Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Junk mail ATCs

Once again I find myself searching for art fodder and it is as close as my mail box. Since I can always make money themed ATCs to tuck into my really fat Money AB and save the land fill to boot, I took this 4 X 6 postcard weight advertisement I got in my mailbox today and made not one, but two ATCs from it. And I still have a heart left over to go with something else.
A love of money began with a card stock base to which I added gold fluid acrylic. While the paint was still wet, I laid down one of the gold-rimmed hearts I cut from the post card and a piece of paper backing from the Pellon I used in yesterday's ATCs. Over that I layered another gold-rimmed heart and the sentiment.

A measure of his worth began with a card stock base over which I glued a piece of the post card I trimmed with gold leafing.. To that I added a piece of a metal tape measure I stole from my garage, a magazine image (also from today's mail), and the sentiment. Thankfully my mailbox holds more art supplies than I will ever need!!

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Halle said...

great job! I never would have guessed you threw these together with plain old junk mail!

Mary said...

Love the Atc's that you made. And I *love* that you used a 4x6 post card that you recieved in your mailbox to make them. You are so very creative.