Friday, January 22, 2010

Making messes

Yesterday I made a bunch of backgrounds. I am playing around with various ideas, so the backgrounds were as varied as my thoughts.

This one is about 6 X 8 and made with only fabric and metallic paints.

This one uses book pages, gesso, fluid acrylics, glazes, and acrylic paint. Sorry, I can't show the others.

I always preach to clean your work space as soon as you finish one project and before you start another. After all that play, I didn't take time to put anything away until after I snapped this picture. There are so many different projects represented here. I seriously believe this is the messiest my art space has EVER been. So, those of you who are neatniks like me are probably repulsed by this sight, as am I. Those of you who like to work in clutter will find it refreshing that I could allow it to get so bad in one day.

Since I made such a mess yesterday, today's blog is by another guy, but not an artist. This guy has an organization challenge blog, where he shows pictures and gives advice for how to declutter, etc. I simply looked for a blog about decluttering and Greg's popped up. Not bad. Although he has nothing about art studios, he makes some good generalized points.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Terri Kahrs said...

I'm lovin' those backgrounds! I try to clean up after every project too, but it's a challenge sometimes. Actually, your space doesn't appear to be too bad!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Dianne said...

great backgrounds...oh, if you only knew the truth about my studio & the mess involved...will definitely need to check out the 'cut clutter' website!

Diane said...

Elizabeth, your "cluttered" area looks mine when it's cleaned up-seriously, But even I get too nervous when I make too much of a mess, and then I have to just stop and clean it up. I love your first page!!

Greg said...

Hi and thanks for the link back to my blog.

FYI, I have a Flikr group that I would really love to get some before and and after shots of decluttering your art studio.

The address is

Its only new and the intention is to feature these areas on my blog once a week.

Invitation is open to all readers of altered booklover as well : )


Anonymous said...

Actually, I like your clutter because I can see the materials you are using. I'm new to art journalling and doing my best to understand the techniques and how to achieve them. Love your colours, Shall be watching your blog for inspiration!