Saturday, November 29, 2008

More collages for Cris's book

Why is it we spend days decorating our houses for Christmas? What is the obsession with making the entire house look like the north pole? I have no idea, but once again, I felt compelled to decorate my home with TREES. I'll try to get some photos as soon as I am finished decorating, but right now, I'll share what little art I did today.
I just don't feel like I ever get this type of collage correct. I feel like the composition is all wrong, even though I tried numerous combinations and various pieces.

After painting the file folder, I began with some left over handmade paper that I'd printed an alphabet on for a previous project. The rectangle on the right was a gift from Halle, the little tag came on some eye glass frames a neighbor gave me. The rest were left over scraps. The star's base was a paint chip that I cut to size, then saturated with whithe glue, added crushed egg shells, and embossed using gold EP. Cost for materials? Paint, EP, staples, printer ink, glue.

I was looking for butterflies and found this cool strip of scrapbook paper, possibly given to my by Kathy. Since Cris is the assistant editor at her newspaper, I thought the theme was perfect. In keeping with the era of the scrapbook paper, I added an old letter that had gotten wet at some time. It was from Australia, but looked like it might have been written to or by someone in a long forgotten war. The image is from a magazine. Cost? Glue.

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2 thoughtful remarks:

Sharon House said...

Hi Darlene

Just wanted you to know that your blog has been added to "My Art Sandbox Playmates" on my blog.


Mary said...

Wow! This page is great. I think you captured exactly what you wanted. I can hardly wait to see a photo of the all of the trees that you used for decoartions for Christmas.