Sunday, December 7, 2008

The final pages for Cris's book

I have finally finished the pages in Cris's book. Now I have to assemble it tomorrow. The days are getting busier and busier, with more and more fun Christmas type activities. So, I will have to carve out time for art and a few handmade gifts for friends.
This is the inside cover of the book. While walking home from my neighbor's the other day, I looked down and there was this wonderful piece of bark. I brought it home and soaked it because it was in the form of a circle. After soaking for about six hours, I pulled it from the water and weighed it down flat with a brick. The background is more of my handmade paper. I used a fallen maple leaf for the accent, but I didn't bother pressing it. I simply covered it front and back with gel medium. Well, it was already dying when I brought it home, so it's very fragile now. I cracked it when I scanned the page, so I'll have to figure out a way to disguise the crack.

Cost of piece is gel medium and E-6000. In all fairness, I guess I should include the cost of water, too.
This is the inside back cover. I used only scraps that were on my table. Most were leftovers from previous spreads in this book. I pulled the disparate colors together using pigment ink.

Cost is pigment ink, glue, printer ink.
This is the back cover. Instead of using my script stamp like I did on the front, I used a portion of one of Sally's cool collage stamps. The substrate was made from two flat rate envelopes glued together. I used the same technique on the back letters and substrate as the front.

Cost is glue, staz-on ink, green acrylic paint, gesso.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Linda Manning Findley said...

oh my it's finished .... love the back inside cover aren't scraps wonderful ..... Linda F

Anonymous said...

Love these pages! especially like the use of, you've really been busy! this book will be a great gift.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you enough how much I like this book.