Monday, May 20, 2019

T Stands for kitchen cabinets

First, first, thanks for understanding my lateness.  Thanks to Sharon who took my call yesterday evening (we live in the same town) and spread the word that T would be late.  And thanks to Susi for also getting the word out.

First, if you only visit once a week, you will notice how much quicker my right sidebar seems to load.  It's because I've moved my blogger gratitude to the very end.  It is definitely slow loading and I'm glad I finally figured a way to make that sidebar load faster.

Second, I apologize for the photo overload today, but I got a bit carried away.  Our dear T Tuesday friend Kathy in the Ozarks is moving and shared her kitchen cabinets she is getting ready to move.  If you have not seen her post, I suggest you visit here.  In addition to sharing her cabinets, she also provided a link for how to date your cabinet.

I spent HOURS looking at different kitchen cabinets (many called Hoosier), trying to identify mine.

I purchased this one from the estate of my next door neighbor in Webb City, MO. It had like (quoting the Trout Town Tabbies), 984 coats of paint on it when I tried to strip it.  I never got it completely stripped before I moved to Wichita.  I learned that some of the cabinets came painted, but I have no idea if it had been painted before my neighbor took a paint brush to it.  

The metal is what came with the cabinet and I added the glass pulls when I stripped the cabinet.  The cutting board seems to have disappeared before I purchased it, too.

There are two glass inserts and six drawers. 

On the left is where the flour bin sits.  There is also a door in the lower cabinet.  The roll top is missing, so I added the light.

Apparently this is another way you can date your cabinet.  The black metal slide dates it to the 1920s.  Both of my cabinets have this design.  The white metal slides out for more surface space.  Believe it or not, this is the better side, because I switched it when I moved.

These are really bad photos, because of the warm lighting I chose to use in the case.  Some of my favorite rocks and objects are held here.

I think the sugar bowl was here, or maybe a shelf like in my other cabinet.

My friend Joseph gave me this print.   It is possibly Seurat's most well known work, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.

This is my other kitchen cabinet.  They are very different. This one has four doors and three drawers.  All are solid.

In the bottom drawer is a pull back metal insert.  I have no idea what it was for, but I suspect it was for flour.

The roll top on this one works flawlessly.

It was incredibly difficult to get far enough back to take a good photo of these cabinets, since the dining area is rather small.

It may be even harder to see what is inside,

since I have so much junk memorabilia in front.  Yes, I have copper everywhere!  Don't ask me to give it up, either, please.  OR my rocking horses.

It appears there may have been two cutting boards 

originally in this cabinet.  All the metal came with it.  I didn't change a thing.

This cabinet is rare, according to some information.  Instead of a flour bin, the insert is a pie safe.

This cabinet holds my grandmother's crystal, some of the smaller pieces from my Princess House Princess Heritage collection, and a one person tea pot and cup.  That's my T reference this week.

Although it's not the best mosaic, here are the two cabinets side by side.

It's now time for you to share your own drink related post.  It can be gifts you received, photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, mail art, junk mail, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Regardless, please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.   Please link only your T post and not your blog in general.  Old photos are acceptable because they may be taken any time, not just on Tuesday and not just this year.

28 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

At last! Sorry you had problems. Those cabinets are really interesting. I have an old one, too, but it's in the basement as there is no room in my kitchen! Happy T Day, Valerie

Sharon Madson said...

Yay! You made it to your party! :) I was really concerned when I saw you still weren't up this morning. These cabinets are wonderful. I have a friend who loves antiques, and she would absolutely love these! I can see how very different they are. You do not need to part with your rocking horses or any of these special mementos. In fact you have the perfect places for them!
Oh, I hope your T day is better and you are drinking hot coffee!

Kate Yetter said...

Seems as though your power has come back. Yay! Your cabinets are beautiful.I love the amount of storage you have in your cabinets along with those lovely copper pieces. I say if they create joy when you look at them, then keep them.
Happy Tea Day,

Linda Kunsman said...

sorry about the internet/power troubles again:( I almost didn't get to post either because our (Verizon) internet was down in many surrounding areas where I live because of some massive storms late Sunday night into Monday early AM.

LOVE your cabinets!!! I don't know if you remember or not but our home is filled with old furniture,etc.-some from relatives, some found at estate sales, some from antique shops. My hubby always checks the craftsmanship inside and out to determine possible age and renovations to a given piece. I must show him this post:)

Happy T day!

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm glad you were able to get your post up and going by mid-day :) I missed you :)

I'm impressed with your cabinets. Such beautiful pieces, and you've adapted them for your needs with the light, etc. I've never lived in a place that used that type of storage for flour and have always used glass jars. Some people still use these flour bins, though,and pie safes as well. "Junk"? lol Well, only if you use the word with fondness ;) Mother had some of that Heritage glassware, and my sister got those. It's nice when family members can use the older generation's pretties.

Welcome back to the Land of Electricity!

Eileen Bergen said...

Yay, power is back! We were worried about you. It was so thoughtful to find way to let us all know you were okay, Elizabeth.

I really enjoyed both the posts about Hoosier cabinets. The early 1900s house I where I grew up in Milwaukee had built in white metal cabinets with drawers below along one kitchen wall. One of the deep drawers had a metal cover just like in your picture. We used it to keep bread and called it the bread drawer. It's interesting to learn what it was actually made for.

Happy T-day! Eileen xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh My!! I have cabinet envy! we had to part with two of ours when we left our house as the flat is too small! I do miss seeing my treasures although I do have some on surfaces here it just isn't the same! Glad to see you back with power! I hope there were no further water problems! Happy T day! Chrisx

froebelsternchen said...

I LOVE your cabinets! Awesome!
Happy T-Day dear Elizabeth! Sorry for the internet /power problems sweetheart! Big hugs, Susi
Happy Day!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

these cabinets are beautiful; the history they hold !!!

Lowcarb team member said...

So sorry you have had problems … but here you are :)
Thank you for all of the photographs, the cabinets do look good and so much wonderful storage, which is so good to have.

Enjoy the week ahead.

All the best Jan

kathyinozarks said...

I am so happy that you shared your vintage cabinets with us. I love them-and I have never seen one with the pie safe on the left-that's quite special. I love your glass doors too. and I Loveeee copper too-smiles
Up at the lake house Hubs removed the back of that one with the two cut outs and we have the wood to replace it-and we saved the vintage nails too. The inside of this cabinet is not very nice. When we took the flour bin out the previous owners just painted around that-so I am thinking this was not painted inside originally. My Grandma's was painted inside. I am going to see if it will scrub clean if not will probably repaint the inside as I don't have the time right now to strip it. We want to clean that up before he puts the new back on.
Happy T hugs-we haven't lost our electric so far-thank goodness, but lots of major storms and lots of rain all over Missouri again stay safe-hugs to you

Meggymay said...

Its good that you have your power up and running again again, Susi left a message and we were all, I'm sure thinking of you.
I loved seeing the photos of your cabinets, they both looked super with all your precious things displayed on the surfaces and behind the doors. Its good that you use these precious cabinets, when many here would be sending them to the auctions.
Happy T day wishes Elizabeth.
Yvonne xx

Anne (cornucopia) said...

I'm glad you got your power restored. Both of your cabinets are beautiful. And I like all of the stuff you have on and in them. That crystal is lovely. Fantastic rocking horses. (They reminded me that I have a few small rocking horses that I forgot I had, but I think they are packed away in my attic boxes.) I like that Earth globe, too. I might not have time to leave comments for everyone today, but I'll do so within a day or two. Happy T-Day!

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, your kitchen cabinets are amazing! I loved seeing them and finding out about the history 😀. So pleased you have your power back on, hope you are doing ok! Take care and wishing you a Happy T Day! Jo x

Birgit said...

They are old and I can see, in the one picture, of your 2nd shelf, the way they made it which shows its age...I love it. It's the wood interlocking..I can't find the right word right now. I wonder if the lower closed shelf was originally an old way to store cold goods? The other area I do believe was for flour and if you have a drawer with an old key slot that probably held the spices. i like your dutch Hummel figures in the back. I like that you showcase one of your art pieces on the other cabinet as well. I love that painting by Seurat and I have socks, yes...socks, with that print on it.

Halle said...

Glad you are back up and running. For once I was on the ball and had my post ready. lol
Love your cabinets. I was just researching those myself a week or so ago. I want one!! They are so cool!
Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

Hurrah-it is good you are back! I like both of your cabinets. I have seen them, but that style isn't really popular here in New England, so I especially loved the tour of them. And I like seeing all your things. It says a lot about a person what kinds of things they have. I actually have the two yarn haired rocking horses or something just like them that I hang on my Christmas tree. I have my crystal that I got from my great aunt when she died packed away because I unfortunately don't have any space for it. I have the box in an overflow basement closet. I love that you have such interesting cabinets to put yours in so you can get to them and use them when you want. I hope it was a good T day and that the power stays on and the storms go away and life settles down. Hugs-Erika

Rita said...

Glad your power is back on and love the antique cabinets! :)

kathyinozarks said...

If we lived closer Yes you could come and dig all the hostas-hugs-I asked our friend if she wanted some-they would be perfect in her shady areas around her big log home-she dug up just a few of them-and a week later still hadn't planted them. Maybe by now she has. they are huge do to all this rain-I may ask our new neighbor at the lake house if she wants them-she has some beds started.

Bridget Larsen said...

You've done a great job, I love wooden cabinets and yours are just gorgeous


Caty said...

So happy your internet is back home again Elizabeth!! and I hope you won´t have more problem.
Those cabinets are Wonderful, with a lot of storage, and I can admire the so lovely treasures you have got, specially the rocking horses!! OOoh, they are great! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
I wish you a very Happy T-day, and a nice Wednesday ,
Big big hugs, Caty

My name is Erika. said...

Hi again-

I am back to answer your question after just seeing your comment. You asked about exotic plants. Exotic plants refers to invasive non-native plants. We have problems with a few but the big one is Eurasian Milfoil which ( as you can tell by the name is not from New Hampshire) gets into lakes and then turns the shallow spots very weedy, changing the environment and the lake make up. It gets on boat trailers and motor propellers and can spread, even if it is just a small piece and not the whole plant.That sign was next to the boat ramp. I used to be an exotic plant checkers at the first lake I showed a picture of this past post and I would inspect boats as they went in and out of the lake. I guess you could say this is one of my environmental soapboxes. Probably why I took the photo and posted it.

And you laugh at my diet coke. (Smile.) Check out this link about lobster.
Other than the bit of mayo it is in, it is low fat and low calorie and a good source of protein. And supports a local economy. And one of the few sustainable fisheries (well not quite fish). And delicious! It's a win-win, even with a diet coke.

NOT that I was trying to go low calorie with the diet coke. I just prefer it to regular coke and needed a bit of caffeine to get me through Friday evening.

So you can laugh at my diet coke with my lobster but at least I was keeping the carbs on the lower side (except for the french fries I was eating).

happy tuesday night again.

CJ Kennedy said...

Hooray for electricity. I hope there wasn't too much damage in your area. Your Hoosier cabinets are just beautiful as well as functional. I had thought of looking for one to replace my microwave cart, but they don't seem big enough to hold a microwave. Seeing "my" goblet with the crystal things made me smile. Happy T Day

johanna said...

happy to see you back on electric power again. aren´t we so dependent on this? nightmares happen within seconds... we feel so helpless without it. a bit scary, actually...
what i liked most about your kitchen cabinets are the glass inserts! they look like treasures to me and i´m sure i´d always fix my eyes on them!!
have a great rest of the week now, and hopefully without problems. you had enough of them recently, in many respects... xox

RO said...

Wow! I love all the trinkets you have, and the way you've decorated. Your cabinets are quite gorgeous too! Hugs...RO

RO said...

Do you like scented candles too? My eyes spy what looks like a candle in a jar? I also adore your rocking horses and they're quite unique. It reminds me of how I've displayed my Barbie Dolls and HotWheels throughout the years. I live in a tiny, tiny place now, but Barbie finds her way to a window ledge on a cabinet to lift my spirits when needed. Cool that you like copper. I see quite a bit of that when I visit thrift stores. Hugs and Happy Wednesday! RO

J said...

Hi Elizabeth, Sorry I'm late for T day, it was late by the time your post came up and for some reason I couldn't get in from my ipad.
Better late than never so pleased you are back online.
I love all you little treasures and cabinet, my husband hates these things but most of mine are from family so they are precious.
Happy Wednesday
Jan x

Jeanie said...

I adore both your Hoosier and your mother's cabinet. They are stunning, so very beautiful. And I love seeing the things on the cabinets -- the things that identify YOU. That's so person, so "real." Love the Sunday in the Park print, of course. Sondheim and Seurat are both favorites!

You are so lucky to have your grandmother's crystal.