Friday, September 26, 2008

"Funky dyed kitchen paper" towels

Today Belinda provided a link to an artist who demoed what she called "Funky Dyed Kitchen Paper." She did an excellent job of demoing this technique on her blog, so I won't do that here. However, here are my papers.
I used Viva brand paper towels because they are more like cloth than paper when dyed. The one small square was a hand wipe that didn't produce very good results.
Some of mine didn't turn out the best, or I should say, like the examples in the demo, but some were wonderful. I also changed the way I did mine a bit from the demo, after the first set, which are the two in the foreground of this photo that have a lot of white in them. Instead of placing water and color washes in the plate, I put only water in the plate, then two paper towels. I allowed the paper towels to absorb the water, then spritzed color washes onto the towels. To get rid of the spray effect, I gently squeezed on the wet towels, redistributing the color.

Although some didn't turn out having beautiful bubbles, I did them all the same. This technique is truly quick, fun, and addictive.

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Anonymous said...

These are wonderful and will make great background additions - I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing.