Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shopping, freebies, and surprises

Friday was full of what I call "life happens." First, one of my friends on ABC said awhile back that I would be so happy when I got my stuff back and saw things I had forgotten I had. While painting the closet, the painters had to remove everything from the shelf. It was the one place the packers left. The painters, like the plumbers in the past, just threw things helter skelter, with no rhyme or reason to how it was packed or placed. In fact, they didn't even pack things, they just dumped the stuff anywhere available in the hall, obviously oblivious to the fact that things were sorted and in some rational order.

When I started packing up the things they had dumped, I found this container of silk ad cotton scarves. Someone had given them to me years ago and because I wasn't working with fabric at that time, I stuck it in the back of the closet along with some other material that unfortunately was not salvageable.

Some of these are pure silk. The colors and styles range from modern to retro. I am so glad I found them. I brought the container upstairs where it will now reside with the rest of my fabric. Hopefully you will see some of it in altered art one of these days.

Later in the morning, my dear neighbor Donna and I went on an all day shopping spree. Although I took my camera, I didn't take a single photo. Basically, we were in and out of stores quickly and with a purpose.

The first stop was a new WalMart, where I bought two more shelves that matched the one I already bought when Kathy came to visit about a week ago. Since they pretty much filled the back of her car, along with two clear containers and some fabric heat and bond, we returned to my place and dumped the first load off.

Next stop was across town in the opposite direction. One of my favorite places to shop is our County Household Hazardous Waste site, where you can return items not suitable for the landfill and pick up items at their "Swap and Shop." Because the site is supported by our property taxes, I feel it's my "duty" to shop there any time someone will take me. Here is what I got today:

Back row from left: Silicone glaze, Naval jelly, Kilz spray paint, aerosol for air brush. Nope, I don't have an air brush, but someone might have one someday, so why not be prepared.
Middle row: Rit dark green fabric dye, Sophisticated Finishes metal patina finish and blending color, two part epoxy.
Front: Clear glaze

Here's a view with less glare. And just think. Everything you see was FREE. Looks like I have some new products to experiment with.

Our next stop was the Nursery and seed store. I was a bit early for both herb seeds and plants. Neither will be available for at least two to three weeks. However, I bought three potatoes and four lbs of onion bulbs (yellow, white, and red).
Our final stop was at a new grocery/market across town which neither of us had ever gone to. I did my grocery shopping and Donna and I compared prices to where we normally shop. We decided we were lucky to have our discount grocery store in our neighborhood.

I was going to plant my potatoes and onions today, but by the time we got home, I was pooped and it was all I could do to take photos and put things away. Later I went to the basement and did more packing and planning. Quite a prosperous day and I feel like I now have everything I need for the new basement studio.

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