Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Winter Solstice and six weeks of my life

Yesterday when I left off, I had cleaned off my main floor craft desk and was getting ready to wrap these gifts.  I spent six weeks making these file folder books with the help of AEDM.  Thankfully, the dyed and painted fabric I created this spring and summer was patiently waiting for me to use in a project.  However, before I did that,

I paid homage to the Winter Solstice, which arrived today at 1:11 p.m. in my time zone (Central Time Zone of Northern Hemisphere).  It is the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere (anyone living south of the equator) today.

This page certainly lived up to its name, as Bleubeard and I welcomed winter in with an ice storm, which is currently weighing my electricity and phone lines down, and making my porch slippery to walk on.  That will be followed in a couple of hours from now by snow courtesy of winter storm Gemini.  They are predicting 4-8 inches of snow on top of the already icy conditions.  I've been in contact with a few of the people who are planning to visit over Christmas, and because of the winter advisory in my area, I have discouraged them from coming until they know it is safe to travel.  All will be traveling by car, so there are no worries about getting stranded at airports.  Hopefully the weather will improve before Christmas, or Bleubeard and I may have to eat all these goodies by ourselves.

Using gesso, I created this page in my collage journal by first blocking out all the words and images, except the word "Winter."  I allowed that to dry, then added a second coat of gesso, to which I added the holographic snowflakes which turned mostly pinkish under the scanner light. It's far more textural than it appears in the scan.

Now lets put all thoughts of bad weather aside and return to my scrappy file folder books.

Before I wrapped these two scrappy file folder books I've already shown on Day 25 of AEDM, I added the decorations you see here.

I wanted to show the extra gift I added to my friend Kathy's tag in the front of her book.

A close-up of this piece I made right before I participated in Where Bloggers Create this summer, is far easier to see now that I have a decent camera.  I encourage you to click on the photo for a better view.

Now that all the old news is out of the way,

let's move on to scrappy file folder book 3.

This was actually the last book I finished, so I was trying to hurry it along.  I used some of my leftover stamped images from my tip-ins on the left side of the book, and a post card and flowers on the right side.  The top flower hides the back of a decorative metal clamp I added to the next page.

The swirl and bird on the left were intended to compliment the quote.  I added a bit of ribbon and the metal "Merry Christmas" clamp on the left side.

More leftover Christmas stamped images were sewn to the right side.  I sewed ribbon over the name on the file folder (top right).

A pocket on the left page holds the note explaining how to use the scrappy book.  The "joy" tag was a sticker.

A place to leave notes and a vintage postcard from Kansas City, MO were sewn on the right.

Any time I can sew two images at once shortens my sewing time.  That's what I did when I added this and the other postcard on the reverse side.  Both postcards are vintage images from Kansas City, MO.

The tree on the right was a die cut I made when I visited my art friend Kathy this summer.

Scrapbook paper and a magazine image were sewn to the left file folder, while a frame was added to compliment the collographic image on the right.

A vintage calendar image was paired with the leftover oval from the frame on the reverse side.  Two leftover pieces from my tip-ins were sewn to the file folder, too.  On the right is an envelope to hold notes about gifts received, while

another envelope for notes about cards received is on the left of this page.

I'm not sure where I got this cupcake holder, but it looked like it belonged on this page on the right.

I sewed the cupcake holder on the back at the same time.  I added a tag that can be written on, too.

This is my final scrappy file folder book I made.  I decided to wait till tomorrow to show the inside, though.  I didn't want you getting bored, since I took so many photos while my internet was being repaired.

Thanks for sticking with me so long and welcome to WINTER.  How's the weather in your area?

11 thoughtful remarks:

Vicki Miller said...

Wow, these are great! You can't tell me you are not super creative and productive I would never have got this done and you made so many. they are really beautiful and imaginative. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog

Marilyn J. Rock said...

I find all of this so creative and meaningful! Right now it is raining, here, and tomorrow we will hit 60 degrees! Crazy! There goes our white Christmas. xo

Beverley Baird said...

What lovely memory folders! Wonderful gifts!
I created my winter intentions vision board today.

Dianne said...

an outstanding job on the file folder journal! great combination of materials, colors, and ephemera. right now Ohio is getting buckets of rain. we have flood watches in many areas--it's been raining all day Sat. and it's supposed to rain all day Sunday too. but that's way better than snow & ice in my opinion. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday, and that your guests safely make it to your home to visit!

Nan G said...

Wow oh wow! These are so cool! I've loved very post showing us the how you did it's! All this and no Internet and getting ready for company! You rock, girl! And I'm sure Bleubeard was a tremendous help. :) Happy Winter Solstice! Loved that piece too. Happy Holiday hugs from me and the Girls

Carol said...

Happy Winter Solstice! Love all the beautiful work you did with the file folders :) We have freezing rain today..but I don't think we are going to get the snow. We'll see. If it's all white when I wake up tomorrow I'll know they were wrong again ...LOL!

Janet said...

Hi, Elizabeth!Happy Winter Solstice to you...I was born on the Summer Solstice (the LONGEST day of the year, my mother used to like to tell me!) so now I am 61 1/2 and will begin rounding to 62. Eligible for sr. discounts. Made me ill. Oh, well, beats the alternative doesn't it!?

Your books are awesome! What lucky people to have them as gifts!

There should be tutorials on the net for making your own washi tape. Just heed my warning, use of it is TERRIBLY addictive!

Corrine at said...

Fantastic memories of 2013, can't believe we are moving quickly to another year....You and Bleubeard be careful on that ice.....we are raining right now but north of us there will be ice and probably icy here tomorrow, but no snow yet, unless, oh, the weather changes. xox

elle said...

Memories 2013 is a good idea. I think I like it better than the calendar pages. Welcome to winter, Elizabeth. Have a lovely holiday with your friends!

Halle said...

Your storm sounds nasty. I hate it when we get ice. I'd much rather just have snow...even if it a lot. Hope the weather turns for the better so your guests can come.
Lovely gifts from a lovely gal!

dawn said...

Hello! You have been very busy, guess it's good that your internet was down. Seems I get things done when not on the computer too, not sure if I like missing my friends here though.

These are just beautiful and filled with love and lots of work. Great job on them and your friends will love receiving one.

The weather sounds nasty, please be careful on that ice. We had tons of snow and now tons of rain which isn't good at all. The temps were cold with the snow but have been in the low 50's for 3/4 days and it feels good. The snow is coming back and temps are dropping. Just your normal northeast weather I suppose.

Hope your friends can come visit you and help eat some goodies!

Thanks so much for all the sharing, love seeing what you create!