Thursday, August 5, 2021

Secretarial skills required


Today I'm joining Neet, at Hickydorums, our host this month at Art Journal Journey

who has chosen Type as her theme.  
For some reason, blogger won't let me left adjust this image, even after I manually adjusted it in html mode.

Today secretaries are actually considered administrative professionals, or possibly personal assistants.  The skill sets may have changed, but the job has not.  Most of these assistants perform clerical work that might include filing, typing using a keyboard, and taking or creating correspondence.
Every good secretary needs these skills.

Besides phrasing and transcription skills, one must type quickly (with no mistakes), too.  Long painted nails are not required.

For this journal page, I started with 110 lb. cardstock to which I adhered two sheets of Gregg shorthand pages.  I printed the focal image and the sentiment on my laser printer. The image, an old typewriter, was a freebie from The Graphics Fairy.  I used a felt tipped pen to paint the fingernails.

Thank you ever so much for visiting today.  Bleubeard, and I are delighted you joined us and hope to see you soon at Art Journal Journey with your own take on Type.

Wednesday's bamboo update:

I hope to have this finished and everything bundled by this evening (Thursday), so everything can be at the curb Friday, as required.

Thanks for sticking with me through this "crisis" and know I'm also trying to visit all my blogging friends whenever I take a break.

19 thoughtful remarks:

kathyinozarks said...

wow now you can see more of your yard with the old bamboo out of there-big job just getting it to the curb too--will this grow back again or did you get it dug out too.
Like your journal page too for the theme.

Elephant's Child said...

Wow on the bamboo update.
I can type but my shorthand skills have gone.

Iris Flavia said...

I learned shorthand at school - for fun. But have forgotten it all. Great page.
And weeee.... still a lot of work in the garden!

Neet said...

I can still do a bit of shorthand and tend to take notes using a mix of it and shortened words (there was a name for a quick writing using shortened words but I cannot remember it - nowhere near the speeds you could get with shorthand). I am sure milne was Greggs, I will have to try to read some of your pages.
The shorthand pages look good with the typewriter and I love how you painted her nails. Adds to the artistry around the page. Thanks for a totally different slant on myk theme - I love it!
Gosh, you have worked hard in the garden - and what a big garden you seem to have. You must be shattered. Glad you are getting it all taken away - would you normally have to pay for this kind of service?
Hugs, Net xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Fun page, love the red nails! I learned shorthand at school, and it was a good help making notes at lectures when I was studying. Glad you are nearing the end with your bamboo, that#s a huge amount to chop and dispose of. Take care, hugs, Valerie

aussie aNNie said...

Love the red nails. Looks like you are in for a gardening challenge...have fun. x

pearshapedcrafting said...

A reminder of my past too Elizabeth! My aunt taught me to type and I went to night school for shorthand classes - never really used either as I decided office work was not for me and went into teaching instead.
I love this page and the red nails really add that extra special touch of yours! Perfect page for Neet's theme!
You have done so well in your garden. What I really want to know is what are you going to do with the extra space?
Hugs, Chrisx

My name is Erika. said...

I like this vintage page my dear. And what really popped out to me is the red fingernails on the secretary. That is quite the eye catching color. You must have a shorthand book, which gives you some fantastic pages to create this. I remember you used some back in Elle's language challenge too.This is a good idea for Neet's challenge. And the bamboo clearing is looking fantastic. How long has it been since you could see that fence? You must be happy to get this done (if you are done yet). Hope you have had some fun time this week too, and some relax time-even more important. Hugs-Erika

craftytrog said...

A wonderful page Elizabeth, the painted nails are a great contrast.
Good luck with the bamboo bundling!

CJ Kennedy said...

Your page made me smile. My mother made me take typing in high school. That was supposed to be my fallback skill so I could get a job. Typing certainly helped wen I was a computer programmer. Your yard is looking great.

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, my goodness, Elizabeth! You have been working hard! I don’t know how you do it. It looks overwhelming. I have no idea how you had time to create this interesting journal page. I love that you thought of painting her nails. So creative! Thanks for sharing. Hugs & prayers, sweet friend. I hope you are able to get some rest this weekend.

Jeanie said...

Your lawn work blows my mind. Well done. Love the page. Typing was probably the best skill I ever learned!

Divers and Sundry said...

Wow! That bamboo is a lot of work! I know you'll be glad when it's been picked up and you have more space in your yard.

Let's Art Journal said...

Fabulous page! The short hand notes and typing are perfect for Neets theme. Loving those red painted nails too 😀. Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs, Jo x

Mae Travels said...

Typing was a skill I never mastered. Even now my typing is very inaccurate and I constantly backspace over the mistakes to correct them, if autocorrect doesn’t do it for me. Obviously I never did shorthand.

Your yard clean-up looks very satisfying — and exhausting.

I have a couple of days of rest for now, then off on another trip. I’ll be back to other people’s blogs by the end of August.

best… mae at

Rita said...

I took shorthand in high school with a really awful, crabby teacher. Don't remember any of it. I hope you get all your bamboo, etc, out by Friday! :)

Olde Dame Holly said...

I took shorthand and typing in high school...learned "keypunch," too, in college and did a LOT of it in a student job. That was a huge amount of bamboo! What a job.

Meggymay said...

A fabulous page and those nails added to the secretarial image this brought to mind. Folk in this kind of work always seem to have such well manicured hands.
I hope you got all tour garden cuttings moved, we have to pay extra to get ours removed.
Yvonne xx

J said...

A lovely page Elizabeth, I had to go to night class to learn typing but couldn’t get on with shorthand , we had the new gadget when I went to work, tape recorders with electric typewriters , it used to run away with me when I first used it, we had lots of fun in the typing pool.
Have a lovely weekend