Friday, March 5, 2010

Time out

Yesterday I helped my friend and neighbor Sally. She is not an artist, but she has always been supportive of my art, whether she cared for it, or not. She has company coming this weekend and I helped her clean a bit here and there. Mostly everywhere!

At lunch, we took time out to go to one of her favorite Italian restaurants, DeFazio's. I've always thought this strip mall looked like a renovated motel.

While Sally got out of her car, I took pictures of the strip mall, which has changed over time.

It certainly now has a multi-ethnic feel

with several cultures vying for patron business.

OK, it's a lousy shot, but those cream puffs have my name on them. Actually only one. I opted for the chocolate filled one that didn't have on the tray that didn't have the cherries. Sally got the vanilla, with a cherry.

I love DeFazio's Italian salads, with their homemade pickled eggplant and olives from Italy. However, I'm not much of an oil and vinegar lover, preferring ranch dressing instead.

Yum! My main course: FIVE cheese cannelloni.

Late in the evening, I continued working on cutting up more of the clothes I purchased at The Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago. Although the material will be stored by color, they will be separated by weight and blend, too. Rolled material is the way Dana suggested, and I can't agree more.

So what are these? They might be flowers on a mixed media piece, or a clasp on a handmade purse. Who knows what I'll do with them. But they are rolled seams I cut from the skirts shown in the picture above. I thought they were just too cute to throw in the trash. They are between 1/4" and 3/16" thick.

Today's blog was one I stumbled onto and sat and read much of it during the night. Now you know why I never make art. Pixie at Pixie's Ponderings moved from northwest Arkansas to England, and I simply had to read how she fared. Before moving to Wichita, I lived in southwest MO, sometimes called the 4 corners. I had a different name for it, but that's a different post. I felt a connection with Pixie before I ever read a word of her blog, simply because of her relative location before she moved.

I almost forgot to mention (and this was not why I picked her blog today), Pixie is having a giveaway of a lovely necklace. No pressure from her, no hoops to jump through, just my kind of gal and giveaway.

10 thoughtful remarks:

Terri Kahrs said...

What a great outing!!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Elizabeth! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Dianne said...

what a gorgeous color of blue sky in the strip mall photo...perhaps spring really will come soon? the food looks yummy too. can't wait to see what you make with your fabric...

La Dolce Vita said...

looks like a fun outing and I really enjoyed the sweet blog!

Lynn said...

I agree it looks like an old motel, seedy one at that. LOL
Food sounded nummy if a tad over the top for my high cholestrol issue... But fun to watch others eat it.
I store fabric flat. Tried the rolling but it took up too much room. Looks pretty though.

Marilyn Rock said...

What a fun outing Elizabeth; that was nice of you to help your friend, too. DeFazio's, huh? Isn't that the name of Shirley of "LaVerne and Shirley? I'm probably not remembering it correctly :) Thanks for sharing so much with us. Your 5-cheese cannoli - looks so yummy!

Halle said...

Ok...I'm stuffed from a sushi lunch but a cream puff still sounds good. I have very little willpower...

Love the look of the coiled seams. I bet you could make some cool looking flowers from them in a similar fashion.

Donna: said...

Yummmmmmmmmmmm-O. I love creampuffs and Ranch too... Well not together LOL... Sounds like a good day.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

fun and yummy outing
I like your regard for every part of things
i.e. the skirt seams
my kinda gal!

Debrina said...

I wil go and read all about Pixie's adventures now. Such a neat name that, too! Oh and Elizabeth and Bluebeard - I love your new blog look!

Pixie said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! Fayetteville will always be home, but England is a great place to nest for a while!