Friday, September 4, 2009

Prep work

I worked all day in my studio doing some prep work for future projects. I won't have a finished project for a few days, so prep work was on the agenda today.
I began by bending some wire into shapes to be used in a future project, one I will possibly complete this weekend. Then I challenged myself to use some brown tone scrapbook paper. These are not my favorite colors or patterns, but I am determined to turn them into something workable.

I began by laying out some of the scraps and gluing them with UHU stik glue.

I also used gold fluid acrylic and brown paint to "alter" a second piece of the striped paper, since I had so much of it.

Here is a better view of the painted paper showing all the gold and sparkle.

For this piece, which measures 8.5" by 11", I began with (from left) burnt sienna, gold, and copper glazes I got free at my household hazardous waste "swap and shop."

I laid out equal portions of gold and copper, and a few drops of burnt sienna on a plastic plate,

then mixed thoroughly.

In midstream, I changed my mind and applied the glazes with a sea sponge.

When finished, it looked like this. Yes, there are bubbles, but they will disappear when I weigh the piece under a heavy book for several hours.

As a final step, I applied some Staz-on through punchinella (sequin waste) and netting. As you can see, all the bubbles are gone and the piece is flat.

Now it's off to figure out where I'll go next.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Mar said...

looking GOOD! you challenge yourself well m'dear!!!

Mar said...

i am all caught up now
i can't believe how far behind i was in visiting you...all the way to Patty's sunflowers!!!
you are a busy girl!

lots of great show and tells postings...

Debrina said...

I like the final effect you achieved - especially with the punchinella (never heard or seen that before!). I love the energy and curiosity you bring into your studio. It really shows in the final piece.