Friday, September 30, 2022

Friday Smiles 491: still at the art fair


It's Friday, which means it's time to join Friday Smiles which is hosted by Annie (at A Stitch in Time).   Let's visit her and the other wonderful ladies who also share their smiles each Friday.   

I stopped at this booth because I felt it had an African feel.  Unfortunately, the booth was very dark and I didn't get very good photos.
With the help of Photoshop, I lightened and added contrast to this photo.  Not sure I helped it much.

I know several of my readers and followers like pottery.  I was impressed with these bowls.

I got a real laugh at the sign.  In case you can't read it, "Buy art from a living artist. The dead ones don't need the money."

I came upon this booth and was immediately mesmerized.

I love copper and whirligigs, too.

The only problem was, there was no shade and no real tent, so I realized I had to move on.

This goes against everything I said about not showing sunflowers or jewelry.  Some of you may know I am allergic to metal.  I can't wear any jewelry, not even 24 karat.  Any metal against my skin causes me to break out in a rash.

So why, you ask, am I showing a sunflower and earrings?

Actually, the sunflower just happened to be in the way of the real object I was focusing on, 
the Keeper of the Plains, the real focus of my attention.

I will have one final booth to show next week.  No funnies this week, but a few Keepers. 
I know some of you really enjoy seeing the Keeper.  I hope you enjoyed these images I found on the internet.  
Now PLEASE visit Annie  and don't forget to start your weekend with a smile.

20 thoughtful remarks:

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, so sorry you cannot have any jewelry.
Those are wonderful pieces of art!
Sad we don´t have fairs like this (that I know of - Braunschweig has a talent to let you know afterwards there was an event and not many people came, they never learn!).
The sunflower sure gives a bitter-sweet smile.
All the Russian men fleeing from Putin, I hope, but reckon it will not happen, that he "wakes up".

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the photos of the Keeper, some are very dramatic. Thanks for sharing, hugs, Valerie

mamapez5 said...

I would love to spend a day or two browsing at this show. (It is much more my cup of tea than the museums if I am honest).
Of course, I love the sunflower though I am not interested particularly on the jewelry hanging from it.
I also love the kinetic hanging ornaments. I have one hanging in my porch and I can sit and watch it for ages.
But best of all are the photos of the Keeper. What a super sculpture making a lovely silhouette against a colourful sky. It is positioned in a great site too. Thanks for sharing. Kate x

Elephant's Child said...

How I would have loved to attend that fair with you.
And how I loved the photos of the Keeper. Thank you - and have a wonderful weekend.

Annie said...

What fab craft stalls with so much amazing creations on them.
Annie x

kathyinozarks said...

This art fair was full of different things-loved the pottery and the copper pieces by fab is the Keeper though-great images Elizabeth

Mae Travels said...

Your art fair photos are intriguing. I love looking at the creative works at our art fair even if I don’t especially want to buy them. Though I often buy at least one piece of pottery, usually something useful. The sunflower is a really wonderful plant — it’s become iconic in so many places — including your Wichita — because of its dramatic appearance as well as its very useful value as food.

best… mae at

CJ Kennedy said...

Buy are from a living artist...😹 The Keeper of the Plains is such a handsome sculpture

Jenn Jilks said...

I enjoy art work. This is a wonderful way to see some I will never have the opportunity to see! Thank you for sharing it.

Debra said...

The art show was exceptional. Just beautiful.

Jeanie said...

I can see why you were attracted to Keeper of the Flame. All the photos you shared of it are really beautiful. And I love that sunflower. I didn't know about the metal -- that's unfortunate.

Sandra Cox said...
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Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for sharing. The Keeper of the Plains is magnificent. Have a safe and joyful weekend, my friend.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Sorry I'm late, been on the road most of the day as the weather was awful and the roads busy but we're here now ready for the Crop tomorrow. I would not dare go to the art fair as I would go home with loads of those gorgeous pieces. The Keeper is amazing. Have a lovely weekend, hugs Angela xXx

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, I love those whirligigs and I would happily have any of them in my garden - so beautiful! I loved seeing all the images of the Keeper too, such an amazing sculpture and by the looks of it, so stunning to look at whatever time of day 😁. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend! Hugs Jo x
p.s. thanks for your lovely comments on my last two blog posts, that's so kind and thoughtful of you, and I really appreciate you stopping by when your time is so limited! x

My name is Erika. said...

I enjoyed the next round of photos. This looks like it was a great arts and craft show. And since I haven't been to one for several years, it is always great to go to them. I really like the photos of the Keeper of the Plains. That statue looks wonderful at night and during the sunrise/sunset. Happy start to your weekend and last few hours of September. hugs-Erika

Sharon Madson said...

Beautiful artwork. Love, love your keeper photos! Hugs!

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm impressed they let you take photos. Down here the booth runners are downright pissy about that, with signs everywhere and anti-photo attitude front and center.

Rita said...

That sign about the dead ones not needing the money made me laugh out loud!
Loved the photos of The Keeper--especially the one with the sunset behind it. :)

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like the Keeper of the Plains photographs you've shared.

All the best Jan