Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday fun with Kathy

It's always so much fun when Kathy comes to visit. Friday was no different. We both had so many things to show each other, we spent half the day at my kitchen table just absorbing each others' art.

But first, Kathy had to give Bleubeard some attention

and he gave her some in return!
It was afternoon before we left to shop. Normally, Kathy shops and I roam the stores, but this time I was on a mission to buy a few things. Little did I know there would be a box of FREE items at Mrs. O'Leary's, the first place on our list.

Kathy was on a mission, too. She wanted the new Somerset Journaling Magazine, but they had sold all their allotted copies. Next she wanted some rubber stamps, and boy did she get some!

Kathy always looks like she just stepped out of a beauty parlor, with her hand made jewelry and her hair all in place.

The sales clerk, Betty, began adding all of her purchases. I had already paid, taken my sack of goodies (and freebies) to the car, and returned with my camera in time to catch a few shots.

I can't believe how much stuff they can pack in that small store!

Next it was on to JoAnns, where I had one of those "extra 10% off everything you buy" coupons you get when you are on their mailing list. I thought I spent a lot at Mrs. O'Leary's, but it was just a drop in the bucket compared to what I bought at JoAnns.

Between all the freebies and the "gifts" from Kathy, I made a haul. Here is all the paper, hands, and piano music roll Kathy gave me (in back), along with all the freebies and purchased things from both shopping places. The big purchases were the Fiskars pinking shears, the Sizzix tag die, and the black Staz-on re-inker, along with two other re-inkers for $1.00 each (in the two boxes by the paper) and two Twinkling H2Os for $1.50 each (little jars sitting on the paper stack). The rest was FREE.

Going to the basement were more purchases and freebies. The two packs of card stock are for our Christmas card making session later in the month, on sale at JoAnns, along with more freeibes from Mrs. O'Leary's. Kathy even laughed because I spent more than she did!

Now it's time to put everything away. Looks like I have my day cut out for me!!

3 thoughtful remarks:

Mar said...

the fun part will using the stuff!!!!

Robin said...

Lucky that you live close enough to shop at Mrs. O'Leary's store! Her stamps are absolutely gorgeous!!

Ingrid Dijkers said...

What fun! I enjoyed reading about all the wonderful treasures you ended up with. Thanks for sharing this.