Sunday, November 30, 2008

One more page for Cris

I'm still plugging away on Cris's book. I don't seem to have much time carved out of my schedule to make art since I'm helping my neighbor/friend Sally move everything in her basement because she's getting her entire basement redone on Wednesday so the water doesn't come in. And, if you could see how much "stuff" she has in her basement, you would know it will take until then to get things moved out so the workers can come in and actually find the walls!

As a result, I only got this finished today.
I had a bunch of small scrapbook paper scraps that people have sent me that all had the same color values. I put them together and added a totally different colored image on top. Not sure the colors are right, but it's done. No sentiment, just a filler page. Cost? white glue.

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