Friday, April 12, 2019

Fabric paper: could the end be near?

This will be my final page of fabric paper.  I suspect you are tired of seeing these, but they take forever to dry.

Just as I did with the last three pages, I chose some beautiful tissues, both decorative and plain, along with dress pattern tissues.  I paired them with this ugly fabric I purchased one year in a thrift store.  I'm always looking for ways to use this ugly fabric, and this is a perfect way, since the large leaf pattern is mostly covered with the tissue.

Once dry, it was time to trim the fabric paper.

Next, I sewed the three sheets of fabric paper I have made over the past several days.  Soon I will adhere the pages back to back using Wonder Under (also known as Pellon, a bonding agent that is heat activated-think dry glue for fabric), then the fun part will come: decorating these pages.

Today is Day 12 of 22 and I made my final sheet of fabric paper for this book, incorporating gifted and formerly used decorative and dress makers tissues.  I then sewed the edges of each of the papers.  Thank you for visiting.  I am truly grateful for your visit.

These photos were taken on Wednesday afternoon, and they made me smile, so I'm going to share them with Annie (at A Stitch in Time) and the gang at Friday Smiles.

When I returned home from my afternoon session treating my neighbor's cat while she's on vacation, I was overtaken with joy at how beautiful all the tulips in my yard were.  Every one had bloomed.

Even my rose bush, chopped nearly to the ground last year by a well intentioned master gardener, is making a comeback.

Bits of yellow and red

have sprung up all over a yard that already needs to be mowed.  Awe, the joys of home ownership.

This probably as much as the beauty of the tulips, made me happy.  These are Lilies of the Valley that were nearly choked out by overpowering vinca vines I ripped out in this area last year.

So what happens when you get a hard freeze overnight? 

Apparently, the tulips know how to survive.

They close and turn their "heads" away from the north wind.

That's what I did today, too, as the wind raged from the north and temperatures dropped over 40 degrees (from 86 F Wednesday to 42 F Thursday).

These hadn't even bloomed on Wednesday and now they are fighting to stay alive!

For those of you who know flowers, can you tell me what those tiny purple ones are?  They were a surprise to me and I'd love to know what to call them.

Thanks again for your continued support, and I hope to see you at Friday Smiles today, too.

21 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

The tiny purple flowers are grape hyacinths, they spring up everywhere. A lot of gardens here are full of them just now. Glad your fabric paper is ready to work on, have fun. Re your comment on my blog - sometimes it's important to say 'no' and do what you really want to do! Enjoy your day. Valerie

crafty cat corner said...

I just found your blog and am loving this fabric paper, makes me want to go and try it.

Lisca said...

Oh what lovely tulips! I love tulips! Flowers is what I mis most about my country.
The rose bush looks great. Hard pruning does them good, I always hard pruned my roses and they came up a treat.
I'm looking forward to seeing your Lily of the Valleys when they come up.
Have a great weekend,

froebelsternchen said...

I love the sewing on the pages -- wow - looking forward to how the book will end up! I am sure you will give me the best idea to start a fabric journal as well - the idea that didn't bring anyone else to me yet seems to speak to me very loud! FABULOUS! I know this purple little wonders as grape hyacinth [Muscari], unfortunately have no one in my garden yet. Your garden looks like it starts all so well blooming now! GORGEOUS is that and what a pleasure for the soul! Happy cat caring day and start of weekend dear Elizabeth! Wrote why I wasn't online yesterday on your last posting as a comment!Hope you didn't miss me too much-lol!
Hugs, Susi

mamapez5 said...

Lovely to see the tulips in bloom. They are surprisingly resilient too. The purple flowers are grape-hyacinths, and they are often grown alongside primulas as they bloom at the same time.
It does roses good to be cut right down sometimes. It will be all the stronger soon for that.
It feels a bit chilly here once the sun goes down, but we don't have the dramatic temperature changes that you apparently do. That must be hard on all the tender plants,but most of the spring flowers can withstand the cold.
I had a tiny posy of lily of the valley on our wedding cake. They smell divine, and are so pretty. I had some in a shady spot in my last garden but they wouldn't grow in the garden here. Lucky you to find them again.
Kate x

My name is Erika. said...

The garden is looking fantastic. I love seeing all your green. And the yellow tulips too. We've warmed up a bit-finally. I can take the 50's as early this week it was in the low 30's and very cold. And I enjoy seeing your fabric paper -nope not tired of it. Now I want to see what you do with it. Hope your Friday is a good day. Hugs-Erika

RO said...

More brilliant artwork, and no, we are definitely not tired of seeing it! I can see myself kicking back with a cup of tea and a good book in that fab garden! Hugs...RO

Annie said...

What lovely tulips and little grape hyacinths. What amazing drops in temperature you's a wonder anything grows.
Annie x

CJ Kennedy said...

That is a huge temperature swing! Must be from the storm from the Rockies? So glad the tulips survived. They look so cheery. Enjoy your day with your fabric papers.

Caty said...

Woowww these fabric papers are GORGEOUS Elizabeth !! I love love them, and I can´t wait to see what wonderful Art you will create !! ♥
And your flowers are so beautiful and now blooming, love the lovely colour of the little grape hyacinths. Hope you´ll enjoy good weather soon.
I wish you a very nice day, and send big hugs,

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your fabric paper looks beautiful. (I'm not tired of seeing them.) And your flower photos are lovely. I didn't know Tulips closed when it got cold. Fascinating. And that was some temperature change you had!

R's Rue said...


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, I will have to look back at your posts as I didn't know you were making these pages and I love them. Lovely to see the garden coming back to life too. Have a great weekend. hugs, Angela xXx

Divers and Sundry said...

I can't imagine anybody's tired of the fabric paper. I love this concept :)

Your tulips bring me joy, too :) and I love grape hyacinths. So sweet. I don't have either, but there are a lot of both around here.

Elizabeth said...

Fabric paper, Elizabeth! It's lovely and a great way of using up fabric you no longer love. We both seem to be enjoying our gardens at the moment - your tulips are so bright and cheerful. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #26

Meggymay said...

More beautiful fabric papers, you must be looking forward to using them just as much as we are looking forward to seeing the results.
More lovely garden photos the tulips are doing so well, even though the temperatures are not so good.
Yvonne xx

Lynn Holland said...

Gardens are such magic places the way nature brings us such jewels from the earth.
Well done on your paper crafting. I’m a hoarder of tissue paper and have some lovely pieces
Have a lovely weekend
Lynn xx

Rita said...

Your fabric paper is so pretty.
Looks like spring your way. We just had a blizzard--LOL! :)

Cath Wilson said...

Love your fabric papers, Elisabeth - tissue is amazing :-)
LOVE your flowers more. It must be exciting seeing them come up on (almost) bare ground as the earth springs back to life...I love this time of year. I also love tulips and muscari. I don't have a garden but I have lots of pots of tulips, muscari and daffs in my 'yard'. The clematis are growing beautifully and some of them are budding, along with the azalea. I have tomatoes sheltering in my utility room, waiting for the frost to pass, along with plants for my baskets...I really enjoy this time of year.
Thank you for sharing your photos ;-)
Cath x

Jeanie said...

The fabric papers are beautiful but boy -- am I ever blown away by your garden! It will be sometime before tulips pop in my yard and the deer will probably all eat them before I even get a glimpse. You have a great spot and it looks so cheerful and beautiful and yes, spring! Biggest sigh of joy!

pearshapedcrafting said...

I LOVE your fabric papers! Your garden is looking so good! I hope the weather warms up - lovely here today! Chrisx