Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little this, a little that, a little Hands rework

I'm in a slump. We all get them, and if, as artists, we don't admit it, then we are only fooling ourselves. As my list of projects grow larger and deadlines grow nearer, all I want to do is huddle and snuggle with Bleubeard. I can't seem to accomplish much of anything with these temperatures at near record lows. After all, it's only been above freezing one day since the day before Christmas. It's the coldest for the longest I can remember since moving to Wichita over a decade ago.

I forced myself to do one thing yesterday and that was to rework the page I asked for help on. I kept trying to figure out where and with what to put the title that Marlynn graciously provided.

Gold leafing is the WORST when it comes to scanning. It just doesn't scan well. I hope you can see I took Marlynn's advice and wrote the word "Taps," which I think is adorable, as the title for the piece. I ended up putting it in the only place it would fit, since I already had too many other elements to do much else.

While I had my gold leafing pen out, I made this mess. I'm calling this a work in progress and hope to figure out how to make it look decent this weekend. I took a photo, so the gold is shiny, rather than dull from the scanner. There is no good trade off with gold leafing pens.

About 2 am, I started these beads. I know the color in not good, but I'm so tired, I didn't even try to color correct the photo. These are blue, gold, and pink. After I took the photo, I made about twenty more, this time in spring colors.

Speaking of adjusting the color, I took this (same image as above, but at a further distance) on a white table using my OTT light as the light source in the dead of night. I was truly impressed by the surrounding color that I got in this photo that didn't show up in the previous one. I could NOT have made this "background" any better had I tried.

And finally, I started another project, which I am keeping under wraps at the moment. Yes, I played with filters and "slid" some color saturation in PS, but all will be revealed soon.

And what better way to say THANKS for the title that had me reworking the page in my Hands AB, than to feature Marlynn's Honeysuckle Breeze blog today. She is one funny lady with great art to boot. She's my kind of artist, especially when she used the netting from her turkey in two mixed media pieces. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn Rock said...

I wish my slumps looked like yours! :) I do understand what you're saying. Great book pages; and yes - gold leaf is hard to take a picture of. Love your beads! xxoo

Marlynn said...

Love how you managed to add the "taps" - as you know, slumps come and go - I've been in one off and on and now I seem to have been reengerized off and on! LOL. Can't wait to see your new creation. Stay warm we have a heat wave right now at 25 degrees... Woo hoo

Donna: said...

We finally got up to 2 degrees today... I say yeahhhhh.....
About your slump.... rolling beads is the finest of activities to help that, I have found. I especially love the colors you chose. WE will make it through this winter..

rivergardenstudio said...

I love what you did with this page and your beads, how did you make them, they sound like fun! Roxanne

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

your slump does not show dear Elizabeth!

I think it is natural for our Muses to take a wee break now and then ... everyone needs a battery recharge at some point!

You're right Marlynn is quite a gal/artist/blogger!

Lots of hot tea and hot baths are helping me thru these chilly temps, also silk long johns = oh yeah ... thank you Santa :)