Monday, January 10, 2011


Before I begin today, I want to respond to a few comments left on my Silent Sunday post. First, I do NOT live in the country. I live in the largest city in Kansas. Second, I do not own that big house you saw in the photos. I own a 1920 California style bungalow. Third, that was not my Christmas tree. In fact, that tree would not have fit in my house. And finally, my Christmas decorations have been packed away since December 29th. What you saw was where I spent nearly four days at Christmastime. It was the home of my friend Scott's parents. I hope that clears up any misconception that you may have gotten, which is the drawback of SILENT Sunday.

Now for the lame post. I used my Vivitar camera today because my Kodak still won't turn on. It turned on once, but it only showed images through the viewfinder, but wouldn't let me take one. When I turned it off, that was it. Of course, it might be that it was a bit chilly. This camera takes huge pictures, even though I save them small. So, if you want to see these photos, you will need to click on them. Then you will get the whole picture.

Yes, I know it's lame. I've seen photos of other areas of the country, and those of my friends in the UK, and they have (or had) real amounts of snow. However, I'm sure glad we finally got some, although right now,

there is less than 2 inches. That is supposed to change this afternoon, though.

Later today, we are to get 4 to 6 more inches. I'll keep watching the power lines you can see in the background and dripping my water, because it is supposed to get well below zero tonight. One local channel said -11 F (approximately -25 C), although others are cautiously optimistic that we won't get below -3 F. When it gets that cold, who can actually tell -3 from -11!

I don't care about the cold. I do care about the wind. But right now, during the calm before the next storm, I just care about the beauty of it all. I love snow, fresh and unspoiled. I love how it blankets the tree and provides much needed moisture to my new bulbs that are protected by its warmth. And I love how it keeps me in my studio, making art. How do you feel about snow?

Have a warm, safe day everyone.

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see you there! said...

How do I feel about snow? Funny you should ask. I just posted some snow pics on by blog today. Frankly it frightens me a little so at the first chance I had I headed South, LOL!


Cath said...

I love the snow but we hardly ever get it here, but I did see it on the mountains in Turkey at the weekend as we drove along the coast road.


Sue said...

Hi ya hunny
aww glad ya got ya snow, have you ran round bein the first in it like me????? I luv snow but when you have to go to work in it its not much fun, im lucky only have to walk across the carpark! lol, oh wheres ya snowman?????? sue,xx

Doone said...

I like snow so long as I do not have to drive in it.

I do not like cold or wind

I have aches and pains that disappear in dry sunshine, and I do not suffer in silence, so please send me money so I can quit work and become an old age new wave traveler (that's the title of my next poem/story that I shall be writing and illustrating during 2011) and I want to always be in a country that is hot and dry I want to follow the sun. And no matter what any one else says it is worth it to me to be pain free.


and is that lame as in ducks or gold lame as in the trim?

Halle said...

Your snow looks so pretty. It's snowing AGAIN here today. Seems like if the temp gets above 15F it snows. I like the snow...Can't imagine living anywhere that wasn't covered in it for at least a couples months of the year.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Elizabeth, I feel pretty much like you about the snow, but unlike you I don't like the cold. We had about 2 inches of snow here on Friday but we had some sleet and rain early evening which got rid of it :-(
Anne xx

Yvonne said...

It snowed here in south Texas on Christmas Day 2004, but I was gone. Saw pictures. Very unusual for this area, in fact most residents had never seen snow this far south.

Amy said...

Oh I get it. THAT's your Christmas tree.
Guess what, Elizabeth? I live in LOUISIANA and it is Snowing here! I mean a for Real snow. It snowed all day yesterday and all last night. Okay, now it's like slushing, but it did snow and there is snow on stuff like my car and such.
If you are sending Donna money, I want some too. Because I saw that comment and I would like some money.

Amy said...

You have a Gun!?!?!?

Healing Woman said...

Yes, we are about to get hit tonight too. Supposedly just an inch or so but I don't believe "them." "They" said that last year and we got 22" I believe.

I knew that wasn't your home because you have posted yours many time before. How wonderful that you were able to spend those 4 days at that beautiful home with country atmosphere though.

Doone said...

You have a gun????

And you polish it???

I want to see that on the Desk on Wednesday


If you don't mind -

seeing as you are the one with the gun you can decide...

Love you Heaps More than I Ever DId Before (so good to know someone with a Gun)

I have a set of sharp knives


Amy said...

I am not afraid of Donna's knives, but she just told me that you are showing a gun on WOYWW. That's pretty hardcore. You can leave the tree up after all and I SWEAR that my tip ins won't be late.

voodoo vixen said...

Gun? Elizabeth? You have a gun? My dear girl, will send as much of anything you want... just ask!! LOL PS... don't give Doone money... she will buy stash with it....

PaperPumpkin said...

I would really enjoy my snow if it was 70 degrees.

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I just love snow! I do - and people think I'm crazy. It's beautiful when it's fresh and I love how it adorns tree branches! I love creating art when we get snow; so peaceful and inspirational. Great photos - thank you! I do agree - the wind is not a good thing! xxoo

Dawn said...

Snow Beautiful Snow

Love Dawn xx

Dianne said...

I love looking at skeletal trees with snow icing them (like cookies) however, not so much the driving in it!