Saturday, January 23, 2010

More organization tips

My brain is numb. I still have to finish my One World One Heart project (see sidebar for details), but I just couldn't bring myself to make art today. With the deadline looming, I just felt I was spinning my wheels. I always tell people when that happens, organize something. You'll either get inspired, or find something you forgot you had that will jump start your creativity.

Tip 1: When creativity is lagging, organize.

With that in mind, and Bleubeard cheering me on (can't you just FEEL his excitement?), I decided to share a few more tips.

You often see this dresser in the background behind my work space. It is always clean. Tip 2: Always keep at least one horizontal surface clear of clutter and art projects.

There is another reason for this space to stay clean, too. Since I host at least one swap a month, this is my "shipping zone."

I have everything nearby for mailing. I keep labels, postage, and scales in the left drawer, shipping charges, address labels, and customs forms in the right drawer. I pulled the papers out a bit so you could see what they are. On the lower right is trash can that holds envelopes. Behind that in the blue bag is packing material (bubble wrap). The next drawer down, which is a single drawer, is where I keep all swap packages I receive. I never open them until the day I make the actual swap. That way I know everything is safe and never lost.

Tip 3: Keep like items together, whether it's postage/shipping supplies or crayons.

This system works for me. It may not work for you, but it does for me. And, NO, that is not mold or a stain on my carpet. It's just how the light reflected off the wall or baseboard.

I started removing all the books from one shelf, using a makeshift box to store them until I find a place for them. Then I realized I had forgotten a very important tip:

Tip 4: Always know how much space you need and have a place for things you want to move and keep.

Nope, no space here. There are already altered books everywhere you look.

No space here. This space is overrun with altered books.

Could there be room in here?

The next task is to measure the amount of space I have on this shelf and to ask myself where I will put the things I remove from it. I obviously didn't find the space I needed, so it's back to the drawing board. I may just have to give my altered books away.

Today's blog will totally waste your time (what could be more perfect on a Saturday). In fact, it is called More Ways to Waste Time. Unfortunately, the person who ran this blog shut it down in 2008, so there are no new posts. However, the ones that are still on her blog are fun to see if you like photography, furniture, and gallery art. This is an eye popping, color rich blog and I'm sorry to see it is no longer active.

7 thoughtful remarks:

Terri Kahrs said...

LOVE your mailing station! Whenever I go to send things off, I'm always 'searching' for the tape, envies, etc. Hmmm . . . . maybe I can clear out a little space in my art closet! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Donna: said...

Happy Saturday E.... your mailing station looks great. I have been moving stuff about for a few days now. :( Think I will need a shovel soon. But looks like you are making progress.

Halle said...

I love the scale on top of your lawyers bookcase! So cool! The bookcase is pretty sweet as well.

I understand about art slumps...I too will organize in those times.

Marilyn Rock said...

If I could only be half as organized as you, I would be in much better shape here with my art supplies. Wonderful and I love your backgrounds you did, too! xxoo

Marlynn said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth.... think of me when you write your organizing tips and just imagine me sitting here soaking it all up. I managed to "organize" my adhesive zone, thanks to you my friend. It might change later on, but I at least got my workspace cleaned and rearranged. One small zone at a time! LOL

Vicki said...

#2: that's a tough one!!

Lori Saul said...

I love this - organization really helps me feel ready to create. I always clean up my art room and then an hour later it looks like a cyclone hit - but hey - whatever it takes. Wonderful inspiring post Elizabeth!