Monday, June 19, 2017

T Stands For Bungalow 26 Purchases

Before we begin today, I want to get definitive answers about celebrating our fourth anniversary, which will be here in mid-July.  I would like to know if you would be interested in sending an ATC (artist trading card) to the next person on the linky list who puts an asterisk after their name.  

For that week only, I will use Inlinkz because you can remove your own links there, and even I cannot remove links in Mr. Linky.  The removal tool doesn't seem to work.

Please let me know in comments if you want to play.  You won't be banned from T, and no one will think less of you if you don't want to make and share an ATC, but I just need to know if there is an interest.

For the past two T Tuesdays I have shown some of the beautiful mugs and other goodies found at Bungalow 26.

This is one of the two teas I purchased. 

The lady who owned the shop and I got to talking about lifts. 

I decided to emulate hers.

Most of the tea she sold was green, but I prefer black.

Doesn't this sound yummy?  I can't wait to try it.

Instead of making tea, I chose my cup to show the other purchases I made.

These are wonderful blends of essential oils you rub on your pulse points.  The one on the left is called Stress Free, while the one on the right is

Egyptian Goddess.  It smelled better in the store, but Stress Free smelled better once I put it on.  I'm glad I bought both, though.

EDIT: a lift is something that elevates and in this case it's what the tea container was sitting on.

Now it's your turn to share your T entry this week.  The rules are extremely simple.  Your drink related post may be anything from a photo of a glass, cup, or mug, to an actual drink.  You may choose to share a sketch or a digital, hybrid, or traditional page in your scrapbook, art journal, or altered book.  Maybe you'd prefer to share a tag, or wow us with your photography.  You might choose a postcard or decorated card.  You might even draw an image on a used tea bag.  Or perhaps you prefer to review a place you visited, a movie, or book.  It makes no difference as long as it's drink related.  And don't forget that the more unique and outside the box it is, the better we like it.  Please tie it back here, and please link only to your T post, not your entire blog.  When you link, Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit.   Bleubeard would also like to remind you that your photos may be taken any time, even months or years ago, if you choose.

31 thoughtful remarks:

johanna said...

i love to celebrate with you - but please understand i´m not in the mood for ATCs... thanks!
happy t-day!

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful tea packages from that lovely shop, although of course, coffee would be more to my taste. I will join in the ATC swap if you do one. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Let's Art Journal said...

That shop is something special, I love the little leaf on the top of the tea box ... so cute 😀. Caramel Nougat tea sounds yummy doesn't it, can't wait to see what you think of it. Your essential oils sound lovely, hope you feel like an Egyptian Goddess when you wear it 😁. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊
p.s. thanks for asking about ATC's, I won't be participating as they are not something I create. It was such fun seeing everyone's last year though so I do hope you get enough interest. J x

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Yes, yes, yes! I would like to participate in the ATC share to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our T-parties, Elizabeth! I didn't read your post before putting up my link, so I didn't put an asterisk. I know ... shame on me ;-) I hope you can find a way to accommodate this bad girl ;-(

Ha-ha, I commented last week that I wouldn't be able to walk out of Bungalow 26 empty-handed. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. The tea "sounds" delicious. If only I could learn to like tea ... sigh.

I don't know what lifts are. Perhaps it's putting your tea box on a pedestal for display - just kidding - or to aerate it.

Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

Meggymay said...

That shop would for sure have got me spending some money on teas.
I really liked the sound of the flavour you chose, please do tell us how it tasted when you make a brew.
The essential oils sounded good as well. You know I have a bit of an over active imagination, so I am now in overload mode.
I'm sure both oils will make you feel good.
Happy T day Elizabeth.
Yvonne xx
p.s. Nearly forgot to reply about the Birthday celebration ATC's
I will have to give it a pass again this year. July is one of the caravan months, so craft stocks are limited. I did enjoying seeing every ones last year.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Stress free oil looks like a good thing to have handy for computer failures E!! I didn't get the lift thing at all - except that it looks very nice sitting there!
I would love to make an ATC - the asterisk by my name isn't there for this - its because I forgot to remove it when I did WOYWW!!! Hugs, Chrisx

Lisca said...

Hmm, it is the sort of shop you cannot come out of empty handed! I don't bame you for buying some interesting things. I love iol that you rub on you wrists. The Egyptian goddess might grow on you, lol.
The teabag has a very nice shape. I hope it tastes as nice as it looks.
You were talking about lifts. What sort of lifts? Face lifts? Elevators?
I am going to give the ATCs a miss, as we are expecting visitors in July and there isn't much left of June to sit down to the serious business of making ATCs. Wrong timing for me. Sorry.
Have a great week,
Happy T-Day,

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Hi Elizabeth,

While trying to figure out what tea lifts are, I came across this darling piece of art. I thought you would enjoy it.

Linda Kunsman said...

First of all your tea choice sounds like a dessert!
I happen to "play" with essential oils and have about a dozen so I can mix and match according to health issues. Not assured it heals but oh they do smell good don't they? Egyptian goddess-now that sounds very tempting:)
I used to do SO much swapping and round robins and I do miss it a bit so YES I am in on the ATC swap if it happens:)
Happy T day!

Jeanie said...

I do love the Tea Forte brand but you don't see it often where I am. Well, I suppose I have enough tea to start a revolution but you'll love it, I think!

Carol said...

Love that little tea box and the tea sounds do good ♥♥♥♥ The essential oils sound lovely and I'm sure they smell great. I love mixing up my own scents with them. I'll pass on the swap this year... just to much stressful stuff going on with dad and all. My energy is stretched thin.

kathyinozarks said...

good evening-before when I could have caffeine I loved tea shops there so many fun choices-I always loved the white and green teas. and I love and use essential oils-good finds!
the atc's are fun and have not made one in years and years--but I am going to decline as I don't know what is happening with our time right now. great idea though
Happy T Day Kathy

My name is Erika. said...

I can't wait to hear what the tea tastes like. Its such a gorgeous bag!!! I've never tried essential oils. I am curious about them. Lots of people use them and I wonder if you like them. And yes, I am all for an ATC exchange! :)
And thanks for the note about the computer ladies. I'm always being questioned by inquiring teenagers and I wasn't sure if I had the right time frame or not. After awhile I wonder if I am starting to not remember things as they are-lol :). I appreciate your reply. And I did enjoy the visit to the Cosmosphere and so far I've learned a lot of new things. Its good to learn new things, aas I am sure you agree. Have a great T day Elizabeth. Hugs-Erika

Sandra Cox said...

Ooh, those teas sound luscious! Congrats on the 4 yr anniversary:)

CJ Kennedy said...

Wow, four years. Very worthy of a celebration. I'll play. I prefer black teas over green. Though at a Japanese restaurant, I had green tea mixed with Midori (melon) liqueur. Very refreshing. I love making rollers with essential oils. I use an essential oil called Stress Away which has lime and vanilla notes. I like using it as a perfume. Have you tried the caramel tea, yet? What's the verdict?

froebelsternchen said...

Wow... the tea and essential oils sounds very good - I would for sure have spent some money there also!
Well done!
I have made so many ATCs between 2011 and 2014 - even though I currently don't create them - I will join in - no question!
Happy T-Day Elizabeth.
hugs from 7 hours ahead

My name is Erika. said...

Great article thanks for sharing. Hollywood does take a lot of room at portraying the truth. 😀 They were amazing woman. That's the most important thing. There so many behind the scene stories we never know unless someone tells them. And you are also a smart and amazing woman too. I am being serious. 😀 Just in case like me I would read a million thing into a comment like that. But I mean it. Thanks again for the latest article and happy t day

nanskidrewski said...

Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary. I would love to exchange the atcs!!!! I am looking to get out of my artistic comfort zone and get a jump start. Your purchases look great. Love to try different teas and essentially oils too. Happy, happy t day to you!

Sami said...

Caramel Nougat tea sounds interesting, I'm a great tea fan.
Essential oils are great, I use Lavender to help me sleep better.

Cindy McMath said...

I'd say you showed tremendous restraint in your purchases after seeing all the goodies in that store! That tea flavour sounds divine. I'm currently in love with chocolate mint from Stash (Oolong base). :) said...

Hummmm...let me know how the stress relief works....

Divers and Sundry said...

That tea does sound good, and the packaging is irresistible!

Yes, I'd enjoy participating in an ATC swap if you do one :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Elizabeth i find i like black tea best too... its the tea i grew up with (think Lipton) My taste buds have 'matured' i guess and i have ventured out with my tea tastes but for theres still nothing more comfy cozy on a cold night than curling up with a cup of Lipton hot tea..milk and sugar please..

This may surprise you , as i have not participated in the past but i would be interested in the ATC swap..!!!!! lol I have been unpacking my craftroom for days now and have 'found' alot of my things so i think i might be able to pull it off even though i've never worked that small before or perhaps i shouldn't say 'never' but very rarely.. Postcard size is my size.. :)

Thank you for you insights on the DNA test... I won't be taking three of them... I'm shocked hubby spent the money on one... lol :) For now anyway i'm just very interested in getting my pie chart.. and see what nationalities make up ME.. :)

Just LOVE that pyramid tea bag.. I hope you do something interesting with the box it came in! :) Happy happy T day ! Hugs! deb

jinxxxygirl said...

Hmmm.... I didn't think this was the time to leave the asterisk by my name... I thought that came on a later post... If i was suppose to i'm so sorry I hope theres a way to fix it.. Hugs! deb

Dianne said...

That tea sounds amazing! Love the packaging and the tea leaf coming out of the top! Wondering what item you used for the 'lift?' Is it mainly a display enhancer, or is there another purpose? I know retailers like to create 'levels' for interest in their displays...

Four years all ready?! You've been an amazing and oh so faithful T Day host!! I will pass on the ATC's, but will be celebrating with you in spirit. ;)

hugs, have a great week!

Dianne said...

Dear E....Nan's link comes up "blog not found." can you help?

Sandra Cox said...

I love oils but don't do well with them. Unfortunately, most of them give me headaches and make me nauseous.

Divers and Sundry said...

I get "blog not found" when I try to visit Nan's link

Divers and Sundry said...

oops! Never mind, I see the revised link :)

Lorraine said...

love that little tea pyramid and I love essential oils too

Cazzy said...

Hi Elizabeth and Bleubeard.
You bought some very interesting things, that stress lotion sounds good.
I have never yet made an ATC, and I haven't really got back into crafting yet so I will pass this time, wouldn't want to let everyone down.
Happy T day,