Monday, August 20, 2018

T Stands For Coffee

Today I'm Counting my blessings, Bleubeard's and my theme this month at Art Journal Journey by opening my home to each of you, my loyal T Tuesday players. 

"Home is where my

coffee is."   Of course,

I will fix tea, cold drinks, hot drinks, and even alcoholic drinks, if that's your choice. 

But for me, I'll have coffee, please.

Of course, there might be a bit of art, that hopefully 

looks better than the mess I made trying to use pan pastels with my new gifted stencil from Eileen.  I'm not sure which is worse, the pan pastels or the fixative I used to set the color in place.

One thing is certain, though.  I am truly blessed to have coffee, along with my bean grinder and coffee maker, that I can drink and share each day, not just Tuesday.

For this journal entry, I began by sewing the roof to the house.  Then I added the decorative ribbon.  Next, I stamped two of my Tuesday cups to backgrounds and added them to two 35 mm slide holders, one of which was decorated.  Next, using a yellow pan pastel, I stenciled the gifted cup to a piece of paint chip sample, then used a fixative to keep the pan pastel dust in place.  What a mess, though.  Never again!  To complete the house, I sewed the "door" in place, then sewed the entire house to my background, which started as 110 lb card stock to which I applied my blue handmade shimmering mist.  Finally, I colored the words using watercolor crayons and added the word "coffee" using stickers.

For those of you (like Eileen) who have never seen how my shimmering mists are made, they are on my Tutorials page under Handmade Shimmer Color Mists (updated).

But wait, please.  I am even MORE blessed.

Talk about happy mail!

Both these came the same day.

Chris lets the postal carriers know how she feels about the postage stamps after a carrier obliterated some on a package she sent last year.

Look at the beauties Sharon sent me. She sure knows me.  Not only did she send fabulous cat die cuts,

she also sent two wonderful ATCs (look at that texture)

and this incredible card that featured cats.  I have no idea where Sharon got that stamp, but it is AWESOME.  Thank you beyond belief, Sharon.  I am so, so grateful.

Next came all the beautiful goodies I received from Chris. There was everything from labels/journalling rectangles to napkins 

to fussy cut goodies Chris knew would be hard for me to cut.   She also encouraged me to use the cats from the envelope in my art.

Of course, there was this incredible ATC, too.  You KNOW you are always far too kind to me, Chris, and I am always very grateful.

Now that you can see how blessed I am, it's your turn to share a drink related post.  Feel free to discuss anything. Your post may include photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Then, please link your story below.  The photos don't have to be taken on Tuesday, and can relate to anything with a drink.  Please use the direct link to your T post, not your blog in general, so we can find you easily.

Bleubeard and I are delighted you chose to spend part of your computer time with us today and hope to see you at Art Journal Journey, too.

33 thoughtful remarks:

johanna said...

i especially like how the windows are made with frames of dies... great idea, must keep this in my mind;)
happy t-day, elizabeth!

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful journal page, your sentiment is one I can completely agree with! Enjoy all the lovely gifts you got, and glad the stamps were not spoilt! Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

I'd love to join you for a cuppa Elizabeth, tea for me please. Having friends around to visit is something to be enjoyed, discussion, laughter and a cuppa close by, bliss.
Your journal page looks amazing I love how you created the house, it looks very welcoming, I am always in awe of how you add detail with the stitching.
Enjoy your happy mail, you have a super selection of goodies to use.
Happy T day wishes, I hope you have a great day.
Yvonne xx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

That's a darling page, Elizabeth. It really made me smile. I recognized the stencil right away. Sorry your pan pastel experiment didn't work out, but the door looks fine anyway ;-)

What wonderful gifts you received. Sharon's cat card is stupendous! She must be a cat lover too with all those wonderful cat stamps and die cuts. I've never seen the like!

Chris' Puss in Boots cat stamp is wonderful. It looks like the "posties" left that one alone - well almost.

I look forward to seeing what you do with all the goodies they sent.

Thank you for the shimmer recipe link. I've gathered all the supplies to give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes ;-)

Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh it feels so good to be back again!! I have missed everyone. I love your coffee themed house and yes, I too am blessed to have fresh coffee every morning:) What wonderful and special mail surprises you have received! Obviously much thought was put into what Chris and Sharon have sent you. So sorry I haven't been around to post to AJJ before this cuz I do have a lot of blessings to consider. Happy T day!

Lisca said...

Where to start? Your coffee page is brill! I can almost smell the coffee. I love the stitching.
What wonderful happy mail! That envelope from Chris in the UK is awesome. Those cat stamps and the flower pods too. The stamps are so cute. There is a Beatrice Potter stamp and a stamp about the great fire of London. Beautiful.
Sharon's cats are great too as are the ATCs. I agree that the card with the cat stamps is incredible!
I spent quite a long time looking at all Chris's goodies. There was so much. I love all those fussy cut things. And of course the beautiful ATC.
Well, you have been spoilt/blessed.
Happy T-Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

Well! Once you added the sewing(you know how much I love seeing the sewing on your pages!) I totally forgot what I was thinking! Oh yes!! I absolutely adore how you added the page title and those windows look fabulous! The colours look brilliant too! Love Sharon's cat related goodies - the ATCs look fabulous! Glad you liked my bits and pieces - I do hope they will be useful! Happy T Day! Hugs, Chrisx

kathyinozarks said...

well I love your coffee page! My husband loves coffee too, and I grind it for him too-so much better. I miss a good cup of coffee but even the decaf has too much caffeine in it for me now.
Love your happy mail-so fun!! Enjoy it all cause your special-hugs

Marfi-topia said...

wonderful artwork!!
what sweet gifts:)

CJ Kennedy said...

Your little house looks so welcoming. A cup of tea would hit the spot right now. Earl Grey, hot, 1 sugar, and a splash of half n half (or milk), please. What wonderful treasures you received. Love, love, love, all the the kitty things. Happy T Day

Rita said...

Wonderful happy mail!! Love your coffee page. ;)

My name is Erika. said...

Wow. You are one lucky lady this summer. You have gotten some amazing mail. Those are super T day gifts. :) ANd I love your house and your quote. Home is where my coffee is a clever take on some of those home is where quotes you see around. I like yours the best Great house and great page.Have a super T day. Hugs-Erika

Sharon Madson said...

Great house quote on your journal page, Elizabeth. Love how you stitched your house onto it! Your home is a wonderful blessing. It is nice you got so much happy mail. Love all the goodies Chris sent. You will have fun with them. I am glad you liked what I sent you. The cat image that Is on the card, is a Hampton Arts stamp that I probably picked up at Hobby Lobby years and years ago. The punch is SU! I do not have cats, but have a lot of friends with cats. Happy early Tea Day!

kathyinozarks said...

Thank you Elizabeth for your kind comments on my T post
I think I just finally put it all together in my head from reading allot from other eco printers online-and most European dyers are using the rusty water soak with the dyers alum I think that makes a huge difference and I really like this 140 pound weight watercolor paper-one gets better prints with submerging in the simmering water opposed to just steaming-and that paper really holds up for it. and alum from the food store is just not the same although many dye with it-so what ever works use-and vinegar is not a mordant-I asked that fiber U dye teacher about that she said no-vinegar only changes ph not a mordant so I don't understand why many use vinegar-have not researched ph for eco dye. also you will get good prints with fall leaves as they turn colors-many of the small leaves were red or yellow and they printed well sorry for long post here night

Cindy McMath said...

Well wouldn’t it be fun if we could all get together for coffee tea and art! I love the house page. Such a fun page. I will take just some plain black tea, not too strong.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Happy T Day Elizabeth or should I say, make mine a Coffee.. either way they are all good shared with friends.
Loving those sewn areas on your journal page, your home made shimmer mist is such a handy make.
I can imagine the smile on your face when you received those goodies, Happy Mail is always the best.
Wishing you a wonderful day Hugs Tracey xx
P.S Time for a Coffee I believe..

Barbara said...

The happy mail is like opening holiday gifts, isn’t it? I laughed at your coffee being the priority for “home”. I don’t have it all day, but I’d go anywhere to get just that one cup in the morning. Wherever I find it is home! Thanks for your visit to my blog. We do live in a lovely area, about 2 acres of woods. Pretty in every direction. We have neighbors beyond that, but only see them occasionally. So not totally isolated as we know they are there, just can’t see their houses with all the woods around. I love it!

RO said...

I would definitely visit your lovely home for coffee or tea, and I don't mind admiring all the artwork either. What lovely and phenomenal gifts from such artsy friends. They and the art are truly amazing! Hugs...and Happy Tuesday to you! Hugs...RO

froebelsternchen said...

I LOVE your beautiful created coffee ♥ home ♥ page! Simply ADORABLE! All made with so much love for detail! Stunning again!
And happy mail - my gosh! You deserve it as you are such an inspiration and wonderful friend to us all! Enjoy it and use it in your beautiful art!
We are all blessed with your friendship Elizabeth!
Have a great T-Day !
Thank you for all your hard hosting work and T-Day as well! Can't thank you enough for what you do!
Busy day here again!
My gosh.. I am not organized enough!
Or I am simply too slow-----

Hugs, Susi

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning-U totally agree with you that rust dyeing is not eco dyeing and actually I think using leaves on fabrics or papers is more like eco printing I am going to start using that term more.
It has been a long time ago since I have rust dyed-I really enjoyed that-and yes I used lot of vinegar with that too I think in this case it is part of the process-

Let's Art Journal said...

Your coffee art is wonderful! I love how you stitched the house in place and used the stamps to decorate the windows 😀. I would happily join you and would like tea please 😉. So much happy mail too, how amazing to receive such beautiful ATCs, cards and crafting goodies from Chris and Sharon! Those stamped cats on the envelope and Tom Kitten postage stamp are just purr-fect! Wishing you a very Happy T Tuesday! J 😊 x

Kate Yetter said...

I love your coffeehouse with the stitching around the edges and the cups in the windows. And that splatter of yellow paint on the door really catches my that!
You certainly have received many lovely goodies from the T ladies. Those pretty ATC's and of course that envelope stamped with pretty kitties.
Happy Tea Day,

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Good morning, Elizabeth. I got your message from Deb. Sorry you're still having trouble leaving comments on my blog. You can click on the "Contact ... Us" little red envelope on the top right of any page. Or e me directly at eileen @ theartfulcrafter . com (leave out blanks).

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

It's me again, Elizabeth. I just saw the 3 comments you left on the website (not blog) article about my August planner pages. I only approved one. Comments don't show up immediately on the website because I had to turn on comment moderation. I was being bombarded with 100s of spam e-mails a day! Most of them are promotional; some are stupid; and some are just disgusting. I had to put a stop to them.

You're correct that article is not the one I linked up for T-day. There was a link to the August planner pages in my T-day post (where I wrote, "See more of my August pages.")

Thank you for visiting both articles. I hope you're no totally fed up with The Artful Crafter ;-)

Caty said...

This is a wonderful art page Elizabeth! Truly gorgeous, I love the little house and the coffee cup on the door looks very pretty too. The windows have been fabulous, that stamp is adorable. I also like coffee, but with sugar: D
How beautiful are all the gifts you have received, enjoy them a lot.
I wish you a wonderful day, big hugs, Caty

Divers and Sundry said...

I love how you did those windows, with the peek at the coffee you're having inside. I'll join you in a cuppa :)

Mail Carriers just don't think about the stamps being used afterwards, but the way the post office promotes collecting them you'd think they'd be more careful.

jinxxxygirl said...

All i can say is Wow!!! Look at all those goodies!!! You certainly are blessed!! :) As we are by having you in our lives dear Elizabeth. What an amazing house you built ! I cannot wait to try out the stencil Eileen sent!

Pssst.... Trust me... i'am NOT painting two canvases... I would go The second image is the original drawing done with Prismacolor pencils... :) Happy T day! Hugs! deb

sheila 77 said...

Hello Elizabeth.
"Home is where my coffee is" - this is terrific because yesterday we were out and considered having a coffee somewhere before going home, didn't, came home and Mr. E. made me the best coffee ever, yes the best ever. So I love your piece here, love the windows and the sewing and the way you made the words.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

Elizabeth; what a cute cute house and very nice gifts you received ! :)♥♥

craftytrog said...

A great journal page with a perfect sentiment Elizabeth! And what a wonderful array of gifts you received too!
Alison xxx

Jeanie said...

I love your journal page! And what thoughtful (and well chosen) gifts. Love the envelope, too!

Lowcarb team member said...

What a super journal page …
What super gifts too.

All the best Jan

Jackie PNeal said...

Truly blessed for sure! Your collage is wonderful and I'd be happy to share some coffee with you- black please!

Wow fabulous and generous happy mail- lucky you Elizabeth!
Jackie xx