15, we will vote on your choice of projects you would like to see. I will ask for your choice in the comments section, so please, please be thinking about what you want for Lesson 18.

For Lesson 15, you will need buttons, string or thin wire, a piece of cardboard (not corrugated) and two pages in your AB. You should have all the tools you need, but you might need wire cutters and needle nose pliers. Also, decorations that fit your book's theme.

Now is the time to share your Lesson 14 homework (zippers). Thanks for taking on the zippers lesson out of turn. Remember, if you have homework from any lesson other than zippers, you may enter it here, along with the lesson number. Thanks.


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elle said...

I am having a hard time getting into zippers. :(
But I'm really liking these doors and windows!

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fun all those circles...of life.

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Fantastic project, I love it. Lee x

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...hi Elizabeth, hope your keeping well after your neighbours antics and hope Bleubeard didn't get distressed at the changes in his proximity...super detailed and informative posting, you put so much work & detail into every lesson, if this was an olympic catergory you'd be getting a gold...thankyou always for your thoughtful comments on my blog, they are much appreciated...Melx :)

BJ said...

Hi Elizabeth, been dying to link my zip page, hope it gives some inspiration to those being challenged by this section. I loved it and used up loads of pages - oops. Thanks for your comments too (you were early - LOL).

My die isn't too bad, had a chat with a Sizzix rep. and can jiggle it a bit to work OK. Will be trying the die in a Bigshot tomorrow.

As for my pages left, I only have 6 double spread pages left. One between Christmas and Valentines (oops must take a photo of that one but it isn't of any lesson really, was going to make the hearts pockets but slipped up with the mulberry paper underneath, although they are only stuck on the pointy bits)and the others are together. When you say we need 2 pages next week, do these need to be "free" of backing pages already done?

Pondering this weeks lesson, thanks for this course it is brill. BJ

BJ said...

Just added my Valentine page. BJ

Julia Dunnit said...

Another detail ed and amazing lesson, Im only sorry you felt pressure. the rose can be sanded down or weakened some way, its not a ruiner, huh! Love these windows and doors. As far behind as I am, this is such a fun journey.

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very creative as always

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I love windows in art journals! Once again, a fabulous tutorial!

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Amazing techniques. I love the circles! So many ways to make openings. I so admire this creative work, Elizabeth. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Have a wonderful week!

paulaexuk said...

Great tutorial again Elizabeth. I feel now that what I thought was a frame on my Christmas Cookie page is in fact an example of windows LOL.

Darla said...

As always, a great tutorial. I like the window ideas and think they could be used on a card if adapted a bit. I still haven't even started to alter a book as you know - but I did finally find a sewn book that I think would work. Someday.... I will have all your great tutorials to refer to.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I just linked up my zipper page! It worked out quite well for me no doubt due to another excellent tutorial! Windows and doors sound like they are going to be just as much fun!

Thank you for your kind comments on my beaded dragonfly pendant. They made me smile big!

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and what a lesson it is E!

you put so much into your blog posts
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Thanks as always for sharing and inspiring and instructing
p.s. super button button post too!!!

Dianne said...

Another truly excellent tutorial...great idea to use the punch to make the window. The round window with the circle stickers is a good combination, and I like the angular contrast of the netting over the building diagram. many possibilities and not enough time...!

BJ said...

Yes I think I understood your synopsis for next lesson. Still pondering Windows and Doors - Thanks you are a star teacher - BJ

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Just added a link to my pocket updates. What I put on my School ATC tags and tags for my Valentine's page. BJ

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I haven't done any zippers but I do like the pockets and posted some more. Now onto those great windows and doors!

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Just finished my pockets spread now on to lesson 12

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Hello again, lesson 11 encompassed lesson 12 so they are together but I have also added lesson 13 to Mr Linky. On to lesson 14........

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Ok so I'm very late but mine is finished too. You can find lesson 12 on my blog!