Monday, May 20, 2019


I'm once again joining Erika, Bio Art Gal, our host this month at Art Journal Journey with her themes In the air/In the sky.  Today I've once again chosen In the sky.

SHHH!  Don't tell Bleubeard, but I've called on Toto (the adorable Cairn Terrier from the Wizard of Oz) for help today.

"Toto, I don't think

we're in Kansas


Although the picture is filled with sunflowers, the state flower of Kansas, there are mountains in the background, a dead giveaway this is not the flat lands of Kansas.

There is, however a tornado and a flying house.

There are also our signature sunflowers, since Kansas is known as the Sunflower State.

Look at the veins on that leaf and the tiny spikes on the stem.

The mountains simply look out of place, however.

This page came together quickly after I found a very old calendar page.  I tried to create the tornado in the clouds, but the gloss on the page didn't react well with the colored pencils I was using.  In desperation, I created the tornado on a sheet of card stock.  I did the same with the house.  Instead of going to my computer for the text, I created it by hand and outlined it using a gel pen.

I lamented on Saturday how I had tried to repair my lawn mower.  I said I wasn't sure it was fixed.  I gave it a good workout on Sunday and I was so happy I had fixed it.

Of course, this is the mess I see when I sit in my craft room.

My neighbor to my north is pouring a new driveway.

In my opinion, it was a poor time to do this.

Note how the water has receded and it is now dry.  However, before I could mow the back, the rains came.  So did the hail and tornadoes.  It was a scary night and it isn't over yet. 

The rains returned and left lots of run off, as can be seen from my driveway,

under the neighbor's vehicles,

and in his driveway.  At least he managed to cover the work he had already hired before it rained.

Thanks for joining Bleubeard and me today.  He finally got over being mad because I called on Toto for help.  Your visit is greatly appreciated.  I hope you didn't mind me showing my flower bed and my neighbor's mess I see each time I look outside.  Bleubeard and I also hope to see you at Art Journal Journey with your own art inspired by In the air/In the sky, too. 

23 thoughtful remarks:

Helen said...

I hope your neighbour finishes his drive soon.. I should have mowed my lawn yesterday too but didn't! Hope the tornado passed without any further damage. Sorry the Kew post took you so long to view. I will try and put fewer photos in next time.

Valerie-Jael said...

Well done on mowing the lawn. Those heaps from your neighbour are ugly, hope he gets finished soon. Lovely journal page, hope Bleubeard forgives you! Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

This page is magical Elizabeth! I love your imagination and how wonderful you put it in use here! Magical!!!! And I am totally impressed with your handwritten words- this looks like a fancy computerfont - my gosh - totally fantastic - you should do this more often in different sizes --- this is amazing! A fantastic entry for the air/sky topic! You really rock this month again lovely Co.-Admin! Erika appreciates this for sure! And I appreciate your awesome ideas and art this month as well - Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! And a relief to hear Bleubeard got over being mad! Good boy! I wished I could send one of our incredible neighbour's and friend's "Bert" to you as he is the best lawnmower doctor of the whole planet and many people bring their broken mowers to him. But super you could fix the problem by your own. I hope the noth-neighbour gets all done in a good way with his driveway!Keep my fingers crossed for you!
Happy start of the week my wonderful friend!
Big hugs, Susi

Let's Art Journal said...

What a wonderful page! The big sunflower made me smile and I love you take on the Wizard of Oz with the additions and wording, it's perfect for Erica's fabulous theme 😁. Glad you got your lawn fixed and I hope the rain stays away! Happy Monday dear Elizabeth! Jo x

Barbara said...

I loved being reminded of OZ by your page. One of my favorite places! The tornado and house gave it away to me instantly. So many have been affected by extreme weather. Your yard looks very nice in spite of it. Neighbors activities can be annoying, I know. Our next door neighbor seems to be a hoarder, and his yard is not pretty. Thanks for your feedback on my Summer Window blocks. Lol, I was thrown off by that title too. My fussy cut scenes are definitely not all summer! Kathy has given me some ideas that I think will help. Stay tuned!

My name is Erika. said...

This page is perfect for several reasons. First of all, I love it. Who doesn't love sunflowers and the Wizard of Oz? I like your tornado and flying house. Sorry Bleubeard didn't like the Toto reference. And on the scarier reason, I have seen the forecast and it is scary. I've lived through a few tornado warnings (not anything like you get in Kansas) and they are scary, and the photos of those tornados that have been hitting that area (which I saw on the news) are really scary! Stay safe and I will keep my fingers crossed that today is calmer. Anyhow this is a SUPER page and I am sending huge thanks for joining the challenge. Hugs-Erika

pearshapedcrafting said...

You are really making me smile today Elizabeth (first with your comment on my blog....Oh My!!!I got a fit of the giggles!!!) I love this page, even though you upset Bleubeard, for so many reasons - the sunflowers,THE most fascinating plants, your drawings, your handwriting, the fun nature of this portrayal of the awful weather you have been having and of course the memory of The Wizard Of Oz! I also did not remember that Kansas is known as the Sunshine State or that it is so flat! My home county of Lincolnshire has a reputation for being flat, although there are some hills, one of which has Lincoln Cathedral and castle on top of it!
I hope your neighbour is able to get on with the job soon!! I love the way those trucks look although they advertising your blog though!! Hugs, Chrisx

CJ Kennedy said...

I think your page sums up Kansas at least for those of us not from there. Sunflowers and tornadoes. I heard on the news you're in for some more rough weather. Hope you all stay safe and the weather is not as fierce as the weather dudes are predicting. I bought a packet of sunflower seeds to plant on the side of the house once the construction and painting are done. If it ever stops raining! Hopefully, your neighbor will have finished the driveway and your view will improve. Though now you can say KS has mountains. =^,.^= Stay safe.

kathyinozarks said...

Great page! I was thinking of you when I saw on the news all the tornadoes in and rain in your area-I agree for sure bad timing for a new driveway with everything so wet and still more rain coming Happy Monday!

Cindy McMath said...

This page really made me smile! But on a serious note, I hope the weather gives you a break soon. That sounds pretty scary. Take care and stay safe and dry.

aussie aNNie said...

This is a gorgeous post, love the very cute design and lovely colours. The driveway looks a bit

Divers and Sundry said...

What a fun page! I love colored pencils, but trying to use them on glossy paper drives me to distraction lol

It does seem an odd season for putting in a driveway. I hope he's able to wrap it up soon.

Neet said...

Hope you all stay safe - just so glad we don't have those weather conditions. Glad we don't have neighbours like yours too - could do without those big Molehills (joke).
Love your sunny Sunflower picture - what gorgeous sunflowers they are too. Such happy welcoming flowers - one of my favourites.
Hugs to you and Bleubeard (and Squiggles)
Neet xx

Sandra said...

The piece is excellent and certainly reflects the weather.
Love your garden.
Hope Mother Nature is more gentle with you. She's on a tear.

Meggymay said...

It is a fabulous page the sunflowers are beautiful and made me feel quite warm when I saw their lovely blooms. I hope Bleubeard has forgiven you for your reference to Toto on your page.
All the photos were great as well. It does seem that your neighbour may have given themselves more work with the bad weather you are having just now.
Stay safe.
Yvonne xx

Eileen Bergen said...

I thought, what a lovely clever page, until I got to the part about your actual weather. Oh my, I hope the tornadoes will pass without further damage, Elizabeth.

Good for you - fixing the lawn mower. Inspired by your resourcefulness, I re-wired a lamp last week or the very first time.

Hoping you and Bleubeard stay safe! Eileen xx

Rita said...

Scary storms!
Your poor neighbor. When you finally get a contractor to come you have no idea what the weather will be like.
Love that movie. Cute page. :)

Halle said...

That cracked me up! Love that you added your own tornado!!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your artwork is lovely. I don't mind seeing photos of the neighbor's mess. With all the rain going on, it does seem like the wrong time to do that work. I'm sorry to hear (via others) that your power is out. I always take electricity for granted until my power goes out: then I realize how many things rely on it.

Lowcarb team member said...

A lovely colourful page, and I do like sunflowers.

Well done on fixing the lawn mower.

All the best Jan

craftytrog said...

It's a wonderful page for Erika's theme Elizabeth. I won't tell Bleubeard, I promise 😀 xx

Birgit said...

Yuck to tornadoes..I hope you have a basement or some shelter area. I find tornadoes very scary like the devil's finger stirring up trouble. I love your happy page even with the tornado threat.

Jeanie said...

I always worry about you when I hear of tornadoes down your way. They're so very fast and so very scary.

Wish I could get a new driveway. Mine is having weeds through the cracks and all that. Oh, and love the sunflowers!