Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday my friend Kathy came for an unexpected visit. She called late, late Thursday night and told me she would be by yesterday morning. After staying up most of the night writing in my blog and various other sundry things, none of which was cleaning house, I was a bit tired when she got here early.

After cutting my hair, a quick show and tell of Dana's and my score at Michael's last Friday, an even quicker trip to Sam's , and a quick hot lunch at my house, Kathy and I made a bit of art together.

To say this was an unexpected art day was like calling the Queen Mary a rowboat. I've been working on a 5 Day art challenge on ABC (Yahoo group), where incidentally, I met Kathy nearly six years ago. Off hand, I said that she could help me with the project and before I could get the sentence finished, she agreed with enthusiasm.

So we set to work, making art at my kitchen table, the same table that only a few hours before I had sat at to have my hair cut, and only a short time before, we had eaten at. Now it was filled with a few art goodies I drug out of my craft room (why we didn't work in there is still beyond me).

I kept dragging more and more things out to make this over-the-top project.

As Kathy asked for more and more supplies, I drug them from my craft room, and before I knew it, I had about three inches to work in.

It was a whirlwind and fun afternoon and Kathy got to play in a few of my supplies. As the table loaded with more and more goodies, we had no room for our semi finished project.

So, I placed the completed, but unglued pieces on my washer and dryer, the only surfaces close that didn't have things on them.

Toward the end of the day, although the project was still not finished, Kathy got ready to leave.

As she did, she showed the lovely necklace she made and wore to Wichita.

Kathy loves her bling and this necklace is a great example.

As the sun set on this gorgeous day (the warmest of 2010, at 64 degrees F), she packed her purse and said farewell. Fortunately, I got the supplies back to the craft room and mostly put away before I collapsed in exhaustion. Hopefully, I'll have a completed project to show on Monday, one that is not strewn all over the house, but all in one piece.

Today's blog is one of my dear friends, Donna, at Findings Art. Her blog is not new to me, but may be to you. You'll find it on my sidebar, too. Donna is full of fun, has a genuine sense of humor, and always willing to join one of my projects. In fact, she is part of the above project, which I'm sure you'll be seeing sometime next week, too. Donna has been so supportive of me through the years, it's only fair that today be her day.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Terri Kahrs said...

Very cool! And how many laughs did you share too?? Can't wait to see your resulting art! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Donna: said...

Don't you JUST know, that when you end up with only 6" of room to work, your in the ZONE. Lovely pennants and can't wait to see them all together.

We have rain today. RAIN... hard to believe, but we still have a 6' mountain of snow in the front yard.

Thank you for putting my blog on your visit for the day. I feel honored.

margaret said...

Oh I think 'arting' with a friend is just the best! sounds like you had a fun time and will have a lovely garland on Monday, I can't wait to see it all finished! Margaret

La Dolce Vita said...

ah the "kitchen" table, such a misnomer eh??? LOL!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

getting to play with friends, so much fun!
great project you two were working on!
Happy Saturday !

Diane said...

I love when unexpected things come up that you had not planned on at all--they seem to be even funner. That's so funny that you ended up on the washer and dryer (sounds familiar) Yesterday probably seemed more like 3 days, when you think of everything you that you did.

Marlynn said...

What fun! I love those kind of unexpected days and wow, you got to do art with a friend. Love her necklace and can't wait to see your banner completed!

Elizabeth Golden said...

This sounds like fun. It is always fun making art with a friend. Love your project.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Wow, the banner looks wonderful...can't wait to see it all finished!! Looks like you and Kathy had such a fun time creating together! Those are such special days when we get to spend time with a friend!
I missed coming by your blog last week...spent a day in the ER with health issues and now doctor's and tests all month. I'll be glad when this month is over.
The new look to your blog looks beautiful Elizabeth...I love it!!
Have a great day~
Hugs, Carol Anne