Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tortured felt was finally torched

Several weeks ago, I tried to torture felt and failed. It was because I didn't have the right kind of felt for the project. Belinda, who I learned the technique from, and a very generous friend, sent me some Kunin felt, which is what I actually needed, not the wool felt I was trying to burn.
So tonight, after a busy day, I got out the felt that Belinda sent and decided to experiment. The supplies I used were:
Inexpensive acrylic paint
Felt (synthetic, and more behind the paint)
Rubber stamp
Sponge brush
Heat gun (not shown)
Heat resistant craft sheet
For this sheet I used brown paint for the rectangles and blue metallic paint for the rubber stamp. I wasn't sure how much paint to use, so varied the amount I used in the rectangles.
This is the completed piece after I zapped it with the heat tool. And yes, the process worked fast, unlike the wool felt that I spent a long time trying to burn.
Are you ready for this scan? Yes, this is the TRUE color of the felt and the two paints. My camera just doesn't show true color. The white you see is from a piece of paper I placed behind the felt before I scanned it.

I'm off to make more of these, but had to share my joy in a very successful project.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! glad you got this to work...cool texture created by the holes...