Friday, March 6, 2009

A hodge podge post

This post is all over the map. But then, it was that kind of day. I call the first part
"Art in the Garden?"

First, since the temperature today hit a high of 85 degrees F, I planted my lettuce. Yes, I know how to spell lettuce, but I didn't have enough room on the plaque for all the letters. I originally planned to write "Let us" as a play on words. I placed shredded paper on either side of the row of lettuce to reduce weeds.

An old piece of wood, gesso and green acrylic were used to make this crude sign. Can I call it "folk art" or "garden art?"

Handy prints:
I tried more gel medium and mica powders today, but didn't get around to adding the watercolor. I also tried another technique with the hands which I think are nearly ready for the compost heap. I just wanted to take a picture of them before they got lost in said heap. The texture and patina are amazing. It's too bad I can't somehow find a way to use them in my art. Guess a photo will have to do.

I'm hoping the papers will dry soon. When they are, I'll scan and update.

Basement update:
The ugly doors have been painted bright white and now blend perfectly with the rest of the room.

TaDA!! The shelves are painted and gorgeous.

The south wall is scraped and has received a coat of primer.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Dianne said...

Oh how I envy your new studio space...can't wait to see it finished...and you deserve It! gardening and sunshine are refreshing post too...spring is actually coming...finally!

Laura Kay said...

Good Luck with your spacious studio!! I have been looking through your tutorials. They are helpful.

The Paper Artist said...

Nice amount of space you will have when it finally gets finished. I bet you are getting excited.